In this project Lidia (Visuable) and I were working with  Amanda Kerin who is a business strategist and coach. She works with employees and entrepreneurs helping them build the business and lifestyle they want. Amanda is fun, approachable, enthusiastic and creative and these are the exact personality traits she wanted to project via her personal style and brand appearance.I know Amanda from a very exciting programme we participated in called Entrepreneurial Spark and back then, I noticed right away how enthusiastic and approachable she was.

Two days before the Photoshoot day we met for a coffee in town and discussed how she could project this great energy in a more put together package so that her potential clients see not only fun and warm person but also a professional and knowledgeable business strategist they can trust, without stiff  business like look.

After an initial chat we decided to meet not at Amanda's place ( as she lives in Alps these days hehe) but at the Cabot Circus shopping center. We were looking for a very specific items ( blazer, denim jckt) that Amanda could use to create casual and smart-casual looks that would work perfectly with a great location she chose for her photoshoot (Yeo Valley). We also added a couple of accessories to coordinate with the color theme for the shoot backgrounds.

On the photoshoot day...

Amanda brought all key pieces, shoes and accessories with her as discussed. We have scarves, shoes, clothes and make up ! All ready to go!

Life is better when you are laughing!

Soft, pastel colours accentuate Amanda's skin tone and hair colour. She needed a bolder, statement necklace to bring the character to the outfit and a subtle yet visible make up. I was making sure her hair look neat too;)

The Power of Accessories!

A simple belt can bring together the key colours in the outfit and add an extra oomph to our smart-casual ensemble.

Make up touch ups needed to bring colours of a new background.

Lidia with her magic wand has pulled the energy, vibe and Amanda's brand in the best possible way with her amazing pictures!

What do you think?

Check Amanda's website HERE to see her brand in full shine!

Here is what Amanda has to say about her experience...

It was a fantastic day spent with Gosia and her styling magic - the whole experience was just full of joy, it was a really fun day that I would love to do again.

Having Gosia there meant I didn't have to really think about how I looked as I completely trusted her to make me look fab, and feel like me without all the fuss. I felt really confident and didn't have to spend the time doubting anything or thinking about how I looked, or whether the various items went together, which is well worth its weight in gold! It meant I could really relax into the day and enjoy the experience.

The little touches of make up, hair and accessories finished everything off too, it meant I felt great in front of the camera, and had more fun with it, and overall had a bloody brilliant day out! I forgot about the outcomes of what I wanted to achieve and completely enjoyed myself!

Working with Gosia is a real pleasure, she knows what she's doing, and if you aren't comfortable, she'll pep you up or tweak things so you're looking and feeling confident, happy and having a great day looking and feeling fabulous darling!

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