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Owning your style in a male-dominated workplace

Owning your style in a male-dominated workplace

Your Personal Style brings out that #bosslady inside you! 

I remember the time when I was working as a Polymer Technologist in a Chemical company in Poland. I had to go to the big production plant every morning and monitor the manufacturing process. A room full of injection molding machines and men doing their work and also starring at me... because I was the only woman there. I had to check up with them how the production was going, what went well or wrong and so on. Then I would work in the office doing admin and market research. I was that young graduate, 25 years old girl who knew nothing about the real life heheh! And this was my first job that related to my MSc degree.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Initially I was a bit uncomfortable with the attention I was drawing when entering a testosterone packed workplace. Soon I noticed I needed to own my space with more confidence and less shyness and turn the fact I am the only woman there into my strength, not a weakness.
I knew my stuff and I didn’t want to be viewed as that delicate sweet girl because no one would take me seriously. On the other hand I wanted to look presentable and feminine and be proud of the job I am doing in this “rough” environment.

I didn't put myself in stiff corporate suits to create a shield, an “armour” that would protect me from the male power hehe! Oh no! It was not about protecting my femininity; it was about looking like a woman with a class. My personal style played such a crucial role for me in how I created that right perception at workplace.

I didn’t want to sacrifice my style, my lovely dresses, skirts, heels and so on. I had to find a sartorial balance between looking put together and stylish in the office and then on the production plant. I would wear midi skirts, opaque tights, ankle boots and some fitted (not clingy!) tops, scarves, necklaces, co-ord suits ( oh not boring corporate masculine armours, rather, fitted pencil skirts, short waisted jackets etc) and dresses. And I loved the fact I looked classy yet feminine. The fitted clothes that flattered my shape rather than hiding it gave me a great confidence to own my job role as a technologist.

The masculine environment did something unique to my mindset and attitude.
It gave me strength to feel empowered and confident rather than shy and reserved.

I felt respected and the clothes I was wearing helped me massively in forming the right perception of me. A smart, educated lady who is here to do her job the best she can, who listens and learns, who doesn’t think she is better than anyone else, who is frank and kind and who doesn’t underestimate herself, rather believe in herself and her own abilities. Plus she is an attractive woman and why would she ever want to hide it? ARE YOU WITH ME LADIES?

If you know how to look and feel stylish and confident in your clothes and dress to create the positive smart impact then you become that #bosslady you are at heart.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

You start as a shy person but your clothes and grooming bring those fabulous qualities of yours and empower you to be even better. The rest- you see yourself through a different lens, you talk differently, you walk differently and you speak with confidence.

Now, if I could imagine covering myself up in some shapeless cardis and ordinary tshirts to “hide” how would that affect what I think of myself on the inside and what other people think of me? Answer: I would never be able to forge as I did, got that promotion at the workplace to travel to international trade fairs and speak to investors, meet great people and leave that positive impact. The confidence I found through clothes enabled me to believe in myself more, speak loudly about my ideas and see myself a a #bosslady. This is the power of your Personal Style! Never ever think of clothes as just clothes, make up as just make up and hairstyle as just hairstyle. This is your Empowering Kit!


Gosia x

P.S If you are a go-getter woman, unsure of how to dress your femininity with class and confidence in a true to you way, I got ya!  I want to help you with creating those uber #bosslady looks that help you rock your feminine power at workplace and in business!

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What to Wear on Tuesday. Outfits Inspiration.

What to Wear on Tuesday. Outfits Inspiration.


Hello Style Optimizer!

Did you wake up with the dilemma of what to wear today?

I have for you today some ideas on how to look super stylish and super simple, from work to pub!

Let's focus on basic colours and timeless forms, the basis of minimal, casual yet oh so modern style. Formal joggers in crepe are such easy style to dress up and down thanks to the fabric. If the joggers were made of jersey it would be a different story. You just cannot go wrong with basic, yet nonchalant contemporary tshirt. Both, basic tee & black crepe joggers are your Tuesday outfit basis.

Let's see the first outfit idea- WORK OUTFIT

Add a bit of chic edge to this basic combo by pairing it with a sleeveless jacket. trendy heeled sandals and a leather bag. Simple jewellery will accentuate the minimal character of this outfit.


When you leave work, do you have a mass of things to sort out? You can easily swap your heeled sandals into a comfy and trendy espadrille and you could run around city with ease and style! You can start from shopping, then a coffee with your friend. If you have had a chance to be at home you could swap your bag into a cute rocksack that will add an extra cool edge to the combo.

Are you planning a relaxing drink in the evening or a party outdoors?
Team your tshirt and joggers with black biker jacket to keep warm, swap your shoes to casual clogs and add more braceletes and...a bold lipstick! Stronger makeup and extra accessories will turn your basic combo into more evening look. Do not force elegance, it is about effortless yet stylish "cool".


Have a Stylish Tuesday!


P.S Check out my Facebook Group Style Compass for more Style Inspiration! In my work as a Stylist I focus on versatile approach to style and wardrobe so if you feel this is something that your wardrobe is lacking then you may be interested in my Style DNA Program.


How Personal Style Helps You Grow in Confidence At Work

How Personal Style Helps You Grow in Confidence At Work


Does your Personal Style at workplace have anything to do with taking your career to the next level?

Let’s start from defining what a next level means to you. Let’s say you are a single lady, HR Professional who has been working in your company for a couple of years, you like your job, it is quite interesting, not too boring and you feel you have gained great skills over the past years in your position and you really want to advance your career now, speak to your boss about pay rise and have a confidence to do so. But there is one thing that holds you back –your style.

You very often wear classy trusted shift dresses, some cardigans, maybe skinny jeans but overall you don’t feel that your image and style says anything specific about you, you don’t feel you stand out and believe that if you could refine your style a bit, sharpen it, add an edge to it, you will have not only more confidence in your own body and appearance but actually in your abilities to go for that promotion or a pay rise.

Let’s get clear here. I am not saying that clothes replace your value, they don’t. I am not saying that without great style you cannot get that promotion.

What I am saying is that you can upgrade yourself and your level of confidence. You are your best visual asset and what you need in order to get that career advancement is the overall confidence in YOU = the whole package, talented and confident women inside and out.

Being in tune with your own style and image at work will help you grow in such confidence in your own skills and abilities. Result -> you will believe more in yourself and, as guys would say, have balls to step outside your comfort zone and grab those great opportunities ahead of you.

Your personal style (or lack of it) shows to your employer your own attitude you have toward yourself. Showcase a great sense of self, the reflection of what you are worth, be your own best cheerleader and a walking advertisement for your personal brand, soon promoted to your dream role ;-)!!


P.S If you would like to feel more confident at work with your own Personal Style and take your career and self to the next level then you may be interested in checking my Style DNA Program in which I help you create a contemporary and versatile Style that will upgrade your confidence levels and self-actualize you.

Hope to speak soon gorgeous!

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