Mindset Coach

FB Live Mindset

An Infographic with 3 Mindset Tips that will boost your confidence instantly before you press that Facebook Live button!  Rock'n roll, have fun and connect with your ideal audience with ease!

Personal Stylist Bristol

#Bosslady Guide

How to dress for different business occasions, including 1-1 meetings, networking events and public speaking. Smart-casual modern style.



Personal Stylist Bristol

Dress Your Brand

3-part Style VIDEO series giving you tips on how to dress to reflect your brand in various business settings.



Personal Stylist

Fashion Trends Summer 2017

3-part Video Series guiding you through what's in shops these days and how you can make your wardrobe and style look more current this season.



Personal Stylist Bristol

How to accessorize  

3 part VIDEO-SERIES on how to style different necklines with necklaces and scarfs to flatter your unique shape and personality.