It's December Girls! Festive time is approaching! Here are eight outfit propositions, all great for Xmas dinner, parties, birthday celebrations and many more. Style is subjective so decide what image you would like to achieve from your look, more girly, feminine, maybe classic or more eclectic. You need to feel great in the clothes you wear, so get inspiration and make your own interpretation of the suggested looks!

Xmas Party Look 1


Warm colours, including rust, beige, brown, copper are all over high street this A/W season.  This dress looks amazing with golden sparkly accessories that just accentuate the shimmery brown fabric. Great cut for many girls. If you are a curvy hourglass lady this dress will beautifully accommodate your bigger bosom and curves plus accentuate your waist. This style will also work  for any lady who carries weight on her bottom half, just make sure you wear control underwear underneath so that the dress in not clingy and gives you a smooth finish. You may add a statement necklace to draw attention upwards and swap the sparkly bag to something more toned down, not to draw an eye to your hips. Great outfit for Xmas occasions (dinner, parties) and even Hen Party if you are going to one. Very sophisticated...

Xmas Party Look 7

Love the combination of bottle green and silver colours; perfect if you are of a more cold skin undertone. You just cannot go wrong with a romantic lace dress but make sure you lighten the look up with bright accessories. Want to add  colour to this outfit? Lipstick and nails in your favourite colour will do the great job!




Xmas Party Look 2



A statement skirt is a great investment every season. Let the skirt be the focal point in an outfit and pair it with neutrals ( beige, brown, navy, black, grey) all depending on your preferences. This look is great for any lady who feels very confident about her legs. The skirt draws an eye  directly to your bottom half, have this in mind.  It is all about knowing your positives and dressing to show them off !



Xmas Party Look 3


Love tone on tone look? This outfit is just a pure class. You can change the mood and feel of the outfit with right accessories. The above set is perfect for pear ladies who carry weight on their lower half and would like to draw an eye upwards to cleavage and face. If, however, you prefer to accentuate your great legs simply add more eye catching shoes, eg red heels and keep the top half more simple. I believe it is all about confidence girls so if you feel you can carry the look, you most likely will!



Xmas Party Look 4
Black on black might be boring, not if you apply "small details make biggest impact" rule.  Fringe on skirt, lace on top and bold accessories make it work better than any shiny fabrics girls!



Xmas Party Look 5
Great look for any daytime celebrations and also a night out for a lady who values elegance and unconventional cuts. Great cut  for boyish shaped girls ( broad shoulders, less curvy on the bottom half). The draping and asymmetric hemline will add curves and the V neck will minimise your broad shoulders. Ladies who carry weight around tummy will also look great in this style. Fashion is an architecture...
Xmas Party Look 5


Like a masculine edge? Those two combinations are fun, easy and COOL if you know that's "You".Great for an evening of drinks with your friends or even a Xmas dinner if that's how you prefer to look and feel. Sparkly Glam is not for everyone since we all have a unique taste and style. Embrace your individuality girls!
Xmas Party Look 6



Xmas Party Look 6


Are you an eclectic girl? Like mixing patterns and textures? Satin, lace, leopard print, metal and red suede;-) Midi skirts are perfect for all of you girls whom Mother Nature gave a slim waist to. Really versatile look, daytime, night time, you decide!



All clothes are currently available at House of Fraser.

Have a stylish Festive Season!

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