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Festive Style in Jumpsuit

Festive Style in Jumpsuit










Hi lovely! Are you in the festive mood yet?

December is just round the corner and this means all shops will now stock more and more Festive wear. Yes, December is a festive time!

Time for Xmas Parties, family gathering, Xmas dinner, Boxing day Sale, New Years Eve and lots of good food, sparkles and stylish, festive outfits! Time for planning your Festive Wear;-) If you cannot think of anything cool, flattering and stylish that you could wear please consider a JUMPSUIT.

They come in different styles, cuts and fabrics but they are all very stylish and elongating on all body shapes. So here is a quick guide for you to help you decide which styles may suit your body shape better.

What are your 3 best body bits, hmm? When deciding on how to wear a jumpsuit think about what parts of your body you want to accentuate . For instance, if you own a defined waist it is easy to guess that any waist enhancing styles and belts will be great for you. If you dislike your tummy but have great legs, think about wearing a great pair of sparkly or red eye-catching heels that will draw attention to your pins and away from your tummy bits. If you like your hands why not wear an elegant cocktail ring , it makes all hands look younger! A nice sparkly bag will always get noticed when you hold it around hips and can balance out a heavier torso.

Not happy about your thighs and hips? Ok, I am sure your upper half is beautiful, great posture, nice bosom, cleavage, face, hair etc. Enhance those bits! Detract attention from your lower half if you are really self-conscious and lift an eye up by wearing a statement necklace, beautiful make up or earrings as these are your positives! Thighs, what thighs?

Think about the fabric too. Most styles this time of the year will be Polyester/Viscose mix which is good for "holding" the shape. If you are more of an hourglass shape choose fabrics that mold to your curves gently and avoid  boxy looks.

Ok, let's have a look at what styles I've found in John Lewis :-) The beautiful lace jumpsuit is so chic and fun. Accessorize it according to your style and aesthetic preferences and always remember about drawing attention to your best bits!


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All jumpsuits are currently available at John Lewis.

Need some inspiration or further advice on which style suits you best? Feel free to email me and I'll be happy to help!

My best,