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How does the stress affect your everyday sartorial decisions on what to wear?

Many of you busy mums, entrepreneurs, professionals deal with stress often. Hectic business life, family and work demands is not going away; it is all about how we deal with it.

When it comes to style, it is so easy to slip into the habit of wearing "lazy clothes" when we feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed out.

When we go this way it is a guarantee that we will feel pretty much same for the rest of the day. But hey, you have another option- dress well regardless of your bad mood and stress. The result - more energy, more enthusiasm, more beauty, more style!

You know how looking put together shifts your energy levels, self-esteem and how you behave among people, and the good news  is that you can turn the uninspiring outfit from "meh" to "yeah" in an instant with those small tweaks!

#1 Add a belt and a lipstick to look more put together in seconds

#2 Add a cool vibe with a trendy slip on shoes and a masculine watch

#3 Add some fun to your look with an eye-catching shoes

#4 Add a scarf to your bag

#5 Add a colourful bag

Have a fabulous and stylish season!


Photo Credit:Visuable


P.S Style DNA Program is my solution to a stressful wardrobe that says "I have noting to wear". If you want to take your style, wardrobe and image to the next level and  feel great and confident, well dressed even if you are stressed then get in touch and let's chat to see how we can work together.

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