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15 Ways To Wear Grey Skinny Jeans

15 Ways To Wear Grey Skinny Jeans

Photo credit:  Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

I love skinny jeans!

If I could hear myself 8 years ago saying that I wouldn't believe it. I used to wear boot-cut style that made me feel frumpy somehow, and when I decided to give skinny jeans I fell in love with them! 
This piece has become my friend for life!

The right pair of jeans should be like your best mate. They will support you, make you feel great about yourself, hug you, accentuate your best features and make you feel lovely whenever you need that comfort. 

Jeans should feel like a second skin to you, comfy and flattering.The only way to find which suits you, is to try, try, try, and then try on some more.

What I love about skinny vs boot-cut jeans is that you can wear them with more voluminous or oversize elevated tops, blouses, sweaters, tunics yet maintain the balance in your body proportions. They look amazing with heels, boots, brogues, pumps and you can style them in numerous ways. 

Most of us would have in our wardrobes a pair of skinny jeans, and if you don't, I suggest you make a space for them in your closet. One pair of boot-cut jeans out, one pair of skinny jeans in, hah!

There is no look you cannot create with the right jeans. 

Let me show you some smart-casual options straight from my own closet!

Video 1: How To Style Grey Skinny Jeans In Monochromatic Way


Video 2: How To Style Grey Skinny Jeans In Colorful Smart-Casual ways.

How to create outfits with grey skinny jeans


How to style skinny jeans
Skinny Jeans Outfits
Skinny Jeans outfits
How to wear skinny jeans
Skinny Jeans Outfits
Skinny Jeans Outfits

Where To Buy

GAP, ZARA, Mango, Top Shop ( the best!) and practically everywhere. Try on, try on, try on! Let them skim your curves and accentuate that lovely body of yours in all the right places!!

THE fit

Denim has a varying degree of "give" in it, everything from jeggings to structured and rigid. The more stretch, the less flattering on curves. The stretch will allow more room for your lovely body, whereas a rigid denim will hold you in and flatter more voluptuous figure. Look at 1-2% elastane in the denim composition for optimal fit, for better quality jeans you can allow 5%. 

Look after them

Most jeans only need to be laundered every five or six wears. Do not put them in the dryer or on the radiator. Wash them in cold water, inside out, them hang them up to air dry.


How do you wear your skinny jeans? Are you like me and find them super stylish and versatile to wear from day to drinks? 

Outfit ideas with grey skinny jeans

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What to wear this Xmas? 10 Stylish Festive Outfits.

What to wear this Xmas? 10 Stylish Festive Outfits.

Are you Style ready for this Magical Xmas Season?

Want to look and feel fabulous in your festive outfits?


Got ya! December is such a sparkly, positive party month. Whether we like it or not this festive aura is everywhere so why not embrace it! 

This last month of the year is for us to reflect on what we have achieved in our life, career and businesses. Give yourself a high five and a big hug for your strength, determination, focus and hard work in 2016. December, my loves is for you to celebrate your beautiful self, cherish those beautiful moments with your family, friends, fellow entrepreneurs and everyone who have  supported you this year on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Let this sparkly atmosphere be shown in your everyday festive outfits!

I have for you some simple Yet  "Wow"  outfit ideas that take you from Xmas drinks to New Year looking and feeling totally great:-)

Let's get started!


Outfit #1

Easy smart-casual festive look, perfect for pre-Xmas drinks in the evening with your besties. Dress up your casual skinny jeans with sleeveless knitted top and a velvet jacket. Add a statement necklace and your fav ankle boots, and rock it girl! 

Xmas Outfit with jeans


Outfit #2

Get ready for a Xmas Eve by stepping up your style a bit! Think of an interesting tone on tone look, ie beige/ neutral/ camel colours jazzed up by creative pick & play with textures, fabrics and patterns. Think shiny + mat; solid + pattern; neutral + bold. It is accessories that are the cherry on the cake here;-)

Xmas outfit red heels


Outfit #3

Xmas Day! Now is the time to wear that fabulous lace skirt hanging in your wardrobe lonely and unworn. Pull it out and if you feel it is "too dressy" for a family Xmas dinner then pair it with your cozy roll neck top in a beautiful colour. Accessorize with dangling earrings and your sparkly silver heels. You look fab lady! 

Xmas outfit pencil skirt lace


Outfit #4

If you want to move into the evening Xmas drinks with some proper "WOW" factor and feel more dressed up and sexy then jump into a frock that makes you feel this exact way. Think of any asymmetric cut, unusual forms and bold colours. Opt for a statement dress and simple accessories. Festive Chic! 

Green dress outfit


Outfit #5

Let's kick start Boxing Day with some layering! Pull out your classic black leather look skinny jeans and a button up white fitted shirt. This is an awesome base for adding more layers. Think of n embellished, sequin, sparkly or velvet cami as a layering piece over your fitted white blouse. 

Play with textures, eg embellishment + fur OR sequin + cotton. Small details always make a great impact so don't forget to add a unique cocktail ring or a bracelet to accentuate your elegant hands. Sparkly creative!

Leather look jeans outfit


Outfit #6

Let's do more festive mixing & matching! Pleats, sequin, fur and suede in one outfit, ahh the more, the merrier girls!;-). A red colour on your lips and a glass of red wine in your hand, can you see what I see?;-)

Midi Pleated skirt outfit Xmas


Outfit #7

Ok, by know you may feel tired of those dressed up glamorous looks but still want to keep the festive sparkly mood in your casual day look. Pair your sequin statement tee and a knitted cardi for a super stylish daily glam look. Don’t forget the lipstick! 

Knitwear and sequin day look


Outfit #8

New Years EVE time! Look *Smokin' Hot* in the all black look. Tailored black trousers + lace cami+ velvet blazer. This is the look that turns heads as long as the woman who wears it knows how to own it. Yes you can gorgeous!

Black New Year's Eve Outfit


Outfit #9

New Years Eve- *Smokin' Classic*. Opt for a navy dress with some shiny embelisments or bling and go simple with the earrings. The classic diamond earrings is all you need to create that chic impact. Simple accessories that complement rather than compete with the dress is what you need. 

Navy dress Xmas Party Look


Outfit #10

New Years Eve- *Smokin' Statement*. If you are going to a fancier party and want to create a great impact then a dress like this one from Coast will do the job. Accessorize it with silver diamond earrings and a clutch bag in a similar colour. Look at the shapes and textures in the dress, then choose accessories that fit in. For instance, the skirt has some geo shapes, wide diagonal blocks and asymmetric hem hence I choose geo earrings that match the lines. When it comes to a bag, I think of the clash so that we don't end up with all over shiny look. I suggest you offset this "sleekness" by adding a textured jewelled bag.

What to wear to New Years Eve


Where to Shop

The key clothing items (tops, dresses, skirts) in each outfit collage are from John Lewis, available now. You can access all outfit sets on my Style Pinterest Board too.

There are many shops that stock some fabulous shoes, bags and accessories to complement your frocks and skirts so check out Top Shop, Joy of Clothes Oliver Bonas, COS, House of Fraser.


Want more ideas on how to sparkle up your Xmas outfits? Check this out:

If you fancy receiving more style tips that boost your confidence in yourself and your image then sign up to my bi-weekly style newsletter to receive some stylish love! 


Gosia x

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What to Wear on Tuesday. Outfits Inspiration.

What to Wear on Tuesday. Outfits Inspiration.


Hello Style Optimizer!

Did you wake up with the dilemma of what to wear today?

I have for you today some ideas on how to look super stylish and super simple, from work to pub!

Let's focus on basic colours and timeless forms, the basis of minimal, casual yet oh so modern style. Formal joggers in crepe are such easy style to dress up and down thanks to the fabric. If the joggers were made of jersey it would be a different story. You just cannot go wrong with basic, yet nonchalant contemporary tshirt. Both, basic tee & black crepe joggers are your Tuesday outfit basis.

Let's see the first outfit idea- WORK OUTFIT

Add a bit of chic edge to this basic combo by pairing it with a sleeveless jacket. trendy heeled sandals and a leather bag. Simple jewellery will accentuate the minimal character of this outfit.


When you leave work, do you have a mass of things to sort out? You can easily swap your heeled sandals into a comfy and trendy espadrille and you could run around city with ease and style! You can start from shopping, then a coffee with your friend. If you have had a chance to be at home you could swap your bag into a cute rocksack that will add an extra cool edge to the combo.

Are you planning a relaxing drink in the evening or a party outdoors?
Team your tshirt and joggers with black biker jacket to keep warm, swap your shoes to casual clogs and add more braceletes and...a bold lipstick! Stronger makeup and extra accessories will turn your basic combo into more evening look. Do not force elegance, it is about effortless yet stylish "cool".


Have a Stylish Tuesday!


P.S Check out my Facebook Group Style Compass for more Style Inspiration! In my work as a Stylist I focus on versatile approach to style and wardrobe so if you feel this is something that your wardrobe is lacking then you may be interested in my Style DNA Program.


3 Criteria To Use When Creating A #VersatileWardrobe

3 Criteria To Use When Creating A #VersatileWardrobe


#Versatile Wardrobe

It is a wardrobe indeed. But it is not just a wardrobe with versatile pieces. Think outside the box, it is a life changing approach, a way to make your life more simple, more meaningful, more nurtured and more successful. Sounds over the top? Look at the graphic below and honestly judge your style and wardrobe in the scale 1-10. 1 (1-very unresourceful; 10-#versatile & resourceful wardrobe).

If it is any less than 9 then there is a big room for an improvement.

Webinar-Wardrobe Lab

3 Criteria To Use When Creating A #VersatileWardrobe = Resourceful Wardrobe

  1. Pieces that you can wear over and over again but each time looking like it was a totally new ensemble.
  2. Pieces you can Mix & Match
  3. Pieces you can dress up/down

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that meet those criteria? Let me show you GINGHAM Style with GINGHAM SHIRT;-)

#1 Wear it over and over again

My collage


From casual day out in town to city chic lunch with friends, or a daytime business meeting through to a more dressy version suitable for cocktails in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the Summer Eve. You can wear this shirt over and over again because it is a classic piece, a timeless piece, it will never go out of fashion. It is also super functional- you can pair it with jeans, dress pants, denim skirts, pencil skirts, tube skirts, circle skirts, oh wow you call it!

#2 Mix and Match with different colours and patterns




Collage 2

#3 Dress it Up & Down


Where to buy it


Gingham shirts come in different shapes and cuts, from thinner oversized styles ( great with shorts or skinny jeans), casual straight cut or more tailored through to very fitted and corporate styles.

It is all up to your lifestyle needs, body shape and fit preferences when deciding which one you should get.

Check out ASOS, M&S and J Crew. Love the selection that J Crew offers. The styles include front-tie (great for skirts and high waist trousers/ jeans).




Enjoy your Gingham Style!;-)

Gosia X


P.S Want to read more about how to create a #VersatileWardrobe, where to start creating your ideal closet and how to get style savvy? Sign up to my newsletter HERE and receive a free Style eBook, great tips and updates on my upcoming challenges in my Style Compass Facebook Group.

There is more you can do if you want to take your style and image to the next level - join my Style DNA Program and learn how to create a stylish woman you want to be.

What an Unresourceful Wardrobe does to you Entrepreneur!

What an Unresourceful Wardrobe does to you Entrepreneur!

What is an unresourceful wardrobe?

It is a wardrobe full of confusion as to what to wear, what is appropriate or not, guilt for those expensive, unworn mistakes hanging in your wardrobe, self-criticism when putting on clothes that just don't look right, random clothes that give you a headache and rather "meh" feeling. A wardrobe that makes you question how successful you are, your organisational skills  (cluttered wardrobe) and a sense of who you are. It gives you more stress, requires more maintenance, decision making, more shuffling around and a waste of time, energy and effort. A wardrobe full of clothes that don't make you look and feel as confident (well, maybe only 30% of them) as you could be. This very often means lost opportunities to impress your potential clients, to capture their attention and back up your brand identity.

Is that a wardrobe of a successful entrepreneur you are/want to be? 


THE VERSATILE WARDROBE = A Wardrobe with the purpose

It is a collection of timeless, versatile pieces which suit your body shape, personality, lifestyle, preferences TODAY. You would normally create it within a specific colour theme, for instance around 3 neutral colours and 2 accent colours so that pieces can be mixed and matched easily and worn interchangeably for different occasions ( see an example HERE). It is practical, simple and offer a lot of advantages. It saves you a great deal of money but it also saves you valuable time and effort, and who knows better than you entrepreneur how precious your time and image are. We have a never ending to do list that we hardly can catch up with, constant stress, reassessing your business ideas, models, ideal clients, finances, very often sleepless nights, ongoing business networking events, pressure to look the part and convey most cohesive image on the line YOU-Your Personal Brand.

As you know 55% of peoples' initial perception of you is based purely upon what you look like (research by University of California), the remaining 38% (vocal) and only 7% are the words we actually use. How ridiculously important is that! This statistic is crucial in terms of how you develop your style and how your clients perceive you.

Fine feathers make fine birds

You are what you wear and, whether you want to admit it or not, people judge you on your looks and personal image, this is how we are designed..and this is what we see first. Hence the image that doesn't back up your brand message can make your potential clients disregard what you offer and skip onto someone whom they see as contemporary, chic and stylish vs traditional, unappealing, bland.

Colourful outfits show that you are vibrant, imaginative, energetic, original and approachable. But wearing too many colors or expressive prints at once can take attention away from YOU, the entrepreneur, and instead give the impression that you don't take your position seriously. Over-glamorous looks and bold colour contrasts may be seen as too "in the face" for more vulnerable clients you want to approach as a Coach etc.

I do believe it is all about finding a fine balance, being Yourself and taking responsibility for your personal style. Your personal image is not about being someone you are not or replacing the value you provide to your clients; it is about backing it up and making your client feel reassured that you have it all and are the best choice for them.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Can you think of how your potential clients judge you when looking at what you are wearing and your personal grooming? Think of three words that describe your Personal Brand. How would you dress to project those exact words, in the form of clothes and personal grooming?

If you don't know where to start then I make it for you super easy in my Style DNA program. Would you like to know what's that? Click HERE and make a first step to boost your brand and image this year!

My best,

Gosia x

How a versatile wardrobe affects your life

How a versatile wardrobe affects your life


How many times  last month did you open a wardrobe and stare into it thinking  "I have nothing to wear!"?

How happy have you been about your style and appearance recently?

The older I am the more simple life I want to lead. Less clutter, less clothes and more self-awareness, more connection with my body and soul and with people around me.

In recent years, and especially when I became an entrepreneur, I reevaluated my wardrobe needs and learned about the art of looking better with less clothes and having a crystal clear definition of what my style really is about.

Gone are the days when I would go shopping after a boring day at work to cheer myself up and buy clothes for happiness. Gone are the days when driven by a beautiful colour or style of an item in a window shop display I would buy on impulse. Gone are the days when I would spend evenings thinking and analyzing most impactful outfits for the next day at work..ehh Gone are the days when I would compare myself to other women and feel not good or attractive enough.

What did I do? I reduced my wardrobe to items I really love, complemented it with items that give me multiple outfits, started to live a more conscious life, shop consciously and value my time more.

What do I have instead?

More space in my wardrobe for clothes that deserve to be there, uncluttered sight and uncluttered mind, positive self-image, more money in my bank account to spend toward my Personal Development (rather than silly impulse purchases), more time to work on my business, more time to enjoy a delicious coffee in the morning (rather than hustle with outfits), more time for things that matter (family, exercise, meeting new people, smile), more control over my life.

Can you see how it all started in my wardrobe? You can start creating your whole new, fresh and conscious approach by making some changes to your wardrobe. So many women underestimate the importance of having a practical and stylish wardrobe and a professional image, they procrastinate seasonal reviews, don't give a thought as to what they really look and feel good in, what image they project, and don't see that a conscious wardrobe is not just  about clothes but about the lifestyle.

It is the same approach as with being fit and healthy. You either make it a lifestyle choice or not. Style is not a destination, healthy and fit body is not a destination- it is all a state of mind :-)

What's next? Edit your wardrobe, get an objective and honest view on what you should keep and what can go, what clothes can be up-styled to give you a chic and modern look and which will only leave you with a frumpy image; figure out what items are missing to complement your clothes and which shops you can find them in; how to create a wardrobe that says "I have plenty to wear"?

If you are not confident to do it on your own know that I am here to help you, if you want.

Join other women who decided to change their lifestyle for better, starting from their style and wardrobe.

Karen"I have had a fantastic wardrobe session with an inspirational and enthusiastic Gosia today I have struggled with my self image for what seems like ever. I had worked in a male dominated environment for over 20 years and hid my femininity for an easy life. It has been hard for me to express myself through fashion but now I own my own business I realise how important my personal branding is to get my business where I want it to go. I was in a need of a professional style make - over. Enter GS Styling! Gosia picked through my wardrobe and honestly told me to throw away my 10 year old skirts, my jeans that didn't fit, my favourite grey trousers - they just were not me. And I agreed. She showed me how to make many, many new outfits by adding a few accessories to what was left and suddenly I had tons of new outfits! I hardly recognised myself, even though they were my clothes. I didn't think it was possible, to have a new wardrobe in a just a few hours. Now I can't wait to go shopping next week to pick just a few pieces to compliment my new wardrobe! Gosia taught me so much and I am very happy she wrote everything down in a lovely report that I can refer to in the future. Thank you Gosia, in a matter of a few hours I feel transformed from unconfident frump to elegant entrepreneur! What a wonderful skill you possess. I am glad I found I you ;-)  Karen W

See more happy transformations HERE.

Gosia xx

P.S I have just launched my brand new Program called Style DNA in which I take my clients through 3 steps style and wardrobe re-invention process and help her create a capsule wardrobe by maximizing what she's got in her wardrobe and complementing her closet with new key items that will boost her style and confidence evolution!

Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2016

Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2016

Spring Essentials  


We have all seasons in one day here in UK, don't we? ;-)

Sun, rain, wind, sun again and so on. No surprise that we get so confused when it comes to our sartorial choices.

So what to wear this Spring, what to buy to be ready for whatever the weather brings?

I have for you some suggestions based on key jobs I want my clothes to do, which are:




I love the idea of having a collection of key versatile, comfy and stylish pieces that frame my style. Each piece gives me  min 3 outfits in my wardrobe and ideally five. With age and wisdom I have totally reevaluated my needs for clothes. These days I appreciate having a peace of mind coming from having fewer "good friends" I could rely on when it comes to putting outfits together. I love to have a solid base of clothes, shoes and bags and unleash my creativity and expression via accessories and small details, and make up of course!

Each of us is different so be honest with yourself and your wardrobe needs. Are you getting bored when wearing the same clothes over and over again or you find it liberating? Are you an eclectic and edgy chick who always want to play with fashion, try different colours and have fun? Or maybe you are somewhere in between?

If you would love to create a hassle -free wardrobe that gives you peace of mind and confidence in your outfit choices and release more of your precious time for other important things in your life then think seriously about what you spend your money on when going shopping next time. Here are my suggestions..


Where to Shop on High Street for your Spring Essentials

Click on Spring Wardrobe Essentials link that takes you to the Pinterest Wardrobe Collection. Next, click on each image and it takes you directly to high street/online shops you can buy those items from right away! The brands include Mango, ZARA, TopShop, GAP etc





Here are some Staple Pieces in a pastel theme


Spring Staple Pieces- Pastels


Spring Staple Pieces- Pastels  (click to shop)

And some outfit ideas


Spring Staple Pieces- Outfit Ideas

What is really great about any neutral/ pastel base- you can always add colours through make up, nail polish, accessories and bags! Personally I love grey and navy base as it can give you multiple outfits, you just cannot go wrong with that.

We all have different style personalities, though, so for some of you a plain solid base may seem boring, maybe you prefer patterns and bold colour blocking. It is all about knowing yourself, your preferences and what makes you feel confident.

I do believe that if you are not entirely clear on what it is that you want your style to say and how you want to feel in your clothes, what job your clothes should do for you, what (if any) impact you want to create then it is easy to end up buying clothes that you either never wear or wear only a few times (because these are not "you"). Take time to understand your style taste, set up Pinterest folder, distill your aesthetic and then build your ideal style that makes you look and feel your most authentic self.

You may think that your wardrobe is OK but deep inside, you know that you could look so much better, you don't want to pretend anymore to be someone who you are not, you accept your body and want to dress it and your personality in the way that works with you, not against you. You are ready to drive,be in control,  create a wardrobe and style deliberately, no more guessing, drifting, impulse purchases, feeling guilty of spending money on clothes you don't want to wear. You want to be a one chic and sophisticated lady, have her own visible sense of style and a functional, headache-free wardrobe. You want to wake up every morning feeling peace of mind that you can put together an outfit that makes your body look great and makes your style glow. Is that you? Does it sound like you?

Here is what you can do to take your style to the next level===>

If you would like to learn how to create a practical and stylish wardrobe, what key staple pieces to choose that match your lifestyle and personality and are easy to mix&match, how to reinvent your clothes by creating new outfits you may have never though about before and add a new edge to your current style I can help you with that.
Now, you may either brush it off and wait until Spring is finished  or Take Action Now, today and start creating the wardrobe and style that is an extension of you, that delights you!
Click HERE to take action now OR  get a step-by-step guide HERE that will help you understand what your style is about.

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Decide What To Wear

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Decide What To Wear

what to wear  

Do you struggle in the mornings when deciding what to wear? 

Many women (including myself, many years ago) know the feeling of pain & frustration every time we have to decide What To Wear.

We may be busy professionals, busy mums who want to make quick and effective decision on our outfit every morning yet feel great, stylish, comfortable…and empowered! Quite demanding task, isn’t it? I believe that Looking Good Doesn’t Just Happen. It does require a little bit of planning and like most things in our lives, the more you do it the better you get at this!

Very often, those style dilemmas have its source in ourselves, our mindset and body image, and since any long lasting changes in our lives start from within, it is important to think about what has led us to this point. Why have you ended up with the wardrobe that gives you this “headache” rather than joy and excitement every time you choose outfits?

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons…


#1 Wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear

Over the years you have made a solid collection of clothes that may not fit you now, that you don’t like or feel very sentimental about and yet you cannot remove those items as you would feel guilty. And all those expensive mistakes hanging in your wardrobe !

You may think that in order for you to have something to wear you need a new wardrobe. The truth is that, if you remove all those pieces that are not relevant to your current YOU and your lifestyle, that don’t fit you now, you will see more clearly what you have.  And knowing what you have will help you establish what is missing.

If you get bored with clothes quickly, eg you buy one piece, wear it twice and shop for another item you are very likely to end up with the same wardrobe issue. This is syndrome of a person who is looking for a way of self-expression but doesn’t know who she is on the inside. I know from my experience that the more I have grown up in my inner confidence as a person the better my style choices became.


#2  Not enough basic pieces in your wardrobe

Have you got stylish pieces but find yourself wearing them rarely, not sure why? It is very likely that you simply don’t have some good basic pieces you can pair your nice statement skirts or dresses with. A great pair of comfy heels/flats or v neck blouse, a basic tee etc Those basic items should reflect your unique personality and preferences and it is you who needs to feel comfortable wearing them. So don’t get confused when hearing style advice saying that a white shirt is a must have. How can one item fit all women?

Basic pieces normally complement those quality classic items that are core of your wardrobe. We fall in trap of not buying enough of those pieces as we are naturally drawn to more exciting purchases (swooning over some random tops or shoes;-). The quicker I started to complement my classic pieces with the basics the more functional my wardrobe became and I could wear all of my clothes and not only a small portion of it).


#3 Your clothes don’t meet your current priorities

You may have nice quality clothes, silky blouses or cotton shirts but those items require regular dry cleaning/ ironing etc which you may be procrastinating and truly prefer to have easy to maintain viscose tops for example. You may have pretty pieces that you bought a while ago to create the impact but now you prefer comfort over impact.  It is natural that our style evolves since it is a reflection of who you are. Ask yourself a question, “what do I want from my clothes now? “and then go shopping .


#4 Your clothes are not aligned with your current style preferences

For instance you liked your clothes two years ago but now your body has changed (you lost weight, are currently on diet etc) and/or your style taste has changed.

Those ill-fitting items need to be removed from your wardrobe. Of course you need to be realistic as well. You may not be able to suddenly buy all new clothes right away so it is good to consider those small alterations (taking in tops at the side seams, shortening sleeves, sewing on new buttons etc) and adding accessories that will help you to reinvent and refresh current clothes. You will be replacing those items over time but you need to take care of your look and positive body image now, by wearing well-fitting clothes during the transition moments.

#5 Your wardrobe needs organisation

You may struggle to decide what to wear simply because your clothes and accessories are in each corner of your house and you lost your way in knowing what you actually have. You know saying “Out of sight, out of mind” ? Think of organising your accessories and shoes in nice IKEA storage boxes, replacing your wire hangers, separating your clothes for different activities etc.

Solution: Organise Your Wardrobe !

Imagine having a wardrobe full of clothes that make you look and feel GREAT, Imagine the feeling of joy and excitement each time you decide what to wear… Does it feel good?  And my dear readers it is achievable!

Take Action and receive my Free Wardrobe Edit Guide by signing up to my mailing list HERE. Organise your wardrobe in 3 simple steps and get useful tips. Hope you enjoy!


Why you need a FULL  LENGTH  MIRROR



You may have mirrors in your bedroom, bathroom, living room or hall. You may be getting a glimpse of how you look by checking the top half and then climbing on the bed/toilet to see the bottom view; maybe you use a glass door to check your look with ;-)?

A FULL LENGTH MIRROR is a must have tool in your every day stylish life ! If you see only a part of you in the mirror you might never find out that things were out of proportion, colours didn’t go together, skirts were too long, tops were hitting you in the worst possible place etc  Everything may look fine on the bottom half, everything may look great on the top half, but if you could see both halves together you may discover how unflattering clothes look in the middle! The full length mirror will basically give you a better objective view on your proportions and shape, you will see the WHOLE OUTFIT and the WHOLE PICTURE of you.

Be aware of what impact accessories or footwear have on your whole ensemble,  see how the length of the top or skirt may win or kill your look and proportions. It can really change the way you dress for the better and you will be able to see what you actually look like! :-)