You may have mirrors in your bedroom, bathroom, living room or hall. You may be getting a glimpse of how you look by checking the top half and then climbing on the bed/toilet to see the bottom view; maybe you use a glass door to check your look with ;-)?

A FULL LENGTH MIRROR is a must have tool in your every day stylish life ! If you see only a part of you in the mirror you might never find out that things were out of proportion, colours didn’t go together, skirts were too long, tops were hitting you in the worst possible place etc  Everything may look fine on the bottom half, everything may look great on the top half, but if you could see both halves together you may discover how unflattering clothes look in the middle! The full length mirror will basically give you a better objective view on your proportions and shape, you will see the WHOLE OUTFIT and the WHOLE PICTURE of you.

Be aware of what impact accessories or footwear have on your whole ensemble,  see how the length of the top or skirt may win or kill your look and proportions. It can really change the way you dress for the better and you will be able to see what you actually look like! :-)