How I Took My Style To The Next Level

It all started on that one day when I was in Poland, visiting my family... I was looking nice. A pair of tailored jeans, a nice simple top and a lovely scarf. Nice make up, styled hair and a smile on my face. It was probably 7 years ago..

My sister visited us for a dinner with her boyfriend and the moment I saw her I thought "She looks sensational". She was wearing a beautiful skirt, colorful, an interesting cut. She paired it with a simple top that synchronized with her skirt beautifully but far from a conventional color combination, there was something very graceful and  sophisticated about the way she looked, not conventional, not literal, simply UNIQUE. She added a leather jacket, quirky haircut and boots.

I instantly felt so ordinary and so invisible, so normal. Gosh, to look and feel just NORMAL was awful, simply horrible to me. I literally felt bland in something I thought 5 min earlier I looked pretty good in. How come?

There was one thing that moment changed in me- it has awakened in me the desire to define my own style rather than stay undefined, “normal” and just fine.
— Gosia

I wanted to step up, instantly, not necessarily because I didn't know my value on the inside but because I have always been a "go getter" woman, a woman who strives for more, who doesn't like to settle for "fine", a woman who wants to prove to herself she can be exceptional and she can look and feel exceptional.

My mum has injected in me the self-care attitude. She has always looked after herself, self-grooming, clothes etc. But it is my sister Joanne who took the whole Style to the next level, she took it from ordinary to an extraordinary.

And she has inspired me so much that the next step was...Style Hustling!  Like you would hustle in business or at work I was hustling with my Style, trial & error, trial& error, getting pissed off, frustrated, guilty, thinking of what I will wear next day to work to impress my co-workers or friends. 

Personal Stylist Bristol

Shopping, refunds, too many clothes, headache, feeling shit, feeling great, feeling stylish one day, feeling "meh" another day. Absolutely ridiculous!

But with time this hustle has paid off! I have made it!

People admired my sense of style. They complimented me, asked for advice, I was even called by my boss the "Resident Stylist" at my workplace. It felt good, flattering.
It felt AWESOME!!!
I have crafted a collection of clothes that I love, that make sense so much that when I look at them I see my identity, all works like in a puzzle, all elements can be put in so many ways, it gives me smile every time I open a wardrobe (almost every time, let's get real!) and it makes me so self-assured that there is always, ALWAYS something I can wear and it looks unique to me.

Because this is how you want your wardrobe make you feel, unique in a way defined by you.

Then I hit the glass ceiling...

I realised I was not doing it for myself but for the goal in itself.I am a hustler at heart and realised that I forgot to nurture the most important person, Gosia, HER. I forgot to build her worth on the inside and the confidence I have gained externally didn't fill my soul. The key element was missing - a self-love! Although clothes helped me massively in self-acceptance, the self-worth is much much deeper stuff.

It is only until I did NLP Coaching with the best coach ever ( I can give you his number if you want) I truly understood what makes me unique and beautiful - simply ME. I understood that clothes will not make you beautiful for yourself if you don't appreciate the beauty of you on the inside.

Style is a state of your mind.

It is feeling worthy and valuable and dressing this feeling.
It is knowing yourself very well and dressing this knowledge.
It is loving yourself and adorning your beautiful self to show this value.

Asia & Gosia #sistersfun

Asia & Gosia #sistersfun

And  today when I am celebrating my 35th year on this planet I am proud to feel this way. And I want to make more women feel most unique, worthy and beautiful they can as long as they want it for themselves!

I want you to celebrate who you are and see your Personal Style as something that accentuate this value! You deserve to look special and feel special. If I have ever lost the drive to develop and "own" my own style I would loose an opportunity to feel so special.


My most important takeaway in this journey.


Do you know what the great self-respect feels like?
I hope you do because I wouldn't want you to miss out on that and on the extremely positive impact this has on your life, business, people, clients, your family, loved ones and YOU.

Lots of Love,

Gosia x

P.S Would love to hear about your Style Journey. What you have learned, who has inspired you, how this has affected your life and how you feel about yourself today.
Just click, say "Hello Gosia, I am... and when it comes to my Style..." and let's chat!;-)))