Ok, so you feel you stuck...in a clothes rut.

You don't take much risk with your clothes.

Perhaps you worked in corporate for years without knowing what the self-expression through style actually means.

You want to decode that chic smart-casual style and feel effortlessly confident and always "Ready" in your everyday outfits.



You may not realize it yet but you are on your way to become...

The Smart-Casual Style Queen!

and master the key three areas of your smart-casual looks:

The queen of layering

The Queen of Accessorizing

The Queen of Mix & Match


Photo by  Visuable

Photo by Visuable

How it works

Choose which Styling skills you want to learn more about


wrap that queen title in a gift, ready to be opened on a Xmas Day (or before)!


#1   The Queen of Layering  (1 hour Skype session + Style Queen Manifesto)

#2  The Queen of Accessorizing  (1 hour Skype session + Style Queen Manifesto)

#3  The Queen of Mix & Match  (1 hour Skype session + Style Queen Manifesto)


All sessions are delivered to you via Skype (don't you worry, a virtual coffee with me taste just as good as the one in Playground cafe or Starbucks if you prefer ;-)

I will provide you with a bespoke comprehensive advice on how to use layering/ mix &match/ accessories to uplevel your current wardrobe from casual to smart-casual based on your unique personality, shape and style preferences. I share with you "behind the scenes" tools and tricks which will help you instantly take your style to the next level.

Why smart-casual?

Because my dear #bosslady it is the most versatile, creative, chic, practical and interesting type of dressing that all women want! It hits the sweet spot between pure smart and pure casual. It is the in-between mastery and also my beloved style. You can always get more and more creative with it, look the part and put together at all times, from the networking event through to a client meeting, to a TED talk.  A must-have for any modern, go-getter women who want to succeed in business and life!


The result?

1.  Get new fresh perspective on the clothes and accessories you currently own.

2. Be able to put together outfits you would not think of mixing/accessorizing/layering before.

3. Be confident to remove clothes you have been hanging onto for too long.

4. Be able to wear that "unworn skirt" you thought you were not brave enough to wear.

5. Be able to continue creating smart-casual looks on your own!


At the end of our Skype session I will send you the personalized Style Queen Manifesto listing for you the key tips and outfit inspiration I have given you over the 1 hour session so that you never run out of ideas on how to layer, accessorize and mix & match the clothes in your wardrobe!


The investment:

£65 / per each 1 h session


Want to become the Style Queen without “spending” money?

If so, then


Get in touch today 

Send me an email to gosia@gsstyling.com and let's chat!