How many times  last month did you open a wardrobe and stare into it thinking  "I have nothing to wear!"?

How happy have you been about your style and appearance recently?

The older I am the more simple life I want to lead. Less clutter, less clothes and more self-awareness, more connection with my body and soul and with people around me.

In recent years, and especially when I became an entrepreneur, I reevaluated my wardrobe needs and learned about the art of looking better with less clothes and having a crystal clear definition of what my style really is about.

Gone are the days when I would go shopping after a boring day at work to cheer myself up and buy clothes for happiness. Gone are the days when driven by a beautiful colour or style of an item in a window shop display I would buy on impulse. Gone are the days when I would spend evenings thinking and analyzing most impactful outfits for the next day at work..ehh Gone are the days when I would compare myself to other women and feel not good or attractive enough.

What did I do? I reduced my wardrobe to items I really love, complemented it with items that give me multiple outfits, started to live a more conscious life, shop consciously and value my time more.

What do I have instead?

More space in my wardrobe for clothes that deserve to be there, uncluttered sight and uncluttered mind, positive self-image, more money in my bank account to spend toward my Personal Development (rather than silly impulse purchases), more time to work on my business, more time to enjoy a delicious coffee in the morning (rather than hustle with outfits), more time for things that matter (family, exercise, meeting new people, smile), more control over my life.

Can you see how it all started in my wardrobe? You can start creating your whole new, fresh and conscious approach by making some changes to your wardrobe. So many women underestimate the importance of having a practical and stylish wardrobe and a professional image, they procrastinate seasonal reviews, don't give a thought as to what they really look and feel good in, what image they project, and don't see that a conscious wardrobe is not just  about clothes but about the lifestyle.

It is the same approach as with being fit and healthy. You either make it a lifestyle choice or not. Style is not a destination, healthy and fit body is not a destination- it is all a state of mind :-)

What's next? Edit your wardrobe, get an objective and honest view on what you should keep and what can go, what clothes can be up-styled to give you a chic and modern look and which will only leave you with a frumpy image; figure out what items are missing to complement your clothes and which shops you can find them in; how to create a wardrobe that says "I have plenty to wear"?

If you are not confident to do it on your own know that I am here to help you, if you want.

Join other women who decided to change their lifestyle for better, starting from their style and wardrobe.

Karen"I have had a fantastic wardrobe session with an inspirational and enthusiastic Gosia today I have struggled with my self image for what seems like ever. I had worked in a male dominated environment for over 20 years and hid my femininity for an easy life. It has been hard for me to express myself through fashion but now I own my own business I realise how important my personal branding is to get my business where I want it to go. I was in a need of a professional style make - over. Enter GS Styling! Gosia picked through my wardrobe and honestly told me to throw away my 10 year old skirts, my jeans that didn't fit, my favourite grey trousers - they just were not me. And I agreed. She showed me how to make many, many new outfits by adding a few accessories to what was left and suddenly I had tons of new outfits! I hardly recognised myself, even though they were my clothes. I didn't think it was possible, to have a new wardrobe in a just a few hours. Now I can't wait to go shopping next week to pick just a few pieces to compliment my new wardrobe! Gosia taught me so much and I am very happy she wrote everything down in a lovely report that I can refer to in the future. Thank you Gosia, in a matter of a few hours I feel transformed from unconfident frump to elegant entrepreneur! What a wonderful skill you possess. I am glad I found I you ;-)  Karen W

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Gosia xx

P.S I have just launched my brand new Program called Style DNA in which I take my clients through 3 steps style and wardrobe re-invention process and help her create a capsule wardrobe by maximizing what she's got in her wardrobe and complementing her closet with new key items that will boost her style and confidence evolution!