It's your time to step into that fearless speaker and leader and impact your audience in a big way!



When you work with me you will...

  • Build kick ass confidence and courage to show up effortlessly in front of a big audience on those Public Speaking gigs, business videos, networking events
  • Create a Visibility Muscle to share your message with your audience without feeling eeky or "I am too much" 
  • Build a strong sense of self-worth to show up in front of hundreds without worrying about how people may judge and criticize you
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert in your field by shifting your self-image and voicing your message in the arena
  • Create a powerful visual identity (personal style) that enhances your personal brand and turns you into a bosslady!
  • Get mind blowing motivation and support from your mentor Gosia to feel unstoppable in taking a consistent action as a speaker
  • See your Inbox becoming full with the potential clients who message you to be their coach and mentor
  • Maximize your visibility and get invited to be a speaker at online and offline events


Be prepared to take center stage in your life!


Confidence Coach


Who is this program for?

  • This programme is for you if you feel you have been playing “small” in your business for some time now and struggle to attract the clients you want 
  • You want more people to know about you, be inspired by you and know how you can help them achieve their goals
  • Your biggest aspiration is to create a great impact and legacy in the world and now is the time to take that step
  • You want to create more speaking opportunities to grow your brand
  • You want to create MONEY AND CLIENTS WITH EASE and become that great EXPERT THEY LOVE AND BUY FROM



BUT There is something that holds you back 

Your Self-Image...

  • You think you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH and often feel like a failure even when you are achieving lots
  • You feel worse than everyone else, often comparing yourself to other experts
  • You procrastinate or talk yourself out of pressing that LIVE video because you are scared of potential criticism and rejection
  • You worry that no one will be interested in what you have to say so you play safe and lose a self-respect
  • You fear that people may see you as incompetent when you rumble and stuck in "um" (which is bs by the way)

I understand my lovely.

I know how you feel.

I have been there...


Visibility Coach

For almost thirty years I was validating myself through other people's eyes, their opinions and comments on me, building my identity via external "achievements" and not expressing myself as I wanted. I felt locked in a mental prison, being the version of me everyone expected to be rather than my true self.  It left me feeling invisible and unworthy in my own eyes. One day I decided to ask for help to unlock my true self and I've never looked back since. Now helping my clients transform their confidence and a sense of worth so that they can show up fearlessly as who they are and express themselves in front of others.


my breakthrough?


I had to give myself a permission slip to shine and be visible, remove limiting beliefs that were holding me back from being who I really was and create that empowered, confident and stylish Gosia. I have unfolded my true authentic self, the one who loves and approves herself. I became a visible woman, from the inside out. From inner validation, through to outer expression via style to physically showing up in my business and becoming the fearless Visibility Coach I am today.


And I want to help you
become that fearless expert too,

so that you don't pay the price I paid...


  • Losing out being your authentic self because you avoid being vulnerable and speaking your truth
  • Missing out on a chance to share your gifts with thousands who need it
  • Losing out on getting business you could be getting
  • Not building deeper connections with people and creating a small impact
  • Missing out on creating great legacy in the world, also great possibilities for your family


It's time to step in the arena.


in this bespoke one-on-one coaching program, we will work on areas of your choice. this may include:



- Release limiting beliefs and mental blocks to step in the arena with confidence
- Shift your self-image to see yourself as the go-to expert in your field
- Build mental resilience to show up consistently online and handle criticism and    opinions without worry
- Reprogram your mindset from "I am not enough" to "Here I am today!"
- Give yourself a permission slip to be a badass and speak your truth with conviction
- Get comfortable and confident in front of camera to attract, engage and influence    your ideal clients
- Confidently present your products and services to convert clients into paying  customers

brand you

- Get clear on your personal brand image and how you want to show up in front of your  audience, online and offline
- Enhance your personal brand through the impact of clever style tricks and  accessories
- Discover what to wear to express your personality and brand with confidence
- Learn how to be your own exclusive personal stylist (wardrobe    essentials, online shopping list and style know-how)

strategy & Accountability

- Get clear on what your unique visibility style is and how it suits your business goals
- Create a visibility strategy plan to start showing up in front of your ideal audience
- Approach influencers and experts to create speaking opportunities
- Design, Structure and Deliver your business videos to engage and influence  your audience with impact
- 90 Days Live Video Planner so that you never run out of what to talk about
- Weekly Accountability Plan to increase your productivity
- Daily mindset routine to programme your mind for speaking excellence

Please Note: the topics we'll cover together will be tailored to your unique business  goals and needs


This program is for you if...

  • you are a female entrepreneur, a coach, trainer, consultant with a desire to create a greater impact with your brand
  • you are interested in leveraging the power of video and FB Live in your business but not sure about the know-how
  • You are ready to be visible and step out of your comfort zone (min 8 out of 10)

This program is NOT for anyone who is:

  • not willing to focus on taking action during the program
  • not ready for progress
  • expecting a coach to do all work for them





1-1 Coaching (6-12 weeks)

  • 6-12 60 min Zoom Sessions
  • Worksheets/ Printables
  • Online Stylist + Online Shopping List
  • Visibility Strategy Plan
  • Feedback on your videos as you go
  • Weekly Accountability Plan
  • Private FB Group for challenges
  • Voxer & Email access throughout



A note from your Coach

Gorgeous, the key to your Visibility game is  the MINDSET.  It needs to EMPOWER you and give you mental resilience when you are out there SEEN Online. Perhaps you don't feel 100% confident in your self-image and who you are showing up as to your audience. You may fear rejection, judgment, or even success that stop you from stepping into your greatness and a full potential.

I truly want to help you see those fears for what they are, with cold eye, and break through the resistance to eventually be confident showing up as YOU, safe and comfortable, smiling and natural in front of the camera. This is the part I am most passionate about- to get you to the stage where you take a full ownership of your personality and presence. Show up consistently and become that MAGNET for people who simply love you because of you, not someone you pretend to be! 

My style of coaching is very intuitive and completely adjusted to clients I work with, template-free and kick-ass motivational. I expect you to bend your boundaries and trust the outcome; your results will be the direct effect of your focus and determination;)


Ready to create a great impact
in the world?

I know you are;)

Get In Touch TODAY!

Gosia x