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Brand UpStyle Case Study

Brand UpStyle - Hali Jafari

Brand UpStyle - Hali Jafari

What is Brand Upstyle?

Brand Upstyle is a complete brand and style overhaul delivered to you by Lidia (Creative Director at Visuable) and Gosia (Soulful Stylist at GS Styling). Together we help you tell the story of your business by closing the gap between online and offline image that you project. It consists of a brand strategy, style advice and a photo-shoot all aimed at inviting people into your world to help them understand who you are, what you are about and how it would be like to work with you.

This way, they will be able to see you and your business in an authentic way and connect with you on an emotional level which in turn will lead to more brand engagement, more trust and more sales. 

Brand Photoshoot Styling

In this Brand Upstyle project we were working with Hali Jafari who is a Health and Lifestyle Coach, helping women find a healthier, happier and truly nourished version of themselves (Truly Nourished). She believes in the power of a "happy" mind in achieving weight loss goals, and she did it herself by losing 11 stones and going from size 26 to size 12. How amazing is that!

I know Hali from the business networking events we frequently attend and I love how honest, direct yet friendly person she is. She wants to help women who are not scared to ask for help and happy to make commitment and stick to it. A totally gorgeous looking diva, always polished and stylish. I knew right away that this woman is right up my street!

She described herself and her brand as Happy, Healthy, Approachable and Confident with a "no bullshit" approach;-) And my job was to help her chose the outfits for the brand photoshoot that bring out the essence of who she is and that sit in the context of her brand vision - to empower women in becoming the happier and healthier version of themselves. In this Case Study I will show you the Styling part of the Brand Upstyle. 

The Style Journey

Brand Photoshoot Styling Visuable and GS Styling


We have kick-started the Brand Styling process with the initial Virtual Style Session during which Hali confirmed her brand message, what style she would like to project to her audience and what she's got in her wardrobe that she would consider wearing on the shoot day.

As we didn't have time to schedule a proper wardrobe session at her place I asked Hali to send me pictures of her key clothes and accessories so that I can pre-select most suitable pieces for the photoshoot.
Next, I gave Hali suggestions on how she can combine those pieces into complete outfits in the context of the planned photoshoot surroundings and we decided on what pieces she should bring with her on the day. 

On the photoshoot day Lidia, Hali and I started the Brand Upstyle with a 30 min icebreaker chat over coffee, getting into the positive and fun mood for the photoshoot experience and discussing the agenda. The plan was to do the photoshoot in four different locations with four separate outfits, one per each location. Half way through we planned a break for lunch + style advice over coffee.

Location #1, OUTFIT #1

Brand Upstyle for HAli Jafari

Our first location was the hairdressers salon featuring quiet contemporary and monochromatic decor. To complement this surrounding and give the sense of a slight sophistication we opted for monochromatic look (black jeans and boots, white elegant top and a chunky silver cuff bracelet) that reflected a chic and modern edge of Hali's personal style. The top was slightly baggy under the arms so I made sure that any fabric excess is neatly pinned up. 

It's the smallest details that make the biggest impact

Personal Brand Upstyle- Styling by Gosia at GS Styling (

Fit says everything about your approach. If clothes don't fit you well it is easy to look frumpy and like "I don't care" person which is not something you ever want to project to your audience. Perfect fit ensures you look put together and communicates diligency, professionalism and trust.  Look how beautiful and sharp she looks!

Brand Photoshoot Styling with Hali Jafari


Outfit #2, Location #2

Personal Brand Styling for Hali Jafari

Yellow says optimism, creativity and personal power.  
How Accurate reflection of Her personality!

I decided that for this location  a yellow top and a grey necklace will complement this surrounding particularly well. The raw brick wall and a leather sofa share the common tan hue which complements very well the warm yellow tone of Hali's top, whereas the neutral cold grey hue of her necklace corresponds perfectly with textured wall.  A white crisp shirt would also work well with such background but in this specific surrounding we wanted to bring Hali's warm and friendly personality and a yellow colour evokes optimism, creativity and personal power so gracefully reflecting Hali's personality.


Outfit #3 Location #3

I encouraged Hali to swap a bold red lipstick with more subtle coral one. The higher the contrast in your outfit the more authoritative image you project. Since our objective was to create a happy and healthy image so true to Hali, a softer contrast between her grey top and a coral scarf, complemented by a lipstick in similar hue have all created a more gentle and kind version of our lovely Hali. Our style is never one-dimensional so my objective for this specific location was to showcase her softer, nurturing side that reflects the way she works with her female clients. Hali has quiet bold features, ie hair colour/ skin tone/eyes which we have toned down a bit with the grey/coral colour combo. The outfit worked very well with the busy, organic looking cafe surrounding. Doesn't she look adorable?;-)

Personal Brand Styling for Hali Jafari


Outfit #4, Location #4

In this outdoor shoot we wanted to showcase Hali's dramatic edge, confident, bold! Hence we opted for her favourite structured black jacket and an electric blue scarf. She mentioned to me that she absolutely loves tailored jackets as they boost her confidence big time and, from the body styling point of view, it flatters her silhouette perfectly!

The fringe layered necklace corresponds nicely with the fringe hem of the scarf and the blue colour flatters Hali's skin tone very well too! I have chosen for her the layered top which is a great style not only to camouflage tummy area but also to flatter and elongate the whole silhouette. In all outfits we are bringing attention to her beautiful face. Yes ladies, dress to your positives, always! A silver cuff bracelets adds a further drama and balances the whole silhouette excellently. The result = a beautiful, effortlessly confident and stylish lady you want to work with! ;-)

Hali looks awesome, you can see she oozes confidence and style!
It takes a true creative skill to capture the essence of a personal brand and Lidia did it effortlessly with her beautiful photography. She has an amazing talent of bridging the gap between your brand message and a visual story of who you are in life and in business. She helped our lovely Hali envision the creative direction for her brand and guided the photoshoot around this vision to make sure the pictures speak to eyes, hearts and minds of her target audience. See Hali's new shiny website HERE!


Let's celebrate, eat A delicious lunch and talk more about Style!

Here is what Hali has to say about the whole experience

I had a brand UpStyle session with Gosia and Lidia a few months ago and was a little apprehensive about what to wear and how my look would be portrayed whilst still wanting to look professional, I wanted to show a more relaxed side to me too, I didn’t have time to purchase anything new before the photoshoot so I was really grateful that Gosia had brought along a couple of beautiful tops that fitted me perfectly and suited me for the different types of photos we took. I was very pleased with the outcome of my photos and the photoshoot itself was fun and relaxed.
I really liked the idea of having a stylist on hand during the shoot, someone who could see how the colours would look and what position to stand in or even to make little adjustments to the clothes etc. I think Gosia and Lidia work well together as a team and this makes the experience easier as they already know each other.
Finally, the final pictures look great and not one stray hair or dodgy fitting top in sight.
Thank you Gosia and Lidia.
— Hali from Truly Nourished


Gosia x

P.S If you would like to stand out with your unique and authentic personal brand & are ready for your Personal Style and Brand Overhaul then both Lidia and I would be delighted to help! 
With my Personal Style Advice I'll help you create a cohesive and authentic image so that you look like a walking advertisement for your business not only on the photoshoot but when meeting your clients offline. Read more about Brand Upstyle Revolution with @Visuable and @GS Styling.

My Own Brand UpStyle

My Own Brand UpStyle

It all starts with self-concept…

Personal Stylist Bristol, GS Styling,

Who I am today in my business vs who I was one year ago.
Since last year I have changed as a person and an entrepreneur. I am further in my business and I want to grow and evolve all the time. When looking at my beloved WordPress site I created myself a year ago I couldn’t see how this represent me today.  There was a disconnection because my old website didn’t reflect my brand message in a way I wanted it to be…

I am a modern young woman, passionate about personal growth and style, open minded and enthusiastic who loves simplicity with character.
I sell Style not fashion, I sell the formula for how you can feel effortlessly confident in who you are by using versatile wardrobe and a soulful approach to your individual style.

Now, my old website did not reflect this mission. It looked confusing and cluttered, a bit old fashioned to my contemporary taste and most importantly did not communicate to my target audience the essence of who I am and my signature approach.  I needed a simple and timeless design with modern edge. It was important to me that I don't have to rebuild it again in one year.


Just like with Personal Style, I wanted a website that never goes out of fashion and which character I can bring out via beautiful photography. 


Personal Brand Upstyle Revolution. Personal Style and Brand Overhaul. GS Styling and Visuable.

There was one person who could help me bring my new vision to light -Lidia @ Visuable.

I know Lidia from Entrepreneurial Spark, the business accelerator program run across UK. I remember how impressed I was when I saw her website first time. I thought "Fuck, this stuff is super cool! So original, one-of-a-kind". I was browsing many websites around at the time and I genuinely didn't see any that could create such positive impression with me!

I was so impressed with her brand, visuals, design, message that I instantly wanted to get to know this girl better, although I felt I already knew her because her website was conveying the values, mission and character so clearly!

We met and got on very well, two Polish girls in Bristol, both extremely passionate, hustlers at heart and hungry for growth.
There was a spark hehe! And now we are good friends and business partners doing the Brand Upstyle Revolution!

Ready Steady Go!

With no time to waste, first, we met with Lidia for a coffee in town for a brand clarity session. Lidia listened carefully to my ideas and brand-concept and asked me many thought provoking questions that helped me get even more clear on my brand message, my target audience and what I want to communicate with my online presence.

I did not have time to research any locations and Lidia helped me massively in finding the best ever location for my speedy photoshoot that shouts everything I am about- “Simplicity with Character”!

It was a small, minimalistic yet edgy coffee shop in Clifton called TradeWind. What a perfect place for coffee junkie like me hehe! I love the fact I was guided by Lidia about what location would suit my vision best. It truly took the whole stress out of the process.

Personal Brand Upstyle

What To Wear

Next stop was to plan my key outfit! Since my brand is all about simple yet unique approach to style and fashion I decided to wear an outfit that sits completely in the context of my brand message.
I am all about helping woman align her personal style with true self.
Style is You, it is self-expression and a state of an effortless confidence in who you are! 

I wanted to project my philosophy of looking beyond the fashion, beyond the rails with clothes that so many stylists feature on their websites. I wanted women to look at those pictures and see Style, see a woman who projects an effortless confidence in who she is, stylish and cool. My best true self. My Personal Brand.

It was a beautiful sunny day so I opted for white skinny jeans, a nonchalant white tee, black waistcoat, quirky brogues and my signature make up/ hair/ accessories. I felt like a million dollar babe purely because I felt 100% myself in those clothes plus the outfit worked perfectly with the minimal surrounding.

I love contrast. I love to connect yin and yang in one outfit, combine masculine and feminine edge.

The combination of black (evokes strength, power and sophistication) and white (clarity, openness, creative thoughts) creates a powerful yet balanced impact. I wouldn’t feel totally myself without an accent colour! Adding an accent red colour via red lips, red nail polish and my favourite red lip brooch has reflected my dynamic and edgy side.

If you wear clothes that represent the essence of you, girl, your confidence will go through the roof and you will shine!   Just like I felt I shined by being effortlessly confident with myself!

Brand Upstyle GS Styling and Visuable

During our photoshoot Lidia did such an amazing job at making me laugh and boosting my confidence even more! She guided me with care and passion about how I could pose and my body language which made me feel so secure and looked after. I believe there is nothing more important on the shoot than the whole experience that your photographer can create for you.

Lidia has an amazing skill of bridging the gap between your brand message and a visual story of who you are in life and in business.

After the shoot she put together a beautiful website, placing all pictures and my content in a very strategic way, clear and cohesive, contemporary and original. Wow, wow, wow I am so impressed, so happy and so much more confident now. It just feels light and safe knowing that now, when my potential clients see my website they get the exact sense of who I am.

There is a full alignment. What you see is what you get ladies! Your visual brand is a promise of what you will bring to the table. Make sure you create this promise in a most authentic and impactful way!
— Gosia Scarrott

Gosia x

P.S If you are ready for your Personal Style and Brand Overhaul then both Lidia and I would be delighted to help your brand shine! With my Personal Style Advice I'll help you create a cohesive business image not only on the photoshoot but in real scenarios too! It is all about brand cohesion these days! Email for more info on that.



Brand UpStyle - Amanda Kerin

Brand UpStyle - Amanda Kerin

In this project Lidia (Visuable) and I were working with  Amanda Kerin who is a business strategist and coach. She works with employees and entrepreneurs helping them build the business and lifestyle they want. Amanda is fun, approachable, enthusiastic and creative and these are the exact personality traits she wanted to project via her personal style and brand appearance.I know Amanda from a very exciting programme we participated in called Entrepreneurial Spark and back then, I noticed right away how enthusiastic and approachable she was.

Two days before the Photoshoot day we met for a coffee in town and discussed how she could project this great energy in a more put together package so that her potential clients see not only fun and warm person but also a professional and knowledgeable business strategist they can trust, without stiff  business like look.

After an initial chat we decided to meet not at Amanda's place ( as she lives in Alps these days hehe) but at the Cabot Circus shopping center. We were looking for a very specific items ( blazer, denim jckt) that Amanda could use to create casual and smart-casual looks that would work perfectly with a great location she chose for her photoshoot (Yeo Valley). We also added a couple of accessories to coordinate with the color theme for the shoot backgrounds.

On the photoshoot day...

Amanda brought all key pieces, shoes and accessories with her as discussed. We have scarves, shoes, clothes and make up ! All ready to go!

Life is better when you are laughing!

Soft, pastel colours accentuate Amanda's skin tone and hair colour. She needed a bolder, statement necklace to bring the character to the outfit and a subtle yet visible make up. I was making sure her hair look neat too;)

The Power of Accessories!

A simple belt can bring together the key colours in the outfit and add an extra oomph to our smart-casual ensemble.

Make up touch ups needed to bring colours of a new background.

Lidia with her magic wand has pulled the energy, vibe and Amanda's brand in the best possible way with her amazing pictures!

What do you think?

Check Amanda's website HERE to see her brand in full shine!

Here is what Amanda has to say about her experience...

It was a fantastic day spent with Gosia and her styling magic - the whole experience was just full of joy, it was a really fun day that I would love to do again.

Having Gosia there meant I didn't have to really think about how I looked as I completely trusted her to make me look fab, and feel like me without all the fuss. I felt really confident and didn't have to spend the time doubting anything or thinking about how I looked, or whether the various items went together, which is well worth its weight in gold! It meant I could really relax into the day and enjoy the experience.

The little touches of make up, hair and accessories finished everything off too, it meant I felt great in front of the camera, and had more fun with it, and overall had a bloody brilliant day out! I forgot about the outcomes of what I wanted to achieve and completely enjoyed myself!

Working with Gosia is a real pleasure, she knows what she's doing, and if you aren't comfortable, she'll pep you up or tweak things so you're looking and feeling confident, happy and having a great day looking and feeling fabulous darling!

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Brand UpStyle - Amy Morse

Brand UpStyle - Amy Morse

About Amy

Personal Stylist Bristol

Amy Morse is an author and an entrepreneur. She writes fiction as Amy C Fitzjohn and non-fiction content, guides and blogs. Her mantra>>

Write Your Way To Success

unfolds from her passion to help entrepreneurs boost their business story via engaging writing skills, teaching them through 1-on-1 training, blogging and book writing workshops as well as editing and proofreading services. 

She is a very creative and enthusiastic person, always smiling and light-hearted. Her passion is oozing from a distance and I was so looking forward to bring all those qualities through her personal style. 


Style Clarity Session

discovery chat

We have kick-started the process with the initial Style Discovery Chat during which we were talking about Amy's style objectives, wardrobe challenges, what image she would like to project to her audience and how clothes, accessories and grooming can help her achieve the desired impact.

Amy wanted to look put together and fun without being too polished or business like.  I knew that professional look doesn't always mean tailored look. It is all about using clothes and accessories in a way that look and feel true to who you are. 

Amy has a fab energy, she loves quirky scarves, patterns, hats and felt that these are the true components of her style. She described her brand and personality as fun, quirky and arty.

If my client says "I am fun, quirky and arty" those words will be translated into her wardrobe and personal looks.

- Gosia Scarrott

My job was to help her create outfits and whole looks that not only flatter her figure and enhance her beauty but most importantly reflect those key personality traits which, in fact, represent the essence of her Personal Brand.

Wardrobe Styling

Personal Stylist Bristol

We have gone through Amy's wardrobe to see what we’re working with. I have picked key items that I felt are reflecting Amy's personality most and which we could style up and down to create various outfits.  I asked Amy to lay on the bed her style legacy (as you can see) and get ready for a "put me together" session.

As Amy was trying on clothes I was giving her a full advice on what styles suit her best, how small tricks make a massive difference to her overall look and proportions and what she needs to buy in order to complement her outfits, simple things like right pair of jeans and shoes can shift the look from drab to Fab! 

Gosia came to my house before the shoot and we went through my wardrobe, pulling out some outfits and matching up accessories. This was real eye opener for me. I finally got rid of those frumpy old business suits I’d hung onto ‘just in case’ but hadn’t worn for years! Gosia helped me to see that all I needed was a few key pieces and my whole style could be lifted. Something as simple as a couple of pairs of skinny jeans - instead of the boot cut ones I’d been wearing that didn’t flatter my shape - some funky heals and the right jacket, would breathe new life into all the colourful tops, soft fabrics and quirky scarves I like to wear.
— Amy Morse

The Photoshoot Day

On the photoshoot day all three of us meet in the local cafe which also happens to be our first photoshoot location. We discuss the agenda, have some cake and coffee and that refreshing morning giggle to set out mindset positive for the busy day. This is the way we normally start our Brand Upstyle Experience. It is great to have some laugh and get into the right mindset and attitude before the shoot. It always helps our clients feel at ease and enjoy the experience.

Location #1

Our first photoshoot location was at Arnolfini cafe, the artistic hub in Bristol right in the heart of Harbourside. Great place that reflects Amy's arty soul.

At the Brand and Style Clarity sessions Amy said she wanted to be shown as authorpreneur - an author and an entrepreneur. Lidia an I wanted to bring her writer persona by using references of books. Amy showed me her stacked bracelets earlier at Wardrobe Session, which she made of her old books; how unique is that! I instantly thought that it would be awesome to decorate her wrists with her original accessory and bring her writer soul in her outfit!  I thought this would add another dimension to her visual message and both Amy and Lidia totally agreed.

When I prepared Amy's outfit I was making sure her clothes fit her in all the right places, bracelets are on the right wrist, sleeves are scrunched and all looks effortlessly chic. Little make up and hair touch ups are always a must to add that exclamation mark to the whole look. 

Amy looks gorgeous in earthy colours eating her favourite cake, yum! We decided to opt for the leather jacket/ khaki top combo to complement the surroundings of the cafe, rather than stand out from it. We accessorized her outfit with bracelets and a simple necklace. A fresh glowing makeup and  a lip gloss really complemented the whole look!

I have prepared Amy for our next location- Graffiti Walls by Harbourside. Amy is a Bristolian girl hence the local arty walls in the heart of Bristol were spot on locations for her pictures.  I thought let's create Tre Street Style to bring out that Bristolian chic out - the hat, her leather jacket, skinny jeans, leather bag and boots. All those key pieces came together nicely at the shoot and her signature fox print scarf reflects her quirky personality and also coordinates beautifully with the background.

Having Gosia at the shoot was brilliant. She has a great eye for colour and style, and worked with Lidia to get me in the right outfit for the backgrounds we were shooting against. I was surprised by how much small things can make all the difference when you’re shooting at different locations with different lighting. Gosia was on hand to top up my lipstick with the best colour to stand out in the shot and create the right look. She was also there to tuck and pin stray bits of clothes so the look was as good as it could be on the day.
— Amy Morse

Location #2

We continue the photoshoot at the  Harbourside and for this vibrant red (ish) background I chose a coordinating scarf. It was a very windy day hence a bit challenging to make Amy's scarf and jacket stay in one place, hehe. My magic toolbox comes super handy in situations like that! With a lingerie tape and pins I managed to keep those flowing layers and scarves in one place! All under control;) 

The Brand Upstyle Experience is all about bringing out that #bosslady inside you and showing her to the world. 

A smile conveys the effortless confidence in oneself and a great amount of positive aura, and both Lidia an I helped Amy simply laugh, smile and feel gorgeous! Our methods? Saying funny things, making funny faces or even dancing, haha! Lidia did the "relax me" moves showing Amy how to soften her body language to feel naturally relaxed. On the pictures you may notice Amy looking on side towards me, yes I am right there dancing to make her laugh;) The result? Beauuuuutiful SMILE!! That's what we want girls!

Location #3

Let's top up that lipstick, add some flowy scarves and bracelets, a printed book and ready for our final photoshoot location. I suggested that we showcase those lovely Cat shaped earrings Amy bought when running her previous business TomCatDesigns. Showing a piece of who you are through accessories adds to the whole brand story and the message. As you can see on the pics she is totally owning that story!

Lidia and Gosia are such a fantastic partnership. Their skills totally compliment each other and together they are able to bring your unique vision for who you are and how you want to be seen by your audience to life. I highly recommend them to showcase the visual story behind your personal brand.

-Amy Morse

Final location, cocktail bar ;)

Let's celebrate the Brand Upstyle Experience!

To Your Business Success Amy!

Personal Stylist Bristol

Read more about the Brand Upstyle Experience on Lidia's page. Lidia gives her insight into the Brand Clarity Session & the Photoshoot part of the experience HERE.


Gosia x

P.S If you would like to cut through the noise and stand out with your unique and authentic personal brand & are ready for your Personal Brand and Style Overhaul then both Lidia and I would be delighted to help! 
Read more about Brand Upstyle Experience with @Visuable and @GS Styling.