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My 2015 Reflections

My 2015 Reflections


How has 2015 been for you? Was it bland, difficult, easy, exciting, challenging, fulfilling, life changing, successful? And what would you like it to be in 2016?

Reflecting on what has happened in 2015 and having awareness of what went good, what went bad and what you could do differently next year is so valuable for setting up your new goals and planning better life with purpose.

To me 2015 was a year of self-discovery and learning… ;-)

Personal Coaching, ditching a safe 9-5 job, place on the Entrepreneurial Spark Programme, meeting amazing people, starting my business, gaining a positive mindset, good vibes and myself back. There were some losses too but I strive to focus on positives and those events have made me feel happier than ever before, fulfilled, authentic and finally breathing fresh air. That’s all worth it!!

That’s just a summary of my 2015 journey and the start was that… I have been holding myself back for far too long by not following my instincts and passion to help women visually build their confidence and positive outlook on themselves. I was stuck in a full time, uninspiring environment, doing the job and some accountancy and legal courses that had nothing to do with what I am about and, if anything, losing my plot.

Waking up every morning feeling happy, free and authentic by doing what I love and what makes me feel ME is what I craved for, and no tangible goal could ever replace or create this value.[su_pullquote]It is and has always been about the mindset and the people you surround yourself with.[/su_pullquote]So I have been thinking of removing myself from the “wrong” environment for a while and I kicked my butt with one of the best decisions in my life – getting a Personal Coach. I have managed not only to get clarity with my life priorities but I have unfolded another dimension within myself. My mindset switched 180 degrees, I gained better understanding of myself and my value, reassurance and have overcome challenges that have been holding me back for such long time. The key, however, as my coach said, was that I was very ready for a change and very receptive and this could only result in taking actions that led me to where I wanted to be. I am so fascinated by the idea of coaching that I completed a course about it and am planning to get qualifications in the next 2 years.

A few months down the line I was ready to make further changes in my life, I met great people and applied for Entrepreneurial Spark Programme and could see what a massive difference a change of environment gave me. I surround myself with like-minded people who understand my challenges, go through similar issues when starting a business and keep me motivated. It is truly amazing experience. Then I quit my safe job, and now wake up every morning with can do attitude, commitment on my new goals and doing my best to be my best brand =authentic, passionate and determined. Giving a value to women and sharing my knowledge and passion to make positive difference to her life is extremely fulfilling and rewarding and I love every minute of it!

This video below (Preloved Chica Show) I did 2 days ago, really makes me smile ;-) Not only because I loved the chat but when I look at my energy I see my better self and want more of it!

I don’t want to think of how I would feel now if I decided to settle for less, compromise, give up and get stuck in a rut…  Life is about expanding your bubble and growing and it is a combination of internal and external work. Dressing well when coupled with internal work gives you a way to express the beauty in you and show the world who you are.

Life is such a journey and there is always a choice to either stay unhappy, just fine or fulfilled in what you are doing. It is your decision in 2016 how you want your life to be and it is so worth to have a positive drive to expand your knowledge, learn from others and evolve your style, grow personally and professionally.

Whatever the theme of your 2016, I sincerely wish you an absolutely magical year ahead, full of discovery and growth. May you achieve all your meaningful goals and enjoy the health, happiness and abundance you truly deserve!

My Warmest Wishes,

Gosia **