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Are You Drifting or Driving?

Are You Drifting or Driving?

Drifting or Driving  

Are you second guessing your look and outfit almost every day, not trusting your outfit choices, always looking for approval from your husband, friends, colleagues? Do you lack clarity on what really suits you, your personality, body shape and your general vision of yourself? Does the never ending shopping experiments and constant drifting in the fast fashion leave you feeling more confused and frustrated rather than confident?

Now imagine how great it would be to be a crystal clear on what your style is about, how to dress your body, a hassle free wardrobe with fewer clothes and more outfits, having less and looking better,have a wardrobe that is easy to navigate and that gives you a sense of control and freedom of expression! This is what I help my clients with, taking her from unknown to certainty, from drifting to driving, from under control to in control, from “who’s that?” to “that’s me!”

Speaking from my own experience, self-knowledge is power! I am passionate about showing women what can be achieved, mentor them to expand their knowledge and grow their confidence in their own pace and toward desired end results.

Are you ready to take action and learn more about yourself? Are you ready to be your best TRUE self?

Then join me at my Style Workshop on 28th Jan, this Thursday! and get a taste of what ‪#‎StyleConfidence‬ is about. I have no doubt you will enjoy it!

Take action and book your ticket here

Hope to see you soon,


Style Workshop- Behind the Scenes

Style Workshop- Behind the Scenes


Hello lovely!

Last Wednesday I run my first (and definitely not last!) Style Workshop in Bristol, yey:-) Very, very pleased about doing it, meeting lovely mums and dare to say adding a positive value to their life!

Let me tell you more about it...

Why workshops?

I love the idea of bringing people together, sharing views, connecting together on the basis of common experiences and peoples'willingness to learn more about themselves. I created this Style Workshop with the purpose to give women positive and motivated mindset to evolve their individual style and feel more confident in the clothes they wear every day.

The most important element in looking and feeling great is... YOU. Understanding what you are about, your likes and dislikes, style preferences, personality determine everything else. Once you get more clear on your style expectations and what you really want to achieve from your style, it is so much easier to navigate in the world of style and so much easier to feel more confident about yourself. I am truly passionate about the change from within, hence a big part of the workshop focused on your understanding of your unique style. I was also talking about body shapes, clothing styles and how to dress your best bits as well as those less good ones.



Have you heard about SOLAR shop? It is a recently opened store in Bristol, based in Clifton Down Shopping Centre.  I was demonstrating their clothes and accessories which are very versatile, good quality, modern and elegant. To me, this brand adds a fresh air on the British retail market, offering something a bit different, more unique. Love beautiful colours and accessories, especially long pendant necklaces great for adding style to your outfits in super easy way.

If you carry weight around your tummy and midsection and/or feel you don't have a very well defined waist, girls, this shop is for you! Many of their tops finish mid tummy which is most flattering length on all of us, giving an illusion of a flatter stomach, exposing more of your leg line and so easy to layer with many simple necklaces. Many of their styles are made from cotton and viscose, so comfy breathable fabrics, easy to maintain especially for busy women. Great cardigans, co-ord sets and dresses too.

They have lots of dresses and tunics that follow a natural Apple shape line, more cocoon-ish style, tapered at the bottom. With my very impartial opinion (even though it is a Polish brand;) I can definitely recommend the clothes for any lady who love effortless elegance and simple yet unique aesthetic.

Solar Bristol

At the moment you can order only from the Polish website but I believe a UK one will be launched soon. Why not visit store in Clifton Down Shopping Centre if you have a moment and have a look?


Here is what some of my participants have to say about the workshop:

Gosia was very friendly and full of positive, warm advice that I will take with me on future shopping trips. I feel that I can now bring my ideal style, with a brand new capsule wardrobe, to life. I highly recommend Gosia's advice. Louise Blackmore

Great workshop to ease myself into the world of style. As a new mum I am really finding it difficult to find myself again and this workshop is a great starting point for me to do exactly that. Tanya Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It was delivered in a relaxed and friendly style and Gosia talks so knowledgeably about her subject in a way that gets you totally involved and engaged. Thank you! Helene Jewell

Gosia's workshop was a brilliant experience. She was really knowledgable and engaging and really passionate about bringing style back into our lives. I left feeling full of positivity and excitement about getting a sense of 'me' back again. Georgina Hunt

Next step, I am planning more workshops in 2016. My mission is to make style easy and achievable for every woman as I truly believe it is! Whether you are a mum, single professional or entrepreneur these workshops are for you, for modern women who want to look and feel great!

Style is a journey and it does not happen overnight, hence I thought about the idea of bringing the style to you in the format of 4 bitesize 2 hour workshops. The Style Compass Series is about building your Style Confidence through self-knowledge, so here is the plan:

  1. Know and understand your personality & preferences ( the core of style =YOU)
  2. Know your body shape & how to dress it (recognize your body shape, most flattering clothing styles, creating balanced proportions, putting outfits together)
  3. Know how to make style your own (all about accessorizing and creating your unique signature look)
  4. Know how to create a perfect and functional wardrobe (creating a capsule wardrobe, easy and effortless style, wardrobe maintenance etc)

How does this sound, ladies?

You will be able to sign up for particular workshops of your interest or the whole series. I am now working on the content and would love to know your wishes and ideas. I want to give You solutions and answers to your issues and questions.

Email me & tell me what boxes I can tick for you girls and I will shape my offerings to meet your needs.

I have a great offer coming in now right before Xmas! 

How about buying yourself an experience and treating yourself this time of the year, or you can ask your partner to buy you a Gift Voucher this Christmas? Take a look at my vouchers here and what I have to offer here. Would love to work with you :-)

All the best!