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How to rock your festive midi skirt look

How to rock your festive midi skirt look

Can you believe it's December already?!

There's really no better time to dress up than this holiday month. Weeks of parties, events and special occasions, but also of family time, relaxation and reflection.

Today I would like to share with you some easy styling ideas on how you can start creating your festive December looks!

Here is the one I have created a couple of days ago ;-)

Personal Stylist Bristol

Love, love, love Midi Skirts. They are my favourite statement piece from season to season, especially in December!  I can step up a bit with the sparkles and textures and add more fun and creativity to my daily looks! What about you?
Here I am giving you some ideas on how you can style such pleated sparkly midi skirt ( the one I wear is from ZARA, should be still in shops).




5 Outfits that will transform you to a festive #Bosslady!




Some more outfit inspiration from Pinterest Style Board.

Personal Stylist Bristol
Personal Stylist Bristol

   Photo Credit: Pinterest

Best shops to buy Festive Midi Skirts:



Keep warm and stylish!


Gosia x

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Step into Summer with small intentional wardrobe

Step into Summer with small intentional wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe (2)  

Hello Summer??

Yes, it's almost here! Warm weather, Sun is shining and rain is pouring. We are definitely heading toward very exciting time of the year for many- BRITISH SUMMER!! Time to do your Wardrobe Detox, pack away all irrelevant coats and knits (if you have not done it yet) and keep in your wardrobe only items that are relevant for this Spring/Summer season. Donate any outdated styles, frumpy jackets, worn out tops, tired looking trousers, jeans and bottoms and start fresh with STYLE!

I am a passionate believer in the concept of "Looking better with less clothes". Since ditching my 9-5 job I literally stopped spending any money on clothes ( minimal heh;)) and this has opened my eyes on what truly brings joy and happiness in my life- which is living it meaningfully, without too many clothes I don't really need and with more focus on what really is important in life. Clothes, my dear, will not give you happiness;)

The less you own the more clear you see what defines you, what are the true components of your style. Now, I am not saying that fashion is bad, it is fun 100% but after years of experimenting with fast fashion, buying for fun and for happiness now I strive to be a conscious shopper and do it with a better control rather than swimming in the ocean of consumerism and fast fashion impulse purchases.

I LOVE to be in control of my wardrobe and my  life and who doesn't? Aren't you fed up with those piles of clothes in your wardrobe, and "nothing to wear" syndrome? Wouldn't it be better to have a simple, super functional and coordinated wardrobe that gives you multiple stylish outfits in under 5 mins whatever the occasion ?


I understand that we all have different budgets. Some women stay within New Look/ ZARA, some within Whistles and others enjoy the luxury of Harvey Nichols. This is all good and what's really important is to know what you are doing with those clothes and how you manage your wardrobe.

So today I would like to show you an example of a Capsule Wardrobe based on 13 items in my chosen Colour Theme and on High Street mid market retailers.

Step 1: Choose a Colour Scheme

Rust Summer


My Capsule Wardrobe will be based on 5 colours: Rust, Salmon(ish), Grey (Blue-ish), Navy and White.

Step 2: Find items you like in the chosen colour theme

I have gone for: 6 Tops, 2 Bottoms, 2 Dresses, 2 Pairs of Shoes and a Bag. This is a starting point. You can always keep adding more items as you start creating outfits.



Rust Summer Capsule

Step 3: Create Outfits!

Rust Summer2


Rust Summer 5


Rust Summer4

Rust Summer1

Rust Summer3

Here are 18 examples of different outfits created from 13 pieces. Imagine how many more outfits you could create simply by adding more accessories (shoes and jewellery) and completer pieces (blazer, biker jacket etc);  a couple of scarves, a cross body bag and a pair of white jeans will give you at least 15 more outfits.  And you can keep doing it providing that each item gives you min 3 outfits in your wardrobe. As long as you stay within planned colour theme you will not get lost, I promise! Of course you may want to create another small capsule wardrobe within another colour theme and that's ok. Within your closet you may have a number of small capsule wardrobes for each purpose, eg work wear, casual wear etc. The most functional wardrobe, however, is when you wear all your clothes across seasons and occasions;)

The above example shows Summer Casual looks ( holiday, urban, daytime and also evening). If you add a biker jacket or a light duster coat you can make it more suitable for colder summer evenings etc. It's all about your preferences and creativity girls!

Gosia x

P.S If you need a helping hand with creating your Capsule Wardrobe either from scratch or by complementing and maximizing what you've already got get in touch and we can start creating a perfect & stylish wardrobe for you!;-)

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Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2016

Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2016

Spring Essentials  


We have all seasons in one day here in UK, don't we? ;-)

Sun, rain, wind, sun again and so on. No surprise that we get so confused when it comes to our sartorial choices.

So what to wear this Spring, what to buy to be ready for whatever the weather brings?

I have for you some suggestions based on key jobs I want my clothes to do, which are:




I love the idea of having a collection of key versatile, comfy and stylish pieces that frame my style. Each piece gives me  min 3 outfits in my wardrobe and ideally five. With age and wisdom I have totally reevaluated my needs for clothes. These days I appreciate having a peace of mind coming from having fewer "good friends" I could rely on when it comes to putting outfits together. I love to have a solid base of clothes, shoes and bags and unleash my creativity and expression via accessories and small details, and make up of course!

Each of us is different so be honest with yourself and your wardrobe needs. Are you getting bored when wearing the same clothes over and over again or you find it liberating? Are you an eclectic and edgy chick who always want to play with fashion, try different colours and have fun? Or maybe you are somewhere in between?

If you would love to create a hassle -free wardrobe that gives you peace of mind and confidence in your outfit choices and release more of your precious time for other important things in your life then think seriously about what you spend your money on when going shopping next time. Here are my suggestions..


Where to Shop on High Street for your Spring Essentials

Click on Spring Wardrobe Essentials link that takes you to the Pinterest Wardrobe Collection. Next, click on each image and it takes you directly to high street/online shops you can buy those items from right away! The brands include Mango, ZARA, TopShop, GAP etc





Here are some Staple Pieces in a pastel theme


Spring Staple Pieces- Pastels


Spring Staple Pieces- Pastels  (click to shop)

And some outfit ideas


Spring Staple Pieces- Outfit Ideas

What is really great about any neutral/ pastel base- you can always add colours through make up, nail polish, accessories and bags! Personally I love grey and navy base as it can give you multiple outfits, you just cannot go wrong with that.

We all have different style personalities, though, so for some of you a plain solid base may seem boring, maybe you prefer patterns and bold colour blocking. It is all about knowing yourself, your preferences and what makes you feel confident.

I do believe that if you are not entirely clear on what it is that you want your style to say and how you want to feel in your clothes, what job your clothes should do for you, what (if any) impact you want to create then it is easy to end up buying clothes that you either never wear or wear only a few times (because these are not "you"). Take time to understand your style taste, set up Pinterest folder, distill your aesthetic and then build your ideal style that makes you look and feel your most authentic self.

You may think that your wardrobe is OK but deep inside, you know that you could look so much better, you don't want to pretend anymore to be someone who you are not, you accept your body and want to dress it and your personality in the way that works with you, not against you. You are ready to drive,be in control,  create a wardrobe and style deliberately, no more guessing, drifting, impulse purchases, feeling guilty of spending money on clothes you don't want to wear. You want to be a one chic and sophisticated lady, have her own visible sense of style and a functional, headache-free wardrobe. You want to wake up every morning feeling peace of mind that you can put together an outfit that makes your body look great and makes your style glow. Is that you? Does it sound like you?

Here is what you can do to take your style to the next level===>

If you would like to learn how to create a practical and stylish wardrobe, what key staple pieces to choose that match your lifestyle and personality and are easy to mix&match, how to reinvent your clothes by creating new outfits you may have never though about before and add a new edge to your current style I can help you with that.
Now, you may either brush it off and wait until Spring is finished  or Take Action Now, today and start creating the wardrobe and style that is an extension of you, that delights you!
Click HERE to take action now OR  get a step-by-step guide HERE that will help you understand what your style is about.

A ‘gut’ instinct you should not ignore when shopping for clothes

A ‘gut’ instinct you should not ignore when shopping for clothes

go with your gut feeling - advice or motivational reminder on a vintage slate blackboard

How often do you shop for clothes just to find out, after trying it on at home, that it is not working?

Let me tell you a story...

I have recently gone to Cabot Circus with my hubby to buy some stuff for him and very quickly my eyes spotted a lovely print dress in one of the stores. I loved the colours and the cut and did try it on, why not, especially that my husband was also trying on a lot of stuff. And then I was amazed, I loved the dress, the cut, shape, silhouette, pretty much all. I could see it wearing on many various occasions, good value for money etc. And in the strong shop light it just looked great. I was pretty excited that I found something I haven't got in my wardrobe yet. My husband did like the dress and actually me in a dress ;-) so next stop was a till and purchase done.

NOW, here is the turning point..

As soon as I left the shop I started to feel a bit uncertain and hesitant about this purchase..hmm where is this coming from?? The dress is cool, but whatever lets ignore it, I am a bit weird sometimes. Then I got home and jump on my laptop doing my stuff and didn't bother to try it on again until next day. Isn't it that we want to try on the clothes we buy right away if we love them so much??

Then, right when I tried it on at home and looked in the mirror I knew that I will not be keeping this dress;-) Funny haha. Why? Well in the day light the colours didn't look that good ( bloody shop lights) but what was most important - the dress didn't really give me the silhouette I admire so much and I felt a bit curve-less even though the geo patterns added definition to my more angular body shape.

Knowing how I want to feel in my clothes and what shapes I like to create on my body gave me a totally positive and confident reaction to the whole experience. I was not angry or frustrated with the fact that I need to return the dress but cool and chilled as I just reconfirmed with myself what aesthetic and silhouette I am looking for in the way I dress.


I basically have impression that my inner "gut" was telling me that this was not gonna work but I chose to neglect it and didn't give it a thought. And it makes me think that we should really listen more to our inner feelings.  If you buy something and then subconsciously second guess it then this means that the choice you made was not good.

If an item that you buy doesn’t make you feel right don’t keep it, don’t waste money only because you think that you have no time to do shopping again and have to buy something now. This way you settle for less, this way you settle for “meh”.   Feeling uncertain, hesitant is the reflecion of your inner thought about it and I am so happy to learn that my initial feeling after I left the shop proved this concept is very true.

Years ago I would most likely keep the dress even though I felt 70% in it, I would say to myself “That will do” and then wear it maybe twice and look for something new. A bit ridiculous but this is what many women do and that’s how we end up with wardrobes full of clothes yet “nothing to wear”.

So when it happens to you that you buy a clothing piece, loved it in shop but don't feel convinced when trying it on at home- don't keep it! Do think what is it about this dress or a top that is not working for you, learn from it. So that next time, when this happens, you will be smiling, knowing that you reconfirmed what your inner "gut" was telling you.

What are your shopping habits?

Do you decide to keep clothes even though they don't make you look and feel your best?

Feeling guilty of "wrong" purchases?

Check out my #Style Confidence Guide and improve your Self-knowledge in 10 easy steps. Then go shopping, buy less, choose well and listen to your "gut";-)

Feel confident in the fitting room

Feel confident in the fitting room

Shop with confidence try on clothes with confidence

“I look horrible, nothing fits me…”

“Does my bum look big in this? “

“I have “wrong” body for all those beautiful clothes….”

“Oh my.. I did not realise I am 2 sizes bigger “

 and so on…

Does it sound familiar to you? Women tend to criticise themselves for not looking good enough to try on certain styles, cuts and very often they even avoid shopping for this reason. But the best way to find out if garments fit and make you look great is by..trying them on!

So how you can make this experience more enjoyable?

Acknowledge the following:

Clothes are wrong, NOT YOU.

Women come in different sizes and shapes so don’t blame yourself for being any particular one. If one cut is not flattering you fill find another one that looks great on you. Clothes cannot make you feel sad, their role is to make you look and feel great!

#  Forget about size labels

...and focus on fit. No two women have same shape, even if they are same size. Sizing varies from retailer to retailer. Always consider alterations!

#  Follow your instinct

...and do not always rely on someone else’s opinions, eg shop assistants. Know your likes and dislikes and what impact you want to create. Wear what suits you and your personality!