Step into that confident and strong minded leader you are! 

Inspire your team and show up fearlessly.



"After my coaching with gosia i found that things  i was scared of didn't bother me anymore. i feel so confident now, not only in how i look but how i sound when presenting my ideas on those business meetings. Thank you!"


- Anne Jenkins


Had a fantastic and thought provoking visibility session with Gosia. Gosia is very easy to talk to, and understands a situation very quickly which made me feel at ease. I can really recommend Gosia for leadership development, overcoming difficulties and increasing confidence. Many thanks!


                                                                                                                                        - Sarah Telford


What is "Unfold The Leader Within"?


Confidence Coaching

It is a Visibility Coaching Program during which we help you identify and release your limiting beliefs and fears around visibility at work, public speaking and self-image and build your new empowering outlook on self and the world so that you show up at work with more confidence and charisma to influence your team and other leaders in a positive way.

We'll look at your goals, the challenges that you are facing, and opportunities you might be missing.  We also uncover any hidden problems that may be sabotaging your desired results.
Then we create an action plan and implement it together so that you finally get the results you have been looking for but were unable to find. And of course, we address challenges that come up along the way.


 Dare to be seen, be heard and fully express yourself in front of others.



Who is this program for?

  • You are a woman in business/ HR Professional who is stepping up in the leadership role and becoming more visible at work; this requires you to step up your image and self-confidence 
  • You are passionate about your mission and message and want to help people put their strengths to the right use 
  • You want to be honest, confident and strong minded leader who inspires her team and brings out the best in people
  • You want to be noticed and taken seriously at work, expressing your views without the fear of being judged by other colleagues/ managers etc
  • You want to get people to acknowledge and appreciate you for your efforts and hard work because it gives you great energy boost and makes you feel “I am doing a useful work. I am useful in this world. I serve with a higher purpose”.
  • You want to speak clearly on the business meetings of more than 6 people without getting embarrassed
  • You want to be OK with "I don't know", remove the stress of "I have to know everything, all the time"


  • You worry about being judged and criticized by others and this often stops you from expressing your opinions in front of them
  • You worry about getting things wrong and play small as a result of it
  • You compare yourself to others thinking "I don't know as much as her.." and this stops you from putting your project ideas forward 
  • You lack confidence in your own ability which stops you from creating bigger impact at work
  • This means you feel “invisible” and it frustrates you that you struggle to break through it
  • You feel your personal brand is not entirely reflecting the image of a leader you want to become


This is about to change now...

    Confidence Coach

      After working together you will be able to:

    • overcome your inner critique so that you can show up as a confident professional at work
    • express yourself in front of others without the fear (networking events, meeting new people)
    • present with confidence in a group and with senior leaders 
    • get comfortable and confident to voice your message on those business meetings
    • ask for a pay rise or new challenging projects at work
    • transform your attitude from "I am not good enough" to "I can do this!"
    • make empowered choices without feeling guilty eg leaving your current role to find a better job 
    • grow your confidence on your own with the resources list (books, apps, videos etc) 


    Confidence Coach

    How it works

    The 1-1 coaching program is fully PERSONALIZED in supporting you in creating your desired confidence goals


    • First session (90 mins), then weekly 60 mins Zoom Calls
    • Weekly tasks which will be set to facilitate your growth, maintain positive momentum, and create new and beneficial habits
    • The coaching sessions will be a combination of coaching and mentoring and include deeper-level questions, activities and recommendations that have personally transformed my self-worth and confidence!!
    • Also included is access to a reasonable amount of support through the week with home tasks, questions, "on the spot" phone coaching
    • Our call will be recorded on Zoom so that you can focus on the process and watch the session back whenever you want to go through the ideas again.
    • I give 100%. If you give 100% too then we can create great results for you!



    Confidence Coach

      "unfold the leader within" program

    • 6 x 60 min Zoom Sessions
    • Confidence building techniques
    • Mindset Tools/ Reading List/ Printables
    • Weekly Actionable Tasks (Accountability)
    • Voxer & Email access 
    • "On the Spot" Phone Coaching
    • *Bonus (Virtual Stylist Session)

    Ready to awaken your inner leader?