When do you feel most FREE in your personal style?

What your most FREE, authentic self would wear in the lifestyle you've got, in the environment you spend your time in, in the body you have?

I think you become more free in your self-expression through style if you are more confident and acceptable of who you are.

Let me give you an example...

There was a time in my life that I really wanted to wear short skater skirts. I literally loved the look of wearing those skirts with opaque tights and some cool ankle boots. So I bought a few of them and I was wearing it to my office job. Almost every single time I wore such skirt I had a self-talk in my head saying:

"Do my legs look good in it?; Don't they look too skinny?, What do other people think of how I look in the skirt? Maybe they think..and on and on" Oh gosh...

It is only until I discovered a midi circle skirt that I realised I was trying to wear short skirts not for the reason of experimenting with fashion, but to force a belief that this look is good to me, force my self-acceptance. On the inside I knew that I questioned myself too much and I knew I was not confident about showing may legs like that.

The biggest relief I have experienced was when I bought my first midi circle skirt. It made me feel so reassured that I look great, my legs are good, there is nothing I have to prove to myself or force. Right clothes like this skirt makes me feel like a million dollar and shows my positives that I neglected in the process, like eg my waist. Simple silly thing like a piece of fabric, a skirt changed the whole perspective of how I had been looking at my body till then. I finally could feel 100% myself, confident and not pretending someone who I was not.

A piece of cloth that works perfect on my body, makes me feel feminine, makes me express my true, feminine side, feels chic and effortless. I never felt this way when wearing my short skirts. These were only a trigger of a continuous self talk: "Do I look good enough?".

Do you express your TRUE best self in the clothes you wear?

Self-expression is not only about expressing your personality, your likes, aesthetic but also expressing the way you want to feel in your clothes. If you want to feel confident and effortless find clothes that work with your STYLE and BODY, not against it! Know what gives you a confidence in your clothes.

Dress your body so that your inner voice says "You look great girl!", NOT "Not sure if I look good in it..".

Today I would like to invite you to reflect on this aspect of self-expression. Ask yourself questions:

  • Do I express myself in a confident way through my personal style?
  • Do I force an image or look that I know, deep inside me, is not the best for my body shape and the way I want to feel in my clothes?

Share with me your views in the comments below!



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