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Who has inspired me to step up in my Style

Who has inspired me to step up in my Style

How I Took My Style To The Next Level

It all started on that one day when I was in Poland, visiting my family... I was looking nice. A pair of tailored jeans, a nice simple top and a lovely scarf. Nice make up, styled hair and a smile on my face. It was probably 7 years ago..

My sister visited us for a dinner with her boyfriend and the moment I saw her I thought "She looks sensational". She was wearing a beautiful skirt, colorful, an interesting cut. She paired it with a simple top that synchronized with her skirt beautifully but far from a conventional color combination, there was something very graceful and  sophisticated about the way she looked, not conventional, not literal, simply UNIQUE. She added a leather jacket, quirky haircut and boots.

I instantly felt so ordinary and so invisible, so normal. Gosh, to look and feel just NORMAL was awful, simply horrible to me. I literally felt bland in something I thought 5 min earlier I looked pretty good in. How come?

There was one thing that moment changed in me- it has awakened in me the desire to define my own style rather than stay undefined, “normal” and just fine.
— Gosia

I wanted to step up, instantly, not necessarily because I didn't know my value on the inside but because I have always been a "go getter" woman, a woman who strives for more, who doesn't like to settle for "fine", a woman who wants to prove to herself she can be exceptional and she can look and feel exceptional.

My mum has injected in me the self-care attitude. She has always looked after herself, self-grooming, clothes etc. But it is my sister Joanne who took the whole Style to the next level, she took it from ordinary to an extraordinary.

And she has inspired me so much that the next step was...Style Hustling!  Like you would hustle in business or at work I was hustling with my Style, trial & error, trial& error, getting pissed off, frustrated, guilty, thinking of what I will wear next day to work to impress my co-workers or friends. 

Personal Stylist Bristol

Shopping, refunds, too many clothes, headache, feeling shit, feeling great, feeling stylish one day, feeling "meh" another day. Absolutely ridiculous!

But with time this hustle has paid off! I have made it!

People admired my sense of style. They complimented me, asked for advice, I was even called by my boss the "Resident Stylist" at my workplace. It felt good, flattering.
It felt AWESOME!!!
I have crafted a collection of clothes that I love, that make sense so much that when I look at them I see my identity, all works like in a puzzle, all elements can be put in so many ways, it gives me smile every time I open a wardrobe (almost every time, let's get real!) and it makes me so self-assured that there is always, ALWAYS something I can wear and it looks unique to me.

Because this is how you want your wardrobe make you feel, unique in a way defined by you.

Then I hit the glass ceiling...

I realised I was not doing it for myself but for the goal in itself.I am a hustler at heart and realised that I forgot to nurture the most important person, Gosia, HER. I forgot to build her worth on the inside and the confidence I have gained externally didn't fill my soul. The key element was missing - a self-love! Although clothes helped me massively in self-acceptance, the self-worth is much much deeper stuff.

It is only until I did NLP Coaching with the best coach ever ( I can give you his number if you want) I truly understood what makes me unique and beautiful - simply ME. I understood that clothes will not make you beautiful for yourself if you don't appreciate the beauty of you on the inside.

Style is a state of your mind.

It is feeling worthy and valuable and dressing this feeling.
It is knowing yourself very well and dressing this knowledge.
It is loving yourself and adorning your beautiful self to show this value.

Asia & Gosia #sistersfun

Asia & Gosia #sistersfun

And  today when I am celebrating my 35th year on this planet I am proud to feel this way. And I want to make more women feel most unique, worthy and beautiful they can as long as they want it for themselves!

I want you to celebrate who you are and see your Personal Style as something that accentuate this value! You deserve to look special and feel special. If I have ever lost the drive to develop and "own" my own style I would loose an opportunity to feel so special.


My most important takeaway in this journey.


Do you know what the great self-respect feels like?
I hope you do because I wouldn't want you to miss out on that and on the extremely positive impact this has on your life, business, people, clients, your family, loved ones and YOU.

Lots of Love,

Gosia x

P.S Would love to hear about your Style Journey. What you have learned, who has inspired you, how this has affected your life and how you feel about yourself today.
Just click, say "Hello Gosia, I am... and when it comes to my Style..." and let's chat!;-)))

Do you "own" your own Style?

Do you "own" your own Style?

Do You "Own" Your Own Style?

I have always wanted to be happy about what I see in the mirror and with time I have learned I want more than just looking nice, just looking stylish...I wanted to FEEL I "own" my Style.

You see nice clothes, fashion, self-grooming help in feeling confident about yourself but without any inner work it remains a short-term boost of confidence. I had a time in my life when I was more into fashion than into Style. I went through the process of trial and error, obsessive browsing of magazines and websites looking for fashion inspiration and latest trends, buying clothes, getting bored with them, wasting money. Although this helped me understand my own body shape and taste better I have discovered that "owning" my own style happens on a mindset level and there is no shortcut to achieve this state of mind.

In order to go from looking Stylish to "Owning" your STYLE you need the substance =YOU.

Style Identity starts in your Identity.

You may say "Hang on, isn't it via trial and error that we find our style?" 20% Yes and 80% No.

If you try many things but do not build your self-awareness based on how clothes make you feel and WHY, what feelings certain fabrics and cuts and colours evoke in you and what kind of stuff you are truly drawn into, why you always buy cheap stuff and fall for seasonal trends without thinking, what flatters your body most and whether you are the person who prefers to be "boxed" and operate within body shape or colour rules or maybe love "outside the box" liberating approach etc then how the heck do you expect to learn anything about yourself in the process of discovering your own style "beat"?

It is like with business. If you own a business and only focus on "doing" not "being", not paying enough attention to what lights you up in this business and keep doing all the crap that other people or coaches around you tell you to do without looking within to find what really drives you, not respecting your own rhythm and your deeper vision then you will never find your true "beat" because you let other people form this "beat", you give the power to others, not to yourself.

Personal Style Advice



Start building your self-awareness by looking into your wardrobe today and asking yourself kick-starter questions:

1. What items do I wear the most and WHY do I repeat them
(i.e they're comfortable, easy to maintain, create greatest impact, style or are versatile, it's easier than picking new items etc)?

Over the next 2 weeks take a one outfit selfie every day and ask yourself:
2. Do I see any patterns developing in my clothing choices over those 2 weeks (e.g. similar colours, patterns, silhouettes, style of tops or skirts)?

3. How do I feel about any patterns I have identified in my style? Do I like the consistency or maybe crave for more variety in my wardrobe? What makes me most happy?

Hope you come up with some revealing answers. And if you would like to take your Style and self-awareness to the next level and learn how to "own" your unique style then I would be delighted to help you with that! Just hit and let's chat!

Cookie-Cutter style rules? No, thank you.

Cookie-Cutter style rules? No, thank you.


Photo: Visuable

It all starts with your own definition of Style. What is Style to you? Is it wearing colours, styles and textures that naturally “suit” your body shape and features best? Or is it about the expression of your personality first?

Is your personality too strong to be told what you should/ shouldn’t wear or maybe you see the strength in dressing as per rules as only then you feel you can showcase your personality best?

Is your Personal Style about a healthy balance between those two? It is for me.

I focus on how I want to FEEL in my clothes, my mood, the vision. I know that warm colours bring my face colouring better but does it mean I will wear only those colours because they “suit” me? NO, because I dress to express myself and if certain “recommended” colours make me feel “blah” I will not wear them, however beautiful people think I look in them on the outside.

Freedom Of Expression is at heart of my approach. I show women HOW they can expand their style options without always following any body shape or colour rules. You can make “unflattering” clothes look great on you if you know HOW to do the magic. You can wear any colour you want if you know HOW to wear it, using make up, accessories and right attitude.

You CAN wear any level of contrast you want if your personality will carry it. You can wear any length you want if you know how to balance it out, and so on.

The question to ask yourself is..

What kind of person are you today? The one that need a cookie cutter blueprint for dressing rules or the one who is open minded and ready to put your personality first? Or like me, a perfectly healthy balance of both using HOW, more than WHAT? ;-)

Would love to know your views on that so please kindly share them in the comments below!

Gosia x

P.S Want to expand your Style "HOW"? This is what I passionately teach about in my Style DNA Program. Click HERE to find out more.

Why Personal Style is a way to honor the very person you are

Why Personal Style is a way to honor the very person you are


How can putting on make-up or wearing a pink jacket and accessories make me feel good - it can't. What really makes me feel good about myself is the act of respecting, love and making effort to take care of myself.

You see I didn't wake up looking like that, in fact, I felt less than confident when I saw my face in the mirror that morning. I really have funny times with my skin, especially this time of the month. My critical self-talk sees a pimple, bad hair and round belly and the fact that I fully accept myself doesn't mean that my self-critic is quiet.

But I decide to give myself some love. I see the effort of dressing in cute clothes and putting makeup as an expression of my femininity and self-respect which is a strength in itself.

Personal Style is a tool to bring my best, true self, to stand tall, hold my space and energy within. I don't have to post pictures without  make up and in messy hair to prove my "real" me. The beauty is in your self-image, the value you assign to who you are. I understand my self-concept and do not follow the conventions. I say adorn your worth via graceful personal style, define your own style terms and create your own true version of who you are.

Now, some of you may think that media are pushing through the concept of what beauty is, that makeup free photos represent "real" beauty and so on. With all respect it is a bullshit...

Since when someone decides upon what my self-concept is? Very often we impose on ourselves the versions, concepts dictated not by the desire of our soul but by the vision from colourful magazines, social media and TV shows. Synthetic fashion creates synthetic desires, most likely not aligned with our true nature. It is like wearing clothes in a red colour which highlights all our imperfections only because trends say so.

People are often slaves of conventions..Someone told them they should be this or that, they should wear this or that and so on and they try to be this way till death, not knowing whom they were and really are.

I want to encourage you to be yourself, redefine what "being yourself" means to you. Here are some ideas on how you can embrace yourself through style.

  1. Add some make up. I am not saying 3 layers of make up to cover all your beautiful features. Add a bit of mascara, lipstick, light foundation that makes your skin glow a bit, feels fresh and make you feel younger and healthier. I appreciate there are many women who don't wear any make up because they think they will look like "dolls" etc and they may see makeup as something that kills their natural beauty... What can I say, redefine this, unless you feel amazing with a tired, makeup-free face. I think that unless you are 15 years old and have alabaster skin, no dark circles, glowing complexion, a bit of corrector or even highlighter, blusher brings your beauty out. Stay open-minded.
  2. Accessorize your personality. Express a little more of you via a statement necklace, a beautiful scarf, glasses, bags, fun tights, quirky shoes, headband, hats etc. I love simplicity with character. Simple, clean style with original, non-mainstream accessories. Don't be like everyone else, be unique and bold.
  3. Wear clothes that fit. The colour can be gorgeous and complement your natural skin tone, the fabric can make you feel amazing, the texture can be a pure genius BUT if the clothes don't fit you well-it all goes to the pot! Some women think that if they have their "colours" done they will suddenly look amazing, Wrong. It is not about the colour, it is about the fit, how you accessorize clothes, how you feel in your clothes, how you move and the energy you create when wearing clothes and the way you groom yourself too! It is better to look at how you instinctively feel in your clothes, observe how they drape on your body before you jump on buying something in right colour and nothing else than that. Always consider alterations, find a good tailor and make a measure tape your friend.
  4. Be playful, have fun! It is great to know all the fashion rules, but what is even better is to be smarter than them! I could never classify myself as any one particular shape. I was suggested to wear colours that I dislike and many dos and don'ts that I can allow myself now to not care about! Very liberating feeling that gives me a total control over what I wear and how I wear things. Your body shape is all about proportions and fashion is about finding shapes that fit those proportions perfectly. Style is not about following ill advice that tells you that you cannot wear round prints if you have this or that body shape..ehhh that's good for robots. What about cutting down this noise and focusing on yourself, your own body shape, own unique shape and proportions and then building knowledge to wear clothes you truly want because you know how to use tricks to make any shape and style work for you.

My experience with style, my own personal journey have taught me that dressing well when coupled with internal work gives you a way to express the beauty in you and show the world who you are. At the end of the day the most important person you want to impress, is YOU.


P.S  If you feel confused and lost in your personal style, fed up with the noise out there, ill style advice, one page is telling you this, other page is telling you that and don't know whom to trust and what to buy, I can help you take this confusion away. Style is You, not just clothes, not just colours. If you want to kick start your journey to a happier you and a better self-image then get in touch and let's chat how you can make it happen.

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Be your best self-expression

Be your best self-expression


When do you feel most FREE in your personal style?

What your most FREE, authentic self would wear in the lifestyle you've got, in the environment you spend your time in, in the body you have?

I think you become more free in your self-expression through style if you are more confident and acceptable of who you are.

Let me give you an example...

There was a time in my life that I really wanted to wear short skater skirts. I literally loved the look of wearing those skirts with opaque tights and some cool ankle boots. So I bought a few of them and I was wearing it to my office job. Almost every single time I wore such skirt I had a self-talk in my head saying:

"Do my legs look good in it?; Don't they look too skinny?, What do other people think of how I look in the skirt? Maybe they think..and on and on" Oh gosh...

It is only until I discovered a midi circle skirt that I realised I was trying to wear short skirts not for the reason of experimenting with fashion, but to force a belief that this look is good to me, force my self-acceptance. On the inside I knew that I questioned myself too much and I knew I was not confident about showing may legs like that.

The biggest relief I have experienced was when I bought my first midi circle skirt. It made me feel so reassured that I look great, my legs are good, there is nothing I have to prove to myself or force. Right clothes like this skirt makes me feel like a million dollar and shows my positives that I neglected in the process, like eg my waist. Simple silly thing like a piece of fabric, a skirt changed the whole perspective of how I had been looking at my body till then. I finally could feel 100% myself, confident and not pretending someone who I was not.

A piece of cloth that works perfect on my body, makes me feel feminine, makes me express my true, feminine side, feels chic and effortless. I never felt this way when wearing my short skirts. These were only a trigger of a continuous self talk: "Do I look good enough?".

Do you express your TRUE best self in the clothes you wear?

Self-expression is not only about expressing your personality, your likes, aesthetic but also expressing the way you want to feel in your clothes. If you want to feel confident and effortless find clothes that work with your STYLE and BODY, not against it! Know what gives you a confidence in your clothes.

Dress your body so that your inner voice says "You look great girl!", NOT "Not sure if I look good in it..".

Today I would like to invite you to reflect on this aspect of self-expression. Ask yourself questions:

  • Do I express myself in a confident way through my personal style?
  • Do I force an image or look that I know, deep inside me, is not the best for my body shape and the way I want to feel in my clothes?

Share with me your views in the comments below!



P.S Would you like to become more FREE in your self-expression through Style? Let's book a FREE Discovery Session with me and I'll help you get clear on what is holding you back and how to overcome it.

In a meantime get my 10 STEPS Guide to #Style Confidence in which I will talk you through essential tips on how to unfold a Personal Style that feels right and allow you to be your best true self.

Are You Drifting or Driving?

Are You Drifting or Driving?

Drifting or Driving  

Are you second guessing your look and outfit almost every day, not trusting your outfit choices, always looking for approval from your husband, friends, colleagues? Do you lack clarity on what really suits you, your personality, body shape and your general vision of yourself? Does the never ending shopping experiments and constant drifting in the fast fashion leave you feeling more confused and frustrated rather than confident?

Now imagine how great it would be to be a crystal clear on what your style is about, how to dress your body, a hassle free wardrobe with fewer clothes and more outfits, having less and looking better,have a wardrobe that is easy to navigate and that gives you a sense of control and freedom of expression! This is what I help my clients with, taking her from unknown to certainty, from drifting to driving, from under control to in control, from “who’s that?” to “that’s me!”

Speaking from my own experience, self-knowledge is power! I am passionate about showing women what can be achieved, mentor them to expand their knowledge and grow their confidence in their own pace and toward desired end results.

Are you ready to take action and learn more about yourself? Are you ready to be your best TRUE self?

Then join me at my Style Workshop on 28th Jan, this Thursday! and get a taste of what ‪#‎StyleConfidence‬ is about. I have no doubt you will enjoy it!

Take action and book your ticket here

Hope to see you soon,


Dress for Confidence!

Dress for Confidence!

Dress for Confidence


Yes, this is my motto girls!

What gives you confidence in your everyday dressing? It may be showing off your positives, wearing comfortable clothes, creating impact wherever you go or creating a silhouette and proportions that you perceive as attractive etc

STYLE is subjective and only you know what gives you confidence in the way you put yourself together on this gorgeous rainy day in Bristol;-I

To me  it is about dressing to my positives and feeling "me" in the clothes I wear. Look at the pic above. Wearing long sleeve shirt and basically covering the slimmest parts of my body and no accessories would make me feel very invisible, very bland. THIS IS NOT ME! Contrary to it, on the right pic I feel 100% myself. I show off my positives, cleavage, ankles, wrists and I accessorize to give the look my own unique edge! And this is confidence ladies;-)

Today I would like to encourage you to put yourself together and make your look your own, think of what you like about your body, what you would like to show and dress to those positive characteristics. What type of person are you? Friendly, cool, modern? Show those traits via style, let people see what you are about!


And don't give people other choice but to notice you, be a magnet!

I will be talking about it and show you loads of style tips and encouragement at my upcoming style workshop! So if you want to make the most out of your gorgeous body and who you are and show people what you are about and attract them to your best true self, join me on 28th Jan, 6.30pm for 2.5 hours Style Evening and let's rock your confidence girls!


Do you want to feel confident and true to yourself in your personal style and need a helping hand, fresh perspective, inspiration on how to feel truly great in your clothes and the way you look? Then book FREE Online Style Discovery session and let's chat!
Why not get started now and download Your 10 Steps Guide to #Style Confidence. Don't wait and grab your copy now!

Why Style is not a quick-fix

Why Style is not a quick-fix

Close-up portrait of a beautiful female blue eye
Close-up portrait of a beautiful female blue eye

Why would you want to hire a Personal Stylist?

To review your wardrobe, help you organise your clothes,  create new outfits or find a piece on the high street?

To do a quick-fix job basically, isn't it what we all want in our lives, easy, simple solutions that in a magical way take us where we want to be.

Or maybe to inspire, motivate and support you in feeling aligned and authentic on the top of giving you valuable tools?

Why is it that 10% of people in the world are prone to and achieving a success? Why there are only as many women who look totally great in whatever they put on themselves and so many women spending fortune on clothes and still not getting there?

What is the trick?

Think about a new top or a dress you have bought recently. Does it make you feel gorgeous every time you wear it, does it build your self esteem or does it reflect the worth you already carry within yourself?

If you buy clothes hoping that you will look amazing and people will notice you and this will give you value then you will end up with a soul "debt". This is something I was doing for years when trying to find my style. I was obsessed with dressing well, grooming myself but didn't know my value on the inside. I was living the illusion of building my self-esteem through clothes. And what I've learned is that clothes are meant to be only an extension of my self-respect and self-worth. Hence quick fashion fix is a bull sh*t.

If you don't accept your body, constantly bitching about how big your thighs or stomach is and try to fix it with clothes without working on improving your self-esteem through other channels then it will not give you a long term result. You need to connect the dots between your mindset and the visual in order to find your STYLE. If you know your value on the inside but don't feel confident and attractive in the clothes you wear, there is a friction,  because your visual does not reflect your value and you may not feel authentic.

I experienced a conflict between looking great vs not feeling that great on the inside. Clothes really helped me accept my body but didn't help me fix my self-worth at all. And for years people viewed me as a stylish women but I didnt see myself as a woman with Style because of this one most important missing element- SELF ESTEEM and second guessing myself, self talk  eg I could think in my head:

"What is he or she thinking about my outfit today?" "Does my legs look too skinny in this skirt", "Do they think I look good or crap?", "Have they noticed my new necklace" and on and on, constantly in my head, never ending talk. How bad is that, how exhausting!! How unnecessary.

I managed to build ( and still grow) my self -esteem by really making an effort to look into myself, grow, get inspiration from people, learn the right mindset and only then I arrived to the point of feeling FREE, knowing my worth and use clothes to bring out my true value! Only then I understood what STYLE really means.

Style is a quality, a lifestyle, a state of mind, self-knowledge, self-worth, aesthetic and inner beauty, it is YOU, not just a fashion sense.

If you want to find your STYLE "beat", feel really cool and yourself in the clothes you wear, the way you groom yourself - WORK ON YOUR SELF-ESTEEM ALONG WITH YOUR FASHION SENSE. Don't be fulled that nice clothes is all you need!

The difference between style and fashion is quality. Giorgio Armani

I believe in you girl, you are your own worst critique and your best solution. You are your best resource, make an effort to unfold it and let me help you get the confidence you need.

Call me for a FREE Discovery session this January and I will help you get clear on what is really holding you back, why it is holding you back and how you can grow your self-worth and evolve your fashion sense and build your true unique STYLE .

Portrait of toddler taking his first steps
Portrait of toddler taking his first steps

The trick is in taking small steps to take you where you want to be, not false quick fix solutions. I strive to help women from inside out and currently work on my bespoke style coaching programme to help you achieve long term results.

My best,


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My 2015 Reflections

My 2015 Reflections


How has 2015 been for you? Was it bland, difficult, easy, exciting, challenging, fulfilling, life changing, successful? And what would you like it to be in 2016?

Reflecting on what has happened in 2015 and having awareness of what went good, what went bad and what you could do differently next year is so valuable for setting up your new goals and planning better life with purpose.

To me 2015 was a year of self-discovery and learning… ;-)

Personal Coaching, ditching a safe 9-5 job, place on the Entrepreneurial Spark Programme, meeting amazing people, starting my business, gaining a positive mindset, good vibes and myself back. There were some losses too but I strive to focus on positives and those events have made me feel happier than ever before, fulfilled, authentic and finally breathing fresh air. That’s all worth it!!

That’s just a summary of my 2015 journey and the start was that… I have been holding myself back for far too long by not following my instincts and passion to help women visually build their confidence and positive outlook on themselves. I was stuck in a full time, uninspiring environment, doing the job and some accountancy and legal courses that had nothing to do with what I am about and, if anything, losing my plot.

Waking up every morning feeling happy, free and authentic by doing what I love and what makes me feel ME is what I craved for, and no tangible goal could ever replace or create this value.[su_pullquote]It is and has always been about the mindset and the people you surround yourself with.[/su_pullquote]So I have been thinking of removing myself from the “wrong” environment for a while and I kicked my butt with one of the best decisions in my life – getting a Personal Coach. I have managed not only to get clarity with my life priorities but I have unfolded another dimension within myself. My mindset switched 180 degrees, I gained better understanding of myself and my value, reassurance and have overcome challenges that have been holding me back for such long time. The key, however, as my coach said, was that I was very ready for a change and very receptive and this could only result in taking actions that led me to where I wanted to be. I am so fascinated by the idea of coaching that I completed a course about it and am planning to get qualifications in the next 2 years.

A few months down the line I was ready to make further changes in my life, I met great people and applied for Entrepreneurial Spark Programme and could see what a massive difference a change of environment gave me. I surround myself with like-minded people who understand my challenges, go through similar issues when starting a business and keep me motivated. It is truly amazing experience. Then I quit my safe job, and now wake up every morning with can do attitude, commitment on my new goals and doing my best to be my best brand =authentic, passionate and determined. Giving a value to women and sharing my knowledge and passion to make positive difference to her life is extremely fulfilling and rewarding and I love every minute of it!

This video below (Preloved Chica Show) I did 2 days ago, really makes me smile ;-) Not only because I loved the chat but when I look at my energy I see my better self and want more of it!

I don’t want to think of how I would feel now if I decided to settle for less, compromise, give up and get stuck in a rut…  Life is about expanding your bubble and growing and it is a combination of internal and external work. Dressing well when coupled with internal work gives you a way to express the beauty in you and show the world who you are.

Life is such a journey and there is always a choice to either stay unhappy, just fine or fulfilled in what you are doing. It is your decision in 2016 how you want your life to be and it is so worth to have a positive drive to expand your knowledge, learn from others and evolve your style, grow personally and professionally.

Whatever the theme of your 2016, I sincerely wish you an absolutely magical year ahead, full of discovery and growth. May you achieve all your meaningful goals and enjoy the health, happiness and abundance you truly deserve!

My Warmest Wishes,

Gosia **


How I am (not) planning my outfits every day

How I am (not) planning my outfits every day



There isn't really any exact formula on putting together clothes stylishly. We all have different clothing personalities and what may look amazing on you might not look that great on me.

Knowing that items fit. Knowing that the styles are right. General feel and mood that clothes give you, make up? Think about it...When was the last time you felt great about the way you look. What made you feel this way?

To me it is about wearing clothes that meet my vision for the day. It really isn’t always about the conventional fit. I can shorten my silhouette sometimes and that’s fine,  I don’t always have to accentuate my waist even though this is one of my positive characteristics. As long as I look and feel cool, comfy and stylish I am happy & confident for the rest of the day. Make up and hair is a must have for me and I know that I feel so much more confident about myself if my face is “done”.

When getting ready yesterday for work ( I was doing Personal Style advice all day at one of the retail shops in Bristol) my main objective was to look smart-casual & COMFY but not overdressed. I love wearing blazers with cool tshirts, I love contrast. Knowing and understanding what I feel good in and how this will work with my plans for the day is a very reasonable way to plan your outfit.

Having said that, I am not one who plans her outfits the night before. This is because I know myself too well - this rarely works, haha ;) I dress for my mood, whether it is mirroring the mood I am in on that particular  day or creating a mood I want to be in. Sometimes I have to plan outfits as I have no access to my bedroom and my wardrobe ( sleepy hubby) and this is annoying for the obvious reasons.

I think what makes the process even more easy, without a doubt, is a cohesive wardrobe in which clothes work together. The time for having too many clothes and too much headache is behind me (ufff..) and without a functional wardrobe, lets be honest, I would not be able to allow myself to dress for my mood. I think it would simply take too much time and drive me crazy.

What are your dressing routines?

Do you plan your outfits a night before?

Do you dress as per your mood or this does not affect you at all?

Would love to know your habits, your tricks and approach. Please write down in comments how you do it.

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How to plan your stylish you

How to plan your stylish you

Reclaim your style
Reclaim your style

How come that I have so much enthusiasm and energy (most of the time) to put together nice and stylish looks every day?

Guilt, blame, laziness, procrastination, comparisons – dump those bad habits as soon as you can to release the right positive attitude with putting an effort to your everyday look!

Sounds simple, but not so easy. You need to really want this change ladies for yourself first, before you can be your better self to your children, partner, friends etc. I had to make a decision one day to make an effort and forced myself every day with the new routine of looking good regardless of my mood or a pimple on my face. No lazy clothes for tired faces, no bad hair because I am too tired to wash them in the morning, no chipped nails because no one will notice (as they will!)  and so on. ) Again, if you want to, you will always find excuses! But this is not a winning attitude and will never be.

So make this decision first. For example start from 1 week trial and promise to yourself that every day for the first week you will use your time, whether you have 15 mins or 2 hours in the morning to get ready and look good. If you know your mornings are manic with children then be proactive, prepare your outfit the night before. No laziness, force it girl! I did this and I got into amazing habit of doing it now automatically, without thinking. I have reprogrammed my mindset for RESULTS I wanted to achieve. Starting point is about thinking of those results, your GOAL.

If you don’t know why you would want to look good then this article is not for you. This is for a woman who knows how looking good makes her feel happier, more confident, aligned with who she is and empowered.

So, having a decision in mind will lead you to act towards it. Think of this as something you “promise” to yourself, as your new target and then act upon it. You may think about visualising how you would like to look every day in your current lifestyle. I am not telling you to visualise you glammed and dressed up if you need to be on a school run next day. Whatever is realistic. Your goal needs to be smart (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely).

  1. Set up a GOAL
  2. Visualise it
  3. Act upon it EVERY DAY
  4. Reality catches UP!
Smart Goal-mine
Smart Goal-mine

Let me give you an example to help you get started. Use present tense as if you had already reached your goal.

It is 1st June 2016 and I feel really good with my own personal style. I dress stylishly and effortlessly every day and feel confident and happy with my appearance.

I have a coordinated wardrobe with pieces that are easy to mix and match. The clothes fit me well, are comfy and suit my personality and busy lifestyle.

I review my wardrobe regularly before the start of each season, and then go shopping only for clothes and accessories I know will complement my existing clothes. I add some new inspiration pictures to my Pinterest Style Board every month to aid my creativity and evolve my style sense. I observe on a daily basis how clothes make me feel. I am mindful of my mood and every day put myself together to reflect it, who I am supposed to be that day and what I am doing that day. Every day I complement my outfit with nicely combed hair and make up. I tell people genuine compliments and say “thank you” whenever I receive any.

Every day I celebrate who I am and allow myself to have lazy days sometimes to maintain healthy and positive balance.

Girls, create your own specific goal, visualise it and act regularly to make it happen. There is really no further philosophy in this. It is totally normal to have moments of hindering, it is natural for any journey in life, including your style journey. Think about where you are now and what you would like to have instead.

If you need  help and inspiration with making it happen book with me a FREE GOAL DISCOVERY SESSION.

Good luck!