You are DONE WITH playing small.

You want to be that fearless leader, owning her power and
rocking her style!

Together, we can make it happen!



"After my sessions with gosia i found that things  i was scared of didn't bother me anymore. i feel so confident now, not only in how i look but how i sound when presenting my ideas on those business meetings. Thank you!"


- Anne Jenkins



What is "Visible YOU"?


Confidence Coaching

It is a Style and Visibility Coaching Program during which we help you identify and release your limiting beliefs and fears around visibility, public speaking and self-image at work or in business so that you can unfold a kick-ass confidence and own your strengths and expertise like a leader.  This new level of self-confidence and mindset shift will be amplified by the transformation in your personal style. You will become visible (aka worthy, self-validated and approved) from the inside out!


 Dare to be seen, be heard and fully express yourself in front of others.



Who is this program for?

  • You are a woman in business who is stepping up in the leadership role and becoming more visible at work; this requires you to step up your style, image and self-confidence 
  • You are so passionate about your mission and message and want to help people put their strengths to the right use 
  • You want to be the inspirational leader empowering her team to achieve great results  
  • You worry about being judged and criticized by others and this often stops you from expressing your opinions in front of them
  • This means you feel “invisible” and it frustrates you that you struggle to break through it
  • You feel your personal  style is not entirely reflecting the image of a leader you have become
  • You are ready for a change, empower more people and create a great impact with your personal brand!


    Confidence Coach

    Your "Visible YOU" Program Takeaway:

    • identify what blocks have been holding you back from being confident and assertive
    • release those blocks to express yourself in front of others 
    • understand what the fear is, how it has been created and how to "own" it in the arena
    • shift your self-perception from a people-pleaser to a people-influencer
    • get comfortable and confident to voice your message on those business meetings
    • transform your mindset from "I am not enough" to "Here I am today"
    • grow your confidence with the resources list (books, apps, videos etc) 
    • weekly accountability and support in between sessions 
    • total personal style transformation, awaken the leader from the inside out!
    Confidence Coach


    How it works

    • Before the session - I will ask you to fill out Visibility and Style Questionnaires so that you get clear on what you would like to achieve after the sessions
    • The Program encompasses 4 weekly 60 mins Zoom calls and a Style DNA Session
    • The visibility sessions will be a combination of coaching and mentoring and include tailored questions, activities and recommendations that have personally transformed my self-worth and confidence!!
    • Our call will be recorded on Zoom so that you can focus on the process and watch the session back whenever you want to go through the ideas again.
    • I guarantee you feel safe, comfortable and excited to unfold some unexpected #truthbombs
    • This program is confidential and fully tailored to your objectives



    Confidence Coach

      "Visible you" program

    • 4 x 1-1 (1 hour) Zoom Sessions
    • Digital Tools/ Reading List/ Printables
    • Weekly Accountability
    • Voxer & Email access (Sat-Sun)
    • Full 2.5 hours Style DNA Session
    • Style Report/ Online Personal Shop

    Ready to awaken your inner bosslady?