Shop with confidence try on clothes with confidence

“I look horrible, nothing fits me…”

“Does my bum look big in this? “

“I have “wrong” body for all those beautiful clothes….”

“Oh my.. I did not realise I am 2 sizes bigger “

 and so on…

Does it sound familiar to you? Women tend to criticise themselves for not looking good enough to try on certain styles, cuts and very often they even avoid shopping for this reason. But the best way to find out if garments fit and make you look great is by..trying them on!

So how you can make this experience more enjoyable?

Acknowledge the following:

Clothes are wrong, NOT YOU.

Women come in different sizes and shapes so don’t blame yourself for being any particular one. If one cut is not flattering you fill find another one that looks great on you. Clothes cannot make you feel sad, their role is to make you look and feel great!

#  Forget about size labels

...and focus on fit. No two women have same shape, even if they are same size. Sizing varies from retailer to retailer. Always consider alterations!

#  Follow your instinct

...and do not always rely on someone else’s opinions, eg shop assistants. Know your likes and dislikes and what impact you want to create. Wear what suits you and your personality!