what to wear  

Do you struggle in the mornings when deciding what to wear? 

Many women (including myself, many years ago) know the feeling of pain & frustration every time we have to decide What To Wear.

We may be busy professionals, busy mums who want to make quick and effective decision on our outfit every morning yet feel great, stylish, comfortable…and empowered! Quite demanding task, isn’t it? I believe that Looking Good Doesn’t Just Happen. It does require a little bit of planning and like most things in our lives, the more you do it the better you get at this!

Very often, those style dilemmas have its source in ourselves, our mindset and body image, and since any long lasting changes in our lives start from within, it is important to think about what has led us to this point. Why have you ended up with the wardrobe that gives you this “headache” rather than joy and excitement every time you choose outfits?

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons…


#1 Wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear

Over the years you have made a solid collection of clothes that may not fit you now, that you don’t like or feel very sentimental about and yet you cannot remove those items as you would feel guilty. And all those expensive mistakes hanging in your wardrobe !

You may think that in order for you to have something to wear you need a new wardrobe. The truth is that, if you remove all those pieces that are not relevant to your current YOU and your lifestyle, that don’t fit you now, you will see more clearly what you have.  And knowing what you have will help you establish what is missing.

If you get bored with clothes quickly, eg you buy one piece, wear it twice and shop for another item you are very likely to end up with the same wardrobe issue. This is syndrome of a person who is looking for a way of self-expression but doesn’t know who she is on the inside. I know from my experience that the more I have grown up in my inner confidence as a person the better my style choices became.


#2  Not enough basic pieces in your wardrobe

Have you got stylish pieces but find yourself wearing them rarely, not sure why? It is very likely that you simply don’t have some good basic pieces you can pair your nice statement skirts or dresses with. A great pair of comfy heels/flats or v neck blouse, a basic tee etc Those basic items should reflect your unique personality and preferences and it is you who needs to feel comfortable wearing them. So don’t get confused when hearing style advice saying that a white shirt is a must have. How can one item fit all women?

Basic pieces normally complement those quality classic items that are core of your wardrobe. We fall in trap of not buying enough of those pieces as we are naturally drawn to more exciting purchases (swooning over some random tops or shoes;-). The quicker I started to complement my classic pieces with the basics the more functional my wardrobe became and I could wear all of my clothes and not only a small portion of it).


#3 Your clothes don’t meet your current priorities

You may have nice quality clothes, silky blouses or cotton shirts but those items require regular dry cleaning/ ironing etc which you may be procrastinating and truly prefer to have easy to maintain viscose tops for example. You may have pretty pieces that you bought a while ago to create the impact but now you prefer comfort over impact.  It is natural that our style evolves since it is a reflection of who you are. Ask yourself a question, “what do I want from my clothes now? “and then go shopping .


#4 Your clothes are not aligned with your current style preferences

For instance you liked your clothes two years ago but now your body has changed (you lost weight, are currently on diet etc) and/or your style taste has changed.

Those ill-fitting items need to be removed from your wardrobe. Of course you need to be realistic as well. You may not be able to suddenly buy all new clothes right away so it is good to consider those small alterations (taking in tops at the side seams, shortening sleeves, sewing on new buttons etc) and adding accessories that will help you to reinvent and refresh current clothes. You will be replacing those items over time but you need to take care of your look and positive body image now, by wearing well-fitting clothes during the transition moments.

#5 Your wardrobe needs organisation

You may struggle to decide what to wear simply because your clothes and accessories are in each corner of your house and you lost your way in knowing what you actually have. You know saying “Out of sight, out of mind” ? Think of organising your accessories and shoes in nice IKEA storage boxes, replacing your wire hangers, separating your clothes for different activities etc.

Solution: Organise Your Wardrobe !

Imagine having a wardrobe full of clothes that make you look and feel GREAT, Imagine the feeling of joy and excitement each time you decide what to wear… Does it feel good?  And my dear readers it is achievable!

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