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Do you "own" your own Style?

Do you "own" your own Style?

Do You "Own" Your Own Style?

I have always wanted to be happy about what I see in the mirror and with time I have learned I want more than just looking nice, just looking stylish...I wanted to FEEL I "own" my Style.

You see nice clothes, fashion, self-grooming help in feeling confident about yourself but without any inner work it remains a short-term boost of confidence. I had a time in my life when I was more into fashion than into Style. I went through the process of trial and error, obsessive browsing of magazines and websites looking for fashion inspiration and latest trends, buying clothes, getting bored with them, wasting money. Although this helped me understand my own body shape and taste better I have discovered that "owning" my own style happens on a mindset level and there is no shortcut to achieve this state of mind.

In order to go from looking Stylish to "Owning" your STYLE you need the substance =YOU.

Style Identity starts in your Identity.

You may say "Hang on, isn't it via trial and error that we find our style?" 20% Yes and 80% No.

If you try many things but do not build your self-awareness based on how clothes make you feel and WHY, what feelings certain fabrics and cuts and colours evoke in you and what kind of stuff you are truly drawn into, why you always buy cheap stuff and fall for seasonal trends without thinking, what flatters your body most and whether you are the person who prefers to be "boxed" and operate within body shape or colour rules or maybe love "outside the box" liberating approach etc then how the heck do you expect to learn anything about yourself in the process of discovering your own style "beat"?

It is like with business. If you own a business and only focus on "doing" not "being", not paying enough attention to what lights you up in this business and keep doing all the crap that other people or coaches around you tell you to do without looking within to find what really drives you, not respecting your own rhythm and your deeper vision then you will never find your true "beat" because you let other people form this "beat", you give the power to others, not to yourself.

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Start building your self-awareness by looking into your wardrobe today and asking yourself kick-starter questions:

1. What items do I wear the most and WHY do I repeat them
(i.e they're comfortable, easy to maintain, create greatest impact, style or are versatile, it's easier than picking new items etc)?

Over the next 2 weeks take a one outfit selfie every day and ask yourself:
2. Do I see any patterns developing in my clothing choices over those 2 weeks (e.g. similar colours, patterns, silhouettes, style of tops or skirts)?

3. How do I feel about any patterns I have identified in my style? Do I like the consistency or maybe crave for more variety in my wardrobe? What makes me most happy?

Hope you come up with some revealing answers. And if you would like to take your Style and self-awareness to the next level and learn how to "own" your unique style then I would be delighted to help you with that! Just hit and let's chat!

Cookie-Cutter style rules? No, thank you.

Cookie-Cutter style rules? No, thank you.


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It all starts with your own definition of Style. What is Style to you? Is it wearing colours, styles and textures that naturally “suit” your body shape and features best? Or is it about the expression of your personality first?

Is your personality too strong to be told what you should/ shouldn’t wear or maybe you see the strength in dressing as per rules as only then you feel you can showcase your personality best?

Is your Personal Style about a healthy balance between those two? It is for me.

I focus on how I want to FEEL in my clothes, my mood, the vision. I know that warm colours bring my face colouring better but does it mean I will wear only those colours because they “suit” me? NO, because I dress to express myself and if certain “recommended” colours make me feel “blah” I will not wear them, however beautiful people think I look in them on the outside.

Freedom Of Expression is at heart of my approach. I show women HOW they can expand their style options without always following any body shape or colour rules. You can make “unflattering” clothes look great on you if you know HOW to do the magic. You can wear any colour you want if you know HOW to wear it, using make up, accessories and right attitude.

You CAN wear any level of contrast you want if your personality will carry it. You can wear any length you want if you know how to balance it out, and so on.

The question to ask yourself is..

What kind of person are you today? The one that need a cookie cutter blueprint for dressing rules or the one who is open minded and ready to put your personality first? Or like me, a perfectly healthy balance of both using HOW, more than WHAT? ;-)

Would love to know your views on that so please kindly share them in the comments below!

Gosia x

P.S Want to expand your Style "HOW"? This is what I passionately teach about in my Style DNA Program. Click HERE to find out more.