Hey Gorgeous!

Do you like Lindt Chocolates? The round chocolate balls with delicious filling? Yum! What about the box? Pretty cool and certainly noticeable, encouraging you to stop and take interest, buy and then fall in love with the blissful taste!

If chocolates are delicious but wrapped in an average package that does not represent the unique value and that precious taste, how are you ever going to notice them on the shelf ? Plus if they sit at the end of the aisle pushed in between some cheap choccie boxes, no one who is really looking for true quality will stop by.

But why am I talking about chocolates??

Because if you are an entrepreneur you are like those delicious unique chocs that need Personal Style and Brand package in order to be visible and appreciated in a busy competitive world.

You need to wrap your unique personality and your brand message in a package that reflects its value and tell the story in a beautiful way, otherwise you will stay unnoticed like those yummy best ever choccies in a sad box in the back of the shelf.. That's pretty literal heh but well, true!;-)

Many of my clients tell me they  are afraid of being invisible or perceived as average online and offline. They second guess their looks and style and are not sure how they could be seen as more trustworthy, credible and open-minded by their clients without loosing their own quirks and personality.


Visual Brand Storytelling is so much more than just a few nice pics of you in a nice outfit with a cheesy smile, in a studio. It is about presenting the whole Personal Brand that is YOU, the promise of what you will bring to the table, including your brand message, your personality and your confidence in who you are as a person and an entrepreneur.

This is what I have been recently working on with a talented fellow Polish entrepreneur, Lidia who is a Visual Brand Guru in Bristol ( I was doing a Styling part for this project and Lidia did the visual brand strategy and photography.

Want to see the whole story behind the projects? Check it out HERE.

Gosia xx

P.S We have just launched this collaboration service so if you are an entrepreneur and want to stand out with you Personal Brand Story online and have a brand and style overhaul done in a most effective way, then get in touch by emailing me ( or tel 07903316394.