Does your Personal Style at workplace have anything to do with taking your career to the next level?

Let’s start from defining what a next level means to you. Let’s say you are a single lady, HR Professional who has been working in your company for a couple of years, you like your job, it is quite interesting, not too boring and you feel you have gained great skills over the past years in your position and you really want to advance your career now, speak to your boss about pay rise and have a confidence to do so. But there is one thing that holds you back –your style.

You very often wear classy trusted shift dresses, some cardigans, maybe skinny jeans but overall you don’t feel that your image and style says anything specific about you, you don’t feel you stand out and believe that if you could refine your style a bit, sharpen it, add an edge to it, you will have not only more confidence in your own body and appearance but actually in your abilities to go for that promotion or a pay rise.

Let’s get clear here. I am not saying that clothes replace your value, they don’t. I am not saying that without great style you cannot get that promotion.

What I am saying is that you can upgrade yourself and your level of confidence. You are your best visual asset and what you need in order to get that career advancement is the overall confidence in YOU = the whole package, talented and confident women inside and out.

Being in tune with your own style and image at work will help you grow in such confidence in your own skills and abilities. Result -> you will believe more in yourself and, as guys would say, have balls to step outside your comfort zone and grab those great opportunities ahead of you.

Your personal style (or lack of it) shows to your employer your own attitude you have toward yourself. Showcase a great sense of self, the reflection of what you are worth, be your own best cheerleader and a walking advertisement for your personal brand, soon promoted to your dream role ;-)!!


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Hope to speak soon gorgeous!

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