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Dress for Confidence!

Dress for Confidence!

Dress for Confidence


Yes, this is my motto girls!

What gives you confidence in your everyday dressing? It may be showing off your positives, wearing comfortable clothes, creating impact wherever you go or creating a silhouette and proportions that you perceive as attractive etc

STYLE is subjective and only you know what gives you confidence in the way you put yourself together on this gorgeous rainy day in Bristol;-I

To me  it is about dressing to my positives and feeling "me" in the clothes I wear. Look at the pic above. Wearing long sleeve shirt and basically covering the slimmest parts of my body and no accessories would make me feel very invisible, very bland. THIS IS NOT ME! Contrary to it, on the right pic I feel 100% myself. I show off my positives, cleavage, ankles, wrists and I accessorize to give the look my own unique edge! And this is confidence ladies;-)

Today I would like to encourage you to put yourself together and make your look your own, think of what you like about your body, what you would like to show and dress to those positive characteristics. What type of person are you? Friendly, cool, modern? Show those traits via style, let people see what you are about!


And don't give people other choice but to notice you, be a magnet!

I will be talking about it and show you loads of style tips and encouragement at my upcoming style workshop! So if you want to make the most out of your gorgeous body and who you are and show people what you are about and attract them to your best true self, join me on 28th Jan, 6.30pm for 2.5 hours Style Evening and let's rock your confidence girls!


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