Summer Capsule Wardrobe (2)  

Hello Summer??

Yes, it's almost here! Warm weather, Sun is shining and rain is pouring. We are definitely heading toward very exciting time of the year for many- BRITISH SUMMER!! Time to do your Wardrobe Detox, pack away all irrelevant coats and knits (if you have not done it yet) and keep in your wardrobe only items that are relevant for this Spring/Summer season. Donate any outdated styles, frumpy jackets, worn out tops, tired looking trousers, jeans and bottoms and start fresh with STYLE!

I am a passionate believer in the concept of "Looking better with less clothes". Since ditching my 9-5 job I literally stopped spending any money on clothes ( minimal heh;)) and this has opened my eyes on what truly brings joy and happiness in my life- which is living it meaningfully, without too many clothes I don't really need and with more focus on what really is important in life. Clothes, my dear, will not give you happiness;)

The less you own the more clear you see what defines you, what are the true components of your style. Now, I am not saying that fashion is bad, it is fun 100% but after years of experimenting with fast fashion, buying for fun and for happiness now I strive to be a conscious shopper and do it with a better control rather than swimming in the ocean of consumerism and fast fashion impulse purchases.

I LOVE to be in control of my wardrobe and my  life and who doesn't? Aren't you fed up with those piles of clothes in your wardrobe, and "nothing to wear" syndrome? Wouldn't it be better to have a simple, super functional and coordinated wardrobe that gives you multiple stylish outfits in under 5 mins whatever the occasion ?


I understand that we all have different budgets. Some women stay within New Look/ ZARA, some within Whistles and others enjoy the luxury of Harvey Nichols. This is all good and what's really important is to know what you are doing with those clothes and how you manage your wardrobe.

So today I would like to show you an example of a Capsule Wardrobe based on 13 items in my chosen Colour Theme and on High Street mid market retailers.

Step 1: Choose a Colour Scheme

Rust Summer


My Capsule Wardrobe will be based on 5 colours: Rust, Salmon(ish), Grey (Blue-ish), Navy and White.

Step 2: Find items you like in the chosen colour theme

I have gone for: 6 Tops, 2 Bottoms, 2 Dresses, 2 Pairs of Shoes and a Bag. This is a starting point. You can always keep adding more items as you start creating outfits.



Rust Summer Capsule

Step 3: Create Outfits!

Rust Summer2


Rust Summer 5


Rust Summer4

Rust Summer1

Rust Summer3

Here are 18 examples of different outfits created from 13 pieces. Imagine how many more outfits you could create simply by adding more accessories (shoes and jewellery) and completer pieces (blazer, biker jacket etc);  a couple of scarves, a cross body bag and a pair of white jeans will give you at least 15 more outfits.  And you can keep doing it providing that each item gives you min 3 outfits in your wardrobe. As long as you stay within planned colour theme you will not get lost, I promise! Of course you may want to create another small capsule wardrobe within another colour theme and that's ok. Within your closet you may have a number of small capsule wardrobes for each purpose, eg work wear, casual wear etc. The most functional wardrobe, however, is when you wear all your clothes across seasons and occasions;)

The above example shows Summer Casual looks ( holiday, urban, daytime and also evening). If you add a biker jacket or a light duster coat you can make it more suitable for colder summer evenings etc. It's all about your preferences and creativity girls!

Gosia x

P.S If you need a helping hand with creating your Capsule Wardrobe either from scratch or by complementing and maximizing what you've already got get in touch and we can start creating a perfect & stylish wardrobe for you!;-)

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