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What an Unresourceful Wardrobe does to you Entrepreneur!

What an Unresourceful Wardrobe does to you Entrepreneur!

What is an unresourceful wardrobe?

It is a wardrobe full of confusion as to what to wear, what is appropriate or not, guilt for those expensive, unworn mistakes hanging in your wardrobe, self-criticism when putting on clothes that just don't look right, random clothes that give you a headache and rather "meh" feeling. A wardrobe that makes you question how successful you are, your organisational skills  (cluttered wardrobe) and a sense of who you are. It gives you more stress, requires more maintenance, decision making, more shuffling around and a waste of time, energy and effort. A wardrobe full of clothes that don't make you look and feel as confident (well, maybe only 30% of them) as you could be. This very often means lost opportunities to impress your potential clients, to capture their attention and back up your brand identity.

Is that a wardrobe of a successful entrepreneur you are/want to be? 


THE VERSATILE WARDROBE = A Wardrobe with the purpose

It is a collection of timeless, versatile pieces which suit your body shape, personality, lifestyle, preferences TODAY. You would normally create it within a specific colour theme, for instance around 3 neutral colours and 2 accent colours so that pieces can be mixed and matched easily and worn interchangeably for different occasions ( see an example HERE). It is practical, simple and offer a lot of advantages. It saves you a great deal of money but it also saves you valuable time and effort, and who knows better than you entrepreneur how precious your time and image are. We have a never ending to do list that we hardly can catch up with, constant stress, reassessing your business ideas, models, ideal clients, finances, very often sleepless nights, ongoing business networking events, pressure to look the part and convey most cohesive image on the line YOU-Your Personal Brand.

As you know 55% of peoples' initial perception of you is based purely upon what you look like (research by University of California), the remaining 38% (vocal) and only 7% are the words we actually use. How ridiculously important is that! This statistic is crucial in terms of how you develop your style and how your clients perceive you.

Fine feathers make fine birds

You are what you wear and, whether you want to admit it or not, people judge you on your looks and personal image, this is how we are designed..and this is what we see first. Hence the image that doesn't back up your brand message can make your potential clients disregard what you offer and skip onto someone whom they see as contemporary, chic and stylish vs traditional, unappealing, bland.

Colourful outfits show that you are vibrant, imaginative, energetic, original and approachable. But wearing too many colors or expressive prints at once can take attention away from YOU, the entrepreneur, and instead give the impression that you don't take your position seriously. Over-glamorous looks and bold colour contrasts may be seen as too "in the face" for more vulnerable clients you want to approach as a Coach etc.

I do believe it is all about finding a fine balance, being Yourself and taking responsibility for your personal style. Your personal image is not about being someone you are not or replacing the value you provide to your clients; it is about backing it up and making your client feel reassured that you have it all and are the best choice for them.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Can you think of how your potential clients judge you when looking at what you are wearing and your personal grooming? Think of three words that describe your Personal Brand. How would you dress to project those exact words, in the form of clothes and personal grooming?

If you don't know where to start then I make it for you super easy in my Style DNA program. Would you like to know what's that? Click HERE and make a first step to boost your brand and image this year!

My best,

Gosia x

Be your best self-expression

Be your best self-expression


When do you feel most FREE in your personal style?

What your most FREE, authentic self would wear in the lifestyle you've got, in the environment you spend your time in, in the body you have?

I think you become more free in your self-expression through style if you are more confident and acceptable of who you are.

Let me give you an example...

There was a time in my life that I really wanted to wear short skater skirts. I literally loved the look of wearing those skirts with opaque tights and some cool ankle boots. So I bought a few of them and I was wearing it to my office job. Almost every single time I wore such skirt I had a self-talk in my head saying:

"Do my legs look good in it?; Don't they look too skinny?, What do other people think of how I look in the skirt? Maybe they think..and on and on" Oh gosh...

It is only until I discovered a midi circle skirt that I realised I was trying to wear short skirts not for the reason of experimenting with fashion, but to force a belief that this look is good to me, force my self-acceptance. On the inside I knew that I questioned myself too much and I knew I was not confident about showing may legs like that.

The biggest relief I have experienced was when I bought my first midi circle skirt. It made me feel so reassured that I look great, my legs are good, there is nothing I have to prove to myself or force. Right clothes like this skirt makes me feel like a million dollar and shows my positives that I neglected in the process, like eg my waist. Simple silly thing like a piece of fabric, a skirt changed the whole perspective of how I had been looking at my body till then. I finally could feel 100% myself, confident and not pretending someone who I was not.

A piece of cloth that works perfect on my body, makes me feel feminine, makes me express my true, feminine side, feels chic and effortless. I never felt this way when wearing my short skirts. These were only a trigger of a continuous self talk: "Do I look good enough?".

Do you express your TRUE best self in the clothes you wear?

Self-expression is not only about expressing your personality, your likes, aesthetic but also expressing the way you want to feel in your clothes. If you want to feel confident and effortless find clothes that work with your STYLE and BODY, not against it! Know what gives you a confidence in your clothes.

Dress your body so that your inner voice says "You look great girl!", NOT "Not sure if I look good in it..".

Today I would like to invite you to reflect on this aspect of self-expression. Ask yourself questions:

  • Do I express myself in a confident way through my personal style?
  • Do I force an image or look that I know, deep inside me, is not the best for my body shape and the way I want to feel in my clothes?

Share with me your views in the comments below!



P.S Would you like to become more FREE in your self-expression through Style? Let's book a FREE Discovery Session with me and I'll help you get clear on what is holding you back and how to overcome it.

In a meantime get my 10 STEPS Guide to #Style Confidence in which I will talk you through essential tips on how to unfold a Personal Style that feels right and allow you to be your best true self.

Dress for Confidence!

Dress for Confidence!

Dress for Confidence


Yes, this is my motto girls!

What gives you confidence in your everyday dressing? It may be showing off your positives, wearing comfortable clothes, creating impact wherever you go or creating a silhouette and proportions that you perceive as attractive etc

STYLE is subjective and only you know what gives you confidence in the way you put yourself together on this gorgeous rainy day in Bristol;-I

To me  it is about dressing to my positives and feeling "me" in the clothes I wear. Look at the pic above. Wearing long sleeve shirt and basically covering the slimmest parts of my body and no accessories would make me feel very invisible, very bland. THIS IS NOT ME! Contrary to it, on the right pic I feel 100% myself. I show off my positives, cleavage, ankles, wrists and I accessorize to give the look my own unique edge! And this is confidence ladies;-)

Today I would like to encourage you to put yourself together and make your look your own, think of what you like about your body, what you would like to show and dress to those positive characteristics. What type of person are you? Friendly, cool, modern? Show those traits via style, let people see what you are about!


And don't give people other choice but to notice you, be a magnet!

I will be talking about it and show you loads of style tips and encouragement at my upcoming style workshop! So if you want to make the most out of your gorgeous body and who you are and show people what you are about and attract them to your best true self, join me on 28th Jan, 6.30pm for 2.5 hours Style Evening and let's rock your confidence girls!


Do you want to feel confident and true to yourself in your personal style and need a helping hand, fresh perspective, inspiration on how to feel truly great in your clothes and the way you look? Then book FREE Online Style Discovery session and let's chat!
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How to plan your stylish you

How to plan your stylish you

Reclaim your style
Reclaim your style

How come that I have so much enthusiasm and energy (most of the time) to put together nice and stylish looks every day?

Guilt, blame, laziness, procrastination, comparisons – dump those bad habits as soon as you can to release the right positive attitude with putting an effort to your everyday look!

Sounds simple, but not so easy. You need to really want this change ladies for yourself first, before you can be your better self to your children, partner, friends etc. I had to make a decision one day to make an effort and forced myself every day with the new routine of looking good regardless of my mood or a pimple on my face. No lazy clothes for tired faces, no bad hair because I am too tired to wash them in the morning, no chipped nails because no one will notice (as they will!)  and so on. ) Again, if you want to, you will always find excuses! But this is not a winning attitude and will never be.

So make this decision first. For example start from 1 week trial and promise to yourself that every day for the first week you will use your time, whether you have 15 mins or 2 hours in the morning to get ready and look good. If you know your mornings are manic with children then be proactive, prepare your outfit the night before. No laziness, force it girl! I did this and I got into amazing habit of doing it now automatically, without thinking. I have reprogrammed my mindset for RESULTS I wanted to achieve. Starting point is about thinking of those results, your GOAL.

If you don’t know why you would want to look good then this article is not for you. This is for a woman who knows how looking good makes her feel happier, more confident, aligned with who she is and empowered.

So, having a decision in mind will lead you to act towards it. Think of this as something you “promise” to yourself, as your new target and then act upon it. You may think about visualising how you would like to look every day in your current lifestyle. I am not telling you to visualise you glammed and dressed up if you need to be on a school run next day. Whatever is realistic. Your goal needs to be smart (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely).

  1. Set up a GOAL
  2. Visualise it
  3. Act upon it EVERY DAY
  4. Reality catches UP!
Smart Goal-mine
Smart Goal-mine

Let me give you an example to help you get started. Use present tense as if you had already reached your goal.

It is 1st June 2016 and I feel really good with my own personal style. I dress stylishly and effortlessly every day and feel confident and happy with my appearance.

I have a coordinated wardrobe with pieces that are easy to mix and match. The clothes fit me well, are comfy and suit my personality and busy lifestyle.

I review my wardrobe regularly before the start of each season, and then go shopping only for clothes and accessories I know will complement my existing clothes. I add some new inspiration pictures to my Pinterest Style Board every month to aid my creativity and evolve my style sense. I observe on a daily basis how clothes make me feel. I am mindful of my mood and every day put myself together to reflect it, who I am supposed to be that day and what I am doing that day. Every day I complement my outfit with nicely combed hair and make up. I tell people genuine compliments and say “thank you” whenever I receive any.

Every day I celebrate who I am and allow myself to have lazy days sometimes to maintain healthy and positive balance.

Girls, create your own specific goal, visualise it and act regularly to make it happen. There is really no further philosophy in this. It is totally normal to have moments of hindering, it is natural for any journey in life, including your style journey. Think about where you are now and what you would like to have instead.

If you need  help and inspiration with making it happen book with me a FREE GOAL DISCOVERY SESSION.

Good luck!