"Brand Upstyle is more than a photo-shoot. It's a complete brand and style overhaul to tell the story of your business"

- Amy Morse

Personal Stylist Bristol

What is Brand Upstyle 

Brand Upstyle was created by Lidia at Visuable and Gosia at GS Styling. We created Brand Upstyle to empower female entrepreneurs to become the #bosslady they’ve always wanted to be. Together, we overhaul your style and brand to boost your business success.

How does it work?

Step 1: Define Your Brand

Hi, I’m Lidia the brand specialist in your Brand Upstyle Experience. Stage one of your Brand Upstyle is about exploring and understanding what your business brand identity is all about - your values, your message, your strengths and your personality. Why do we need this? Because understanding what you’re all about is the starting block for building a visual brand that connects with your audience. It’s how we find out how to visually communicate with your clients to show them that you are their only choice!

Next, we’ll think big and Mind Map. I’ll guide you every step of the way and together we’ll come up with a compelling brand story to bring to life at your photo-shoot. 

Step 2:  Define Your Style

Personal Stylist Bristol

Hey there kick-ass business woman, I’m Gosia the stylist in your Brand Upstyle Experience.

Stage Two is all about defining your style; and then owning it!

Together, we’ll find out what your business style personality is. I’ll get to know you, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and your business. This is what makes up the foundations of your image and shows us how to reinvigorate your look to attract your ideal clients.

Next we’ll go through your wardrobe and see what we’re working with! You’ll learn how to look at your wardrobe in a different way and we’ll create killer outfits for your Brand Photoshoot and business occasions. What’s more…

You’ll take away your own Look Book to help you build outfits on your own. With wardrobe ideas, tips, tricks and a shopping list of new items, you’ll have an outfit ready for any #bosslady business occasion; saving you time and making sure you never have one of those ‘I don’t know what to wear’ days again.

Step 3: Brand Photoshoot with Lidia and Gosia

Your photoshoot is where your brand comes to life. For four hours, it’s all about you.

Camera shy? Don’t worry, we’re on hand to guide you through your shoot, so you have nothing to worry about.

Lidia knows how to take professionally crafted personal branding photographs that'll invite your clients into your world, show them who you are and have them connect with you both as a person, and as a kick-ass business woman. Gosia will support you from start to end, boosting your confidence and helping you to own your business style.

Your brand photos will show the world that you are a trusted leader in your field. They will gain your client’s trust, tap into their emotions and show them the true image of you, your business and it’s values.

Your Takeaway:

1. Powerful visual presence of your brand, online and offline that cuts through the clutter and gets you noticed.

2. #Bosslady outfits that help you look the part, like a female leader in your business AND to create that great first impression at various business occasions. 

3. More new clients and stronger relationships with your existing clients.

4. More sales.

5. An online presence with Brand visuals that speak straight to your client’s eyes, minds and their hearts.

We have had so much fun today! The whole process was so easy, so good.. Lidia have taken me through a brand clarity session to help me understand what my brand is about and what I want to convey through my images. Gosia came round to my house and pulled out all my clothes and we did a styling session where she was telling me all about what styles suit me, what tones suit me and we’ve put together the outfits for the photo-shoot.
— Hils Crisp, HilsCrisp.Com
We prepared three outfits for the shoot, and this preparation was vital to the overall success of the photoshoot. Both Lidia and Gosia made me realise that I needed to take some responsibility and wear something that made me feel and look good. This confidence shines out of the pictures.
— Amy Morse, www.AmyMorse.com

Meet Gosia and Lidia


Lidia and Gosia are such a fantastic partnership. Their skills totally compliment each other and together they are able to bring your unique vision for who you are and how you want to be seen by your audience to life. I highly recommend them to showcase the visual story behind your personal brand.
— Amy Morse
Seriously these girls, together they bring a level of magic that is needed when you’ve been camera shy most of your life! If you need a branding makeover you really should be contacting Lidia and Gosia now to arrange your appointment.
— Hali Jafari

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