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Do you "own" your own Style?

Do you "own" your own Style?

Do You "Own" Your Own Style?

I have always wanted to be happy about what I see in the mirror and with time I have learned I want more than just looking nice, just looking stylish...I wanted to FEEL I "own" my Style.

You see nice clothes, fashion, self-grooming help in feeling confident about yourself but without any inner work it remains a short-term boost of confidence. I had a time in my life when I was more into fashion than into Style. I went through the process of trial and error, obsessive browsing of magazines and websites looking for fashion inspiration and latest trends, buying clothes, getting bored with them, wasting money. Although this helped me understand my own body shape and taste better I have discovered that "owning" my own style happens on a mindset level and there is no shortcut to achieve this state of mind.

In order to go from looking Stylish to "Owning" your STYLE you need the substance =YOU.

Style Identity starts in your Identity.

You may say "Hang on, isn't it via trial and error that we find our style?" 20% Yes and 80% No.

If you try many things but do not build your self-awareness based on how clothes make you feel and WHY, what feelings certain fabrics and cuts and colours evoke in you and what kind of stuff you are truly drawn into, why you always buy cheap stuff and fall for seasonal trends without thinking, what flatters your body most and whether you are the person who prefers to be "boxed" and operate within body shape or colour rules or maybe love "outside the box" liberating approach etc then how the heck do you expect to learn anything about yourself in the process of discovering your own style "beat"?

It is like with business. If you own a business and only focus on "doing" not "being", not paying enough attention to what lights you up in this business and keep doing all the crap that other people or coaches around you tell you to do without looking within to find what really drives you, not respecting your own rhythm and your deeper vision then you will never find your true "beat" because you let other people form this "beat", you give the power to others, not to yourself.

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Start building your self-awareness by looking into your wardrobe today and asking yourself kick-starter questions:

1. What items do I wear the most and WHY do I repeat them
(i.e they're comfortable, easy to maintain, create greatest impact, style or are versatile, it's easier than picking new items etc)?

Over the next 2 weeks take a one outfit selfie every day and ask yourself:
2. Do I see any patterns developing in my clothing choices over those 2 weeks (e.g. similar colours, patterns, silhouettes, style of tops or skirts)?

3. How do I feel about any patterns I have identified in my style? Do I like the consistency or maybe crave for more variety in my wardrobe? What makes me most happy?

Hope you come up with some revealing answers. And if you would like to take your Style and self-awareness to the next level and learn how to "own" your unique style then I would be delighted to help you with that! Just hit and let's chat!

Why Style is not a quick-fix

Why Style is not a quick-fix

Close-up portrait of a beautiful female blue eye
Close-up portrait of a beautiful female blue eye

Why would you want to hire a Personal Stylist?

To review your wardrobe, help you organise your clothes,  create new outfits or find a piece on the high street?

To do a quick-fix job basically, isn't it what we all want in our lives, easy, simple solutions that in a magical way take us where we want to be.

Or maybe to inspire, motivate and support you in feeling aligned and authentic on the top of giving you valuable tools?

Why is it that 10% of people in the world are prone to and achieving a success? Why there are only as many women who look totally great in whatever they put on themselves and so many women spending fortune on clothes and still not getting there?

What is the trick?

Think about a new top or a dress you have bought recently. Does it make you feel gorgeous every time you wear it, does it build your self esteem or does it reflect the worth you already carry within yourself?

If you buy clothes hoping that you will look amazing and people will notice you and this will give you value then you will end up with a soul "debt". This is something I was doing for years when trying to find my style. I was obsessed with dressing well, grooming myself but didn't know my value on the inside. I was living the illusion of building my self-esteem through clothes. And what I've learned is that clothes are meant to be only an extension of my self-respect and self-worth. Hence quick fashion fix is a bull sh*t.

If you don't accept your body, constantly bitching about how big your thighs or stomach is and try to fix it with clothes without working on improving your self-esteem through other channels then it will not give you a long term result. You need to connect the dots between your mindset and the visual in order to find your STYLE. If you know your value on the inside but don't feel confident and attractive in the clothes you wear, there is a friction,  because your visual does not reflect your value and you may not feel authentic.

I experienced a conflict between looking great vs not feeling that great on the inside. Clothes really helped me accept my body but didn't help me fix my self-worth at all. And for years people viewed me as a stylish women but I didnt see myself as a woman with Style because of this one most important missing element- SELF ESTEEM and second guessing myself, self talk  eg I could think in my head:

"What is he or she thinking about my outfit today?" "Does my legs look too skinny in this skirt", "Do they think I look good or crap?", "Have they noticed my new necklace" and on and on, constantly in my head, never ending talk. How bad is that, how exhausting!! How unnecessary.

I managed to build ( and still grow) my self -esteem by really making an effort to look into myself, grow, get inspiration from people, learn the right mindset and only then I arrived to the point of feeling FREE, knowing my worth and use clothes to bring out my true value! Only then I understood what STYLE really means.

Style is a quality, a lifestyle, a state of mind, self-knowledge, self-worth, aesthetic and inner beauty, it is YOU, not just a fashion sense.

If you want to find your STYLE "beat", feel really cool and yourself in the clothes you wear, the way you groom yourself - WORK ON YOUR SELF-ESTEEM ALONG WITH YOUR FASHION SENSE. Don't be fulled that nice clothes is all you need!

The difference between style and fashion is quality. Giorgio Armani

I believe in you girl, you are your own worst critique and your best solution. You are your best resource, make an effort to unfold it and let me help you get the confidence you need.

Call me for a FREE Discovery session this January and I will help you get clear on what is really holding you back, why it is holding you back and how you can grow your self-worth and evolve your fashion sense and build your true unique STYLE .

Portrait of toddler taking his first steps
Portrait of toddler taking his first steps

The trick is in taking small steps to take you where you want to be, not false quick fix solutions. I strive to help women from inside out and currently work on my bespoke style coaching programme to help you achieve long term results.

My best,


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