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Brand UpStyle - Amanda Kerin

Brand UpStyle - Amanda Kerin

In this project Lidia (Visuable) and I were working with  Amanda Kerin who is a business strategist and coach. She works with employees and entrepreneurs helping them build the business and lifestyle they want. Amanda is fun, approachable, enthusiastic and creative and these are the exact personality traits she wanted to project via her personal style and brand appearance.I know Amanda from a very exciting programme we participated in called Entrepreneurial Spark and back then, I noticed right away how enthusiastic and approachable she was.

Two days before the Photoshoot day we met for a coffee in town and discussed how she could project this great energy in a more put together package so that her potential clients see not only fun and warm person but also a professional and knowledgeable business strategist they can trust, without stiff  business like look.

After an initial chat we decided to meet not at Amanda's place ( as she lives in Alps these days hehe) but at the Cabot Circus shopping center. We were looking for a very specific items ( blazer, denim jckt) that Amanda could use to create casual and smart-casual looks that would work perfectly with a great location she chose for her photoshoot (Yeo Valley). We also added a couple of accessories to coordinate with the color theme for the shoot backgrounds.

On the photoshoot day...

Amanda brought all key pieces, shoes and accessories with her as discussed. We have scarves, shoes, clothes and make up ! All ready to go!

Life is better when you are laughing!

Soft, pastel colours accentuate Amanda's skin tone and hair colour. She needed a bolder, statement necklace to bring the character to the outfit and a subtle yet visible make up. I was making sure her hair look neat too;)

The Power of Accessories!

A simple belt can bring together the key colours in the outfit and add an extra oomph to our smart-casual ensemble.

Make up touch ups needed to bring colours of a new background.

Lidia with her magic wand has pulled the energy, vibe and Amanda's brand in the best possible way with her amazing pictures!

What do you think?

Check Amanda's website HERE to see her brand in full shine!

Here is what Amanda has to say about her experience...

It was a fantastic day spent with Gosia and her styling magic - the whole experience was just full of joy, it was a really fun day that I would love to do again.

Having Gosia there meant I didn't have to really think about how I looked as I completely trusted her to make me look fab, and feel like me without all the fuss. I felt really confident and didn't have to spend the time doubting anything or thinking about how I looked, or whether the various items went together, which is well worth its weight in gold! It meant I could really relax into the day and enjoy the experience.

The little touches of make up, hair and accessories finished everything off too, it meant I felt great in front of the camera, and had more fun with it, and overall had a bloody brilliant day out! I forgot about the outcomes of what I wanted to achieve and completely enjoyed myself!

Working with Gosia is a real pleasure, she knows what she's doing, and if you aren't comfortable, she'll pep you up or tweak things so you're looking and feeling confident, happy and having a great day looking and feeling fabulous darling!

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How a versatile wardrobe affects your life

How a versatile wardrobe affects your life


How many times  last month did you open a wardrobe and stare into it thinking  "I have nothing to wear!"?

How happy have you been about your style and appearance recently?

The older I am the more simple life I want to lead. Less clutter, less clothes and more self-awareness, more connection with my body and soul and with people around me.

In recent years, and especially when I became an entrepreneur, I reevaluated my wardrobe needs and learned about the art of looking better with less clothes and having a crystal clear definition of what my style really is about.

Gone are the days when I would go shopping after a boring day at work to cheer myself up and buy clothes for happiness. Gone are the days when driven by a beautiful colour or style of an item in a window shop display I would buy on impulse. Gone are the days when I would spend evenings thinking and analyzing most impactful outfits for the next day at work..ehh Gone are the days when I would compare myself to other women and feel not good or attractive enough.

What did I do? I reduced my wardrobe to items I really love, complemented it with items that give me multiple outfits, started to live a more conscious life, shop consciously and value my time more.

What do I have instead?

More space in my wardrobe for clothes that deserve to be there, uncluttered sight and uncluttered mind, positive self-image, more money in my bank account to spend toward my Personal Development (rather than silly impulse purchases), more time to work on my business, more time to enjoy a delicious coffee in the morning (rather than hustle with outfits), more time for things that matter (family, exercise, meeting new people, smile), more control over my life.

Can you see how it all started in my wardrobe? You can start creating your whole new, fresh and conscious approach by making some changes to your wardrobe. So many women underestimate the importance of having a practical and stylish wardrobe and a professional image, they procrastinate seasonal reviews, don't give a thought as to what they really look and feel good in, what image they project, and don't see that a conscious wardrobe is not just  about clothes but about the lifestyle.

It is the same approach as with being fit and healthy. You either make it a lifestyle choice or not. Style is not a destination, healthy and fit body is not a destination- it is all a state of mind :-)

What's next? Edit your wardrobe, get an objective and honest view on what you should keep and what can go, what clothes can be up-styled to give you a chic and modern look and which will only leave you with a frumpy image; figure out what items are missing to complement your clothes and which shops you can find them in; how to create a wardrobe that says "I have plenty to wear"?

If you are not confident to do it on your own know that I am here to help you, if you want.

Join other women who decided to change their lifestyle for better, starting from their style and wardrobe.

Karen"I have had a fantastic wardrobe session with an inspirational and enthusiastic Gosia today I have struggled with my self image for what seems like ever. I had worked in a male dominated environment for over 20 years and hid my femininity for an easy life. It has been hard for me to express myself through fashion but now I own my own business I realise how important my personal branding is to get my business where I want it to go. I was in a need of a professional style make - over. Enter GS Styling! Gosia picked through my wardrobe and honestly told me to throw away my 10 year old skirts, my jeans that didn't fit, my favourite grey trousers - they just were not me. And I agreed. She showed me how to make many, many new outfits by adding a few accessories to what was left and suddenly I had tons of new outfits! I hardly recognised myself, even though they were my clothes. I didn't think it was possible, to have a new wardrobe in a just a few hours. Now I can't wait to go shopping next week to pick just a few pieces to compliment my new wardrobe! Gosia taught me so much and I am very happy she wrote everything down in a lovely report that I can refer to in the future. Thank you Gosia, in a matter of a few hours I feel transformed from unconfident frump to elegant entrepreneur! What a wonderful skill you possess. I am glad I found I you ;-)  Karen W

See more happy transformations HERE.

Gosia xx

P.S I have just launched my brand new Program called Style DNA in which I take my clients through 3 steps style and wardrobe re-invention process and help her create a capsule wardrobe by maximizing what she's got in her wardrobe and complementing her closet with new key items that will boost her style and confidence evolution!

Brand UpStyle - Amy Morse

Brand UpStyle - Amy Morse

About Amy

Personal Stylist Bristol

Amy Morse is an author and an entrepreneur. She writes fiction as Amy C Fitzjohn and non-fiction content, guides and blogs. Her mantra>>

Write Your Way To Success

unfolds from her passion to help entrepreneurs boost their business story via engaging writing skills, teaching them through 1-on-1 training, blogging and book writing workshops as well as editing and proofreading services. 

She is a very creative and enthusiastic person, always smiling and light-hearted. Her passion is oozing from a distance and I was so looking forward to bring all those qualities through her personal style. 


Style Clarity Session

discovery chat

We have kick-started the process with the initial Style Discovery Chat during which we were talking about Amy's style objectives, wardrobe challenges, what image she would like to project to her audience and how clothes, accessories and grooming can help her achieve the desired impact.

Amy wanted to look put together and fun without being too polished or business like.  I knew that professional look doesn't always mean tailored look. It is all about using clothes and accessories in a way that look and feel true to who you are. 

Amy has a fab energy, she loves quirky scarves, patterns, hats and felt that these are the true components of her style. She described her brand and personality as fun, quirky and arty.

If my client says "I am fun, quirky and arty" those words will be translated into her wardrobe and personal looks.

- Gosia Scarrott

My job was to help her create outfits and whole looks that not only flatter her figure and enhance her beauty but most importantly reflect those key personality traits which, in fact, represent the essence of her Personal Brand.

Wardrobe Styling

Personal Stylist Bristol

We have gone through Amy's wardrobe to see what we’re working with. I have picked key items that I felt are reflecting Amy's personality most and which we could style up and down to create various outfits.  I asked Amy to lay on the bed her style legacy (as you can see) and get ready for a "put me together" session.

As Amy was trying on clothes I was giving her a full advice on what styles suit her best, how small tricks make a massive difference to her overall look and proportions and what she needs to buy in order to complement her outfits, simple things like right pair of jeans and shoes can shift the look from drab to Fab! 

Gosia came to my house before the shoot and we went through my wardrobe, pulling out some outfits and matching up accessories. This was real eye opener for me. I finally got rid of those frumpy old business suits I’d hung onto ‘just in case’ but hadn’t worn for years! Gosia helped me to see that all I needed was a few key pieces and my whole style could be lifted. Something as simple as a couple of pairs of skinny jeans - instead of the boot cut ones I’d been wearing that didn’t flatter my shape - some funky heals and the right jacket, would breathe new life into all the colourful tops, soft fabrics and quirky scarves I like to wear.
— Amy Morse

The Photoshoot Day

On the photoshoot day all three of us meet in the local cafe which also happens to be our first photoshoot location. We discuss the agenda, have some cake and coffee and that refreshing morning giggle to set out mindset positive for the busy day. This is the way we normally start our Brand Upstyle Experience. It is great to have some laugh and get into the right mindset and attitude before the shoot. It always helps our clients feel at ease and enjoy the experience.

Location #1

Our first photoshoot location was at Arnolfini cafe, the artistic hub in Bristol right in the heart of Harbourside. Great place that reflects Amy's arty soul.

At the Brand and Style Clarity sessions Amy said she wanted to be shown as authorpreneur - an author and an entrepreneur. Lidia an I wanted to bring her writer persona by using references of books. Amy showed me her stacked bracelets earlier at Wardrobe Session, which she made of her old books; how unique is that! I instantly thought that it would be awesome to decorate her wrists with her original accessory and bring her writer soul in her outfit!  I thought this would add another dimension to her visual message and both Amy and Lidia totally agreed.

When I prepared Amy's outfit I was making sure her clothes fit her in all the right places, bracelets are on the right wrist, sleeves are scrunched and all looks effortlessly chic. Little make up and hair touch ups are always a must to add that exclamation mark to the whole look. 

Amy looks gorgeous in earthy colours eating her favourite cake, yum! We decided to opt for the leather jacket/ khaki top combo to complement the surroundings of the cafe, rather than stand out from it. We accessorized her outfit with bracelets and a simple necklace. A fresh glowing makeup and  a lip gloss really complemented the whole look!

I have prepared Amy for our next location- Graffiti Walls by Harbourside. Amy is a Bristolian girl hence the local arty walls in the heart of Bristol were spot on locations for her pictures.  I thought let's create Tre Street Style to bring out that Bristolian chic out - the hat, her leather jacket, skinny jeans, leather bag and boots. All those key pieces came together nicely at the shoot and her signature fox print scarf reflects her quirky personality and also coordinates beautifully with the background.

Having Gosia at the shoot was brilliant. She has a great eye for colour and style, and worked with Lidia to get me in the right outfit for the backgrounds we were shooting against. I was surprised by how much small things can make all the difference when you’re shooting at different locations with different lighting. Gosia was on hand to top up my lipstick with the best colour to stand out in the shot and create the right look. She was also there to tuck and pin stray bits of clothes so the look was as good as it could be on the day.
— Amy Morse

Location #2

We continue the photoshoot at the  Harbourside and for this vibrant red (ish) background I chose a coordinating scarf. It was a very windy day hence a bit challenging to make Amy's scarf and jacket stay in one place, hehe. My magic toolbox comes super handy in situations like that! With a lingerie tape and pins I managed to keep those flowing layers and scarves in one place! All under control;) 

The Brand Upstyle Experience is all about bringing out that #bosslady inside you and showing her to the world. 

A smile conveys the effortless confidence in oneself and a great amount of positive aura, and both Lidia an I helped Amy simply laugh, smile and feel gorgeous! Our methods? Saying funny things, making funny faces or even dancing, haha! Lidia did the "relax me" moves showing Amy how to soften her body language to feel naturally relaxed. On the pictures you may notice Amy looking on side towards me, yes I am right there dancing to make her laugh;) The result? Beauuuuutiful SMILE!! That's what we want girls!

Location #3

Let's top up that lipstick, add some flowy scarves and bracelets, a printed book and ready for our final photoshoot location. I suggested that we showcase those lovely Cat shaped earrings Amy bought when running her previous business TomCatDesigns. Showing a piece of who you are through accessories adds to the whole brand story and the message. As you can see on the pics she is totally owning that story!

Lidia and Gosia are such a fantastic partnership. Their skills totally compliment each other and together they are able to bring your unique vision for who you are and how you want to be seen by your audience to life. I highly recommend them to showcase the visual story behind your personal brand.

-Amy Morse

Final location, cocktail bar ;)

Let's celebrate the Brand Upstyle Experience!

To Your Business Success Amy!

Personal Stylist Bristol

Read more about the Brand Upstyle Experience on Lidia's page. Lidia gives her insight into the Brand Clarity Session & the Photoshoot part of the experience HERE.


Gosia x

P.S If you would like to cut through the noise and stand out with your unique and authentic personal brand & are ready for your Personal Brand and Style Overhaul then both Lidia and I would be delighted to help! 
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Why Personal Style is a way to honor the very person you are

Why Personal Style is a way to honor the very person you are


How can putting on make-up or wearing a pink jacket and accessories make me feel good - it can't. What really makes me feel good about myself is the act of respecting, love and making effort to take care of myself.

You see I didn't wake up looking like that, in fact, I felt less than confident when I saw my face in the mirror that morning. I really have funny times with my skin, especially this time of the month. My critical self-talk sees a pimple, bad hair and round belly and the fact that I fully accept myself doesn't mean that my self-critic is quiet.

But I decide to give myself some love. I see the effort of dressing in cute clothes and putting makeup as an expression of my femininity and self-respect which is a strength in itself.

Personal Style is a tool to bring my best, true self, to stand tall, hold my space and energy within. I don't have to post pictures without  make up and in messy hair to prove my "real" me. The beauty is in your self-image, the value you assign to who you are. I understand my self-concept and do not follow the conventions. I say adorn your worth via graceful personal style, define your own style terms and create your own true version of who you are.

Now, some of you may think that media are pushing through the concept of what beauty is, that makeup free photos represent "real" beauty and so on. With all respect it is a bullshit...

Since when someone decides upon what my self-concept is? Very often we impose on ourselves the versions, concepts dictated not by the desire of our soul but by the vision from colourful magazines, social media and TV shows. Synthetic fashion creates synthetic desires, most likely not aligned with our true nature. It is like wearing clothes in a red colour which highlights all our imperfections only because trends say so.

People are often slaves of conventions..Someone told them they should be this or that, they should wear this or that and so on and they try to be this way till death, not knowing whom they were and really are.

I want to encourage you to be yourself, redefine what "being yourself" means to you. Here are some ideas on how you can embrace yourself through style.

  1. Add some make up. I am not saying 3 layers of make up to cover all your beautiful features. Add a bit of mascara, lipstick, light foundation that makes your skin glow a bit, feels fresh and make you feel younger and healthier. I appreciate there are many women who don't wear any make up because they think they will look like "dolls" etc and they may see makeup as something that kills their natural beauty... What can I say, redefine this, unless you feel amazing with a tired, makeup-free face. I think that unless you are 15 years old and have alabaster skin, no dark circles, glowing complexion, a bit of corrector or even highlighter, blusher brings your beauty out. Stay open-minded.
  2. Accessorize your personality. Express a little more of you via a statement necklace, a beautiful scarf, glasses, bags, fun tights, quirky shoes, headband, hats etc. I love simplicity with character. Simple, clean style with original, non-mainstream accessories. Don't be like everyone else, be unique and bold.
  3. Wear clothes that fit. The colour can be gorgeous and complement your natural skin tone, the fabric can make you feel amazing, the texture can be a pure genius BUT if the clothes don't fit you well-it all goes to the pot! Some women think that if they have their "colours" done they will suddenly look amazing, Wrong. It is not about the colour, it is about the fit, how you accessorize clothes, how you feel in your clothes, how you move and the energy you create when wearing clothes and the way you groom yourself too! It is better to look at how you instinctively feel in your clothes, observe how they drape on your body before you jump on buying something in right colour and nothing else than that. Always consider alterations, find a good tailor and make a measure tape your friend.
  4. Be playful, have fun! It is great to know all the fashion rules, but what is even better is to be smarter than them! I could never classify myself as any one particular shape. I was suggested to wear colours that I dislike and many dos and don'ts that I can allow myself now to not care about! Very liberating feeling that gives me a total control over what I wear and how I wear things. Your body shape is all about proportions and fashion is about finding shapes that fit those proportions perfectly. Style is not about following ill advice that tells you that you cannot wear round prints if you have this or that body shape..ehhh that's good for robots. What about cutting down this noise and focusing on yourself, your own body shape, own unique shape and proportions and then building knowledge to wear clothes you truly want because you know how to use tricks to make any shape and style work for you.

My experience with style, my own personal journey have taught me that dressing well when coupled with internal work gives you a way to express the beauty in you and show the world who you are. At the end of the day the most important person you want to impress, is YOU.


P.S  If you feel confused and lost in your personal style, fed up with the noise out there, ill style advice, one page is telling you this, other page is telling you that and don't know whom to trust and what to buy, I can help you take this confusion away. Style is You, not just clothes, not just colours. If you want to kick start your journey to a happier you and a better self-image then get in touch and let's chat how you can make it happen.

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Be your best self-expression

Be your best self-expression


When do you feel most FREE in your personal style?

What your most FREE, authentic self would wear in the lifestyle you've got, in the environment you spend your time in, in the body you have?

I think you become more free in your self-expression through style if you are more confident and acceptable of who you are.

Let me give you an example...

There was a time in my life that I really wanted to wear short skater skirts. I literally loved the look of wearing those skirts with opaque tights and some cool ankle boots. So I bought a few of them and I was wearing it to my office job. Almost every single time I wore such skirt I had a self-talk in my head saying:

"Do my legs look good in it?; Don't they look too skinny?, What do other people think of how I look in the skirt? Maybe they think..and on and on" Oh gosh...

It is only until I discovered a midi circle skirt that I realised I was trying to wear short skirts not for the reason of experimenting with fashion, but to force a belief that this look is good to me, force my self-acceptance. On the inside I knew that I questioned myself too much and I knew I was not confident about showing may legs like that.

The biggest relief I have experienced was when I bought my first midi circle skirt. It made me feel so reassured that I look great, my legs are good, there is nothing I have to prove to myself or force. Right clothes like this skirt makes me feel like a million dollar and shows my positives that I neglected in the process, like eg my waist. Simple silly thing like a piece of fabric, a skirt changed the whole perspective of how I had been looking at my body till then. I finally could feel 100% myself, confident and not pretending someone who I was not.

A piece of cloth that works perfect on my body, makes me feel feminine, makes me express my true, feminine side, feels chic and effortless. I never felt this way when wearing my short skirts. These were only a trigger of a continuous self talk: "Do I look good enough?".

Do you express your TRUE best self in the clothes you wear?

Self-expression is not only about expressing your personality, your likes, aesthetic but also expressing the way you want to feel in your clothes. If you want to feel confident and effortless find clothes that work with your STYLE and BODY, not against it! Know what gives you a confidence in your clothes.

Dress your body so that your inner voice says "You look great girl!", NOT "Not sure if I look good in it..".

Today I would like to invite you to reflect on this aspect of self-expression. Ask yourself questions:

  • Do I express myself in a confident way through my personal style?
  • Do I force an image or look that I know, deep inside me, is not the best for my body shape and the way I want to feel in my clothes?

Share with me your views in the comments below!



P.S Would you like to become more FREE in your self-expression through Style? Let's book a FREE Discovery Session with me and I'll help you get clear on what is holding you back and how to overcome it.

In a meantime get my 10 STEPS Guide to #Style Confidence in which I will talk you through essential tips on how to unfold a Personal Style that feels right and allow you to be your best true self.

Dress for Confidence!

Dress for Confidence!

Dress for Confidence


Yes, this is my motto girls!

What gives you confidence in your everyday dressing? It may be showing off your positives, wearing comfortable clothes, creating impact wherever you go or creating a silhouette and proportions that you perceive as attractive etc

STYLE is subjective and only you know what gives you confidence in the way you put yourself together on this gorgeous rainy day in Bristol;-I

To me  it is about dressing to my positives and feeling "me" in the clothes I wear. Look at the pic above. Wearing long sleeve shirt and basically covering the slimmest parts of my body and no accessories would make me feel very invisible, very bland. THIS IS NOT ME! Contrary to it, on the right pic I feel 100% myself. I show off my positives, cleavage, ankles, wrists and I accessorize to give the look my own unique edge! And this is confidence ladies;-)

Today I would like to encourage you to put yourself together and make your look your own, think of what you like about your body, what you would like to show and dress to those positive characteristics. What type of person are you? Friendly, cool, modern? Show those traits via style, let people see what you are about!


And don't give people other choice but to notice you, be a magnet!

I will be talking about it and show you loads of style tips and encouragement at my upcoming style workshop! So if you want to make the most out of your gorgeous body and who you are and show people what you are about and attract them to your best true self, join me on 28th Jan, 6.30pm for 2.5 hours Style Evening and let's rock your confidence girls!


Do you want to feel confident and true to yourself in your personal style and need a helping hand, fresh perspective, inspiration on how to feel truly great in your clothes and the way you look? Then book FREE Online Style Discovery session and let's chat!
Why not get started now and download Your 10 Steps Guide to #Style Confidence. Don't wait and grab your copy now!