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What is Style DNA?


Style DNA is my signature three-step programme to help you create a versatile and practical wardrobe you LOVE, full of outfits and resources that make you feel confident and prepared for various work and business occasions.

I created this program to empower You, a busy, driven go-getter woman, to step up and see yourself as the #bosslady you have always wanted to be!

Together we will reinvigorate your personal style and I will teach you a savvy approach to fashion and shopping. When you create a timeless  wardrobe you can turn up for any occasion knowing your style is working for you. This will boost your confidence and help you step up in your business, career and life.

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Style DNA

Style DNA is in you, you have your own style "beat",  preferences, a unique body shape and personality. Self-acceptance and self-awareness are the backbone of a great personal style because they determine whether you are able to proudly own your style. 
Let me help you bring it out!

How it works


step 1: Define

During this fun and light-hearted wardrobe session I give you full style advice on how you can dress best your beautiful shape and personality so that you feel in your clothes like in second skin, always self-assured and ready to conquer any difficult day with style. 

Your key return on investment is a newly found knowledge and confidence in putting together stylish outfits, knowing what  fashion styles to shop for and how to use styling tricks to discover new outfits in your wardrobe without spending a fortune. Show up at work looking and feeling more professional in your profession and create great first impression!

step 2: Nurture

Nurture is a 4h shopping date with me! This session is about helping you find right clothes that suit you best and educate you on how and where to shop. 

Before our session I would have already pre-selected items held back for you in various stores so there is no waiting around. We shop easy and quickly. By the end of the trip you will feel more confident in understanding what clothes suit you best, what to look for in shops…and what to ignore. Imagine your next trip on your own where you feel confident in saying "no" and not guilty for saying "yes"! 


step 3: accelerate

In this Style DNA step I create for you Digital Wardrobe and Outfits in your phone so that you can decide on what to wear every day in minutes and create more time in your life for what really is important to you!

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, quickly flick through the iphone app, choose outfit and dress up for work. You feel safe and reassured that you will never run out of outfit options even if you are running late to that business meeting!


Style DNA Packages



Join other women who have transformed their style and image


- Jen Wagstaff, CreativeMind

I have had a fantastic wardrobe session with an inspirational and enthusiastic Gosia today! I have struggled with my self image for what seems like ever. I had worked in a male dominated environment for over 20 years and hid my femininity for an easy life. It has been hard for me to express myself through fashion but now I own my own business I realise how important my personal branding is to get my business where I want it to go. I was in a need of a professional style make – over. Enter GS Styling!

Gosia picked through my wardrobe and honestly told me to throw away my 10 year old skirts, my jeans that didn’t fit, my favourite grey trousers – they just were not me. And I agreed. She showed me how to make many, many new outfits by adding a few accessories to what was left and suddenly I had tons of new outfits! I hardly recognised myself, even though they were my clothes.

I didn’t think it was possible, to have a new wardrobe in a just a few hours. Now I can’t wait to go shopping next week to pick just a few pieces to compliment my new wardrobe! Gosia taught me so much and I am very happy she wrote everything down in a lovely report that I can refer to in the future. Thank you Gosia, in a matter of a few hours I feel transformed from unconfident frump to elegant entrepreneur! What a wonderful skill you possess. I am glad I found I you.
— Karen Weider, Weider Web Solutions


Ready to bring that bosslady out ? 

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Gosia x