You are DONE WITH playing small.

You want to be that fearless speaker and a thought-leader, attracting her fabulous clients like a magnet.

Together, we can make it happen!




"After our session I felt so much more capable and ready to step up and start being more visible as myself!".

- Claire Stone


"i loved my session with gosia! I feel super excited to do my business videos and so much more confident to just be myself when i speak ".

  - Joanne Palmer



What is Visibility Intensive?


Confidence Coaching

It is a 2 hour intensive 1-1 coaching session over the virtual coffee during which we help you boost your online brand through video visibility so that more people know about you, get inspired by your brand and want to invest in your great services and products. You will not only attract perfect clients, create valuable connections and monetize your services but get a massive confidence shift in yourself as a person and a female leader in your business. 



show up in every single moment like you're meant to be there.

                                                                                                                          - M Forleo


How it works

The session is fully tailored to your unique personal & business goals and may include:




  • Learn how to be a fearless speaker in the online arena
  • Release limiting beliefs and mental blocks to step in the arena like the go-to expert
  • Get comfortable and confident in front of camera to engage and empower your audience
  • Shift your self-image to see yourself as a leader in your business
  • Reprogram your mindset from "I will rumble" to "Here I am today!"
  • Grow your confidence with the extra resources (books, apps, videos etc) 
  • Daily mindset routine and reading list to maintain a fearless speaker mindset



  • Get clear on your business vision and how you want to show up in front of your audience
  • Learn how to position yourself amongst others using FB Live
  • Discover what types of FB Live suits your personality and business objectives best
  • Know how to structure and deliver your FB LIVE to engage and empower your audience
  • Learn what to say and when on your Live video so that you show up as a PRO
  • Tips on how to sell your services on FB Live without feeling "eeky"
  • Learn how to repurpose your Facebook Live video to attract even more clients on social media
  • Learn how to create a highly attractive content that cannot be ignored and brings you shares, likes and comments


Confidence Coach



Before the session

  • Before the session - I will ask you to fill out a short Visibility Questionnaire so that you get clear on what you would like to achieve after the session
  • We begin with a chat about your goals and how visibility can help in growing your business
  • The session will be a combination of coaching and mentoring and include questions, activities and recommendations
  • Our call will be recorded on Zoom so that you can focus on the process and watch the session back whenever you want to go through the ideas again.
  • I guarantee you feel safe, comfortable and excited to unfold some unexpected #truthbombs
  • This session is confidential and fully tailored to your objectives

Confidence Coach Bristol
Thank you Gosia, for a wonderful visibility session. You are kind, funny and brilliant at figuring out what it is that is hiding behind all the excuses and worry!
After our session I felt so much more capable and ready to step up and start being more visible as myself! So thankful for our session together - keep up the amazing work and I look forward to sharing some FB Lives very soon!
— Claire Stone Nutrition



G Francombe.jpg
Thanks Gosia for a great visibility session this week! There have been a few things holding me back from doing Facebook lives (being uncertain about the technology, what to say and also how to position myself amongst others). You gave me so many great ideas about how to use FB live to connect with my audience and reframed some of the insecurities I had. I’m also much more aware now of the potential benefits of adding it into my marketing mix. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks for equipping me with the confidence and inspiration to give it a go!
— Gail Francombe

Ready to grow your business with FB Live?