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A ‘gut’ instinct you should not ignore when shopping for clothes

A ‘gut’ instinct you should not ignore when shopping for clothes

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How often do you shop for clothes just to find out, after trying it on at home, that it is not working?

Let me tell you a story...

I have recently gone to Cabot Circus with my hubby to buy some stuff for him and very quickly my eyes spotted a lovely print dress in one of the stores. I loved the colours and the cut and did try it on, why not, especially that my husband was also trying on a lot of stuff. And then I was amazed, I loved the dress, the cut, shape, silhouette, pretty much all. I could see it wearing on many various occasions, good value for money etc. And in the strong shop light it just looked great. I was pretty excited that I found something I haven't got in my wardrobe yet. My husband did like the dress and actually me in a dress ;-) so next stop was a till and purchase done.

NOW, here is the turning point..

As soon as I left the shop I started to feel a bit uncertain and hesitant about this purchase..hmm where is this coming from?? The dress is cool, but whatever lets ignore it, I am a bit weird sometimes. Then I got home and jump on my laptop doing my stuff and didn't bother to try it on again until next day. Isn't it that we want to try on the clothes we buy right away if we love them so much??

Then, right when I tried it on at home and looked in the mirror I knew that I will not be keeping this dress;-) Funny haha. Why? Well in the day light the colours didn't look that good ( bloody shop lights) but what was most important - the dress didn't really give me the silhouette I admire so much and I felt a bit curve-less even though the geo patterns added definition to my more angular body shape.

Knowing how I want to feel in my clothes and what shapes I like to create on my body gave me a totally positive and confident reaction to the whole experience. I was not angry or frustrated with the fact that I need to return the dress but cool and chilled as I just reconfirmed with myself what aesthetic and silhouette I am looking for in the way I dress.


I basically have impression that my inner "gut" was telling me that this was not gonna work but I chose to neglect it and didn't give it a thought. And it makes me think that we should really listen more to our inner feelings.  If you buy something and then subconsciously second guess it then this means that the choice you made was not good.

If an item that you buy doesn’t make you feel right don’t keep it, don’t waste money only because you think that you have no time to do shopping again and have to buy something now. This way you settle for less, this way you settle for “meh”.   Feeling uncertain, hesitant is the reflecion of your inner thought about it and I am so happy to learn that my initial feeling after I left the shop proved this concept is very true.

Years ago I would most likely keep the dress even though I felt 70% in it, I would say to myself “That will do” and then wear it maybe twice and look for something new. A bit ridiculous but this is what many women do and that’s how we end up with wardrobes full of clothes yet “nothing to wear”.

So when it happens to you that you buy a clothing piece, loved it in shop but don't feel convinced when trying it on at home- don't keep it! Do think what is it about this dress or a top that is not working for you, learn from it. So that next time, when this happens, you will be smiling, knowing that you reconfirmed what your inner "gut" was telling you.

What are your shopping habits?

Do you decide to keep clothes even though they don't make you look and feel your best?

Feeling guilty of "wrong" purchases?

Check out my #Style Confidence Guide and improve your Self-knowledge in 10 easy steps. Then go shopping, buy less, choose well and listen to your "gut";-)