There isn't really any exact formula on putting together clothes stylishly. We all have different clothing personalities and what may look amazing on you might not look that great on me.

Knowing that items fit. Knowing that the styles are right. General feel and mood that clothes give you, make up? Think about it...When was the last time you felt great about the way you look. What made you feel this way?

To me it is about wearing clothes that meet my vision for the day. It really isn’t always about the conventional fit. I can shorten my silhouette sometimes and that’s fine,  I don’t always have to accentuate my waist even though this is one of my positive characteristics. As long as I look and feel cool, comfy and stylish I am happy & confident for the rest of the day. Make up and hair is a must have for me and I know that I feel so much more confident about myself if my face is “done”.

When getting ready yesterday for work ( I was doing Personal Style advice all day at one of the retail shops in Bristol) my main objective was to look smart-casual & COMFY but not overdressed. I love wearing blazers with cool tshirts, I love contrast. Knowing and understanding what I feel good in and how this will work with my plans for the day is a very reasonable way to plan your outfit.

Having said that, I am not one who plans her outfits the night before. This is because I know myself too well - this rarely works, haha ;) I dress for my mood, whether it is mirroring the mood I am in on that particular  day or creating a mood I want to be in. Sometimes I have to plan outfits as I have no access to my bedroom and my wardrobe ( sleepy hubby) and this is annoying for the obvious reasons.

I think what makes the process even more easy, without a doubt, is a cohesive wardrobe in which clothes work together. The time for having too many clothes and too much headache is behind me (ufff..) and without a functional wardrobe, lets be honest, I would not be able to allow myself to dress for my mood. I think it would simply take too much time and drive me crazy.

What are your dressing routines?

Do you plan your outfits a night before?

Do you dress as per your mood or this does not affect you at all?

Would love to know your habits, your tricks and approach. Please write down in comments how you do it.

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