Are you saving clothes for Special Occasions?
Isn't life too short to wear nice clothes on special occasions only?

You see when I work with my clients I always encourage her to step up with her style, try new outfit combinations, add some creativity, new twist, make the most out of her clothes and accessories! Because STYLE is a process, a journey of self-discovery.

If you are not open minded with your style then you may seriously miss out on some valuable learning and "aha" moments which we all love.

Let's say you always wear patterned tops for your nights out with your girlfriends. Those tops are elegant and chic but not too dressy to wear daytime. But for some reason you think that it is an item reserved for a Special Occasion only and you wear it maybe once every month (or two).

Isn't it a waste of money to wear something so rarely? And waste of a potential of your Style?

If my client says: "This top is too special to wear for work", I say, "You are Special and life is too short to save clothes for Special Occasions only. Your style and taste develops with your mindset, mood, lifestyle and who knows how these affect your style needs in the future. Try to downgrade your special occasion pieces to a day wear (where possible) and be more creative with the new ways of pairing such items with your more casual pieces, why not sharpen your everyday office look; if the dress code is smart casual at your work take advantage of it!

What about wearing that nice top with a ponte blazer for a day look or a business networking event or pairing it with a skirt or trousers you may have never thought of wearing before. What about accessories?!

I LOVE making the most out of my client's wardrobe and create Eureka moments;)

Gosia is a true professional, amazing at what she does, but a warm approachable person too which helps massively in feeling comfortable with the process. She opened my eyes to whole new aspects & opportunities in my wardrobe, hence appreciating what i already have rather than feeling i wanted to buy a whole new one. She understood me as a person, what i wanted to achieve and took time to find out about my lifestyle, which in turn led to a truly successful and worthwhile session. I would highly recommend her!Kelly H

Imagine you go on holiday. Do you stay around a hotel during your entire trip? Not even trying to explore other opportunities? I believe not. You want to make the most out of your holiday, EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, maybe LEARN new things about the culture, places, history. This helps you grow, helps you have the a one of a kind experience. If you would never leave your hotel you will never be able to find out more about what's out there for you and how this can change your perspective.

See your wardrobe and style through the same lens.

Stay open minded and don't be afraid to grow your style, try new outfit combinations, add a different character to your "safe" pieces. You never know what you may discover about yourself ;-)



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