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Hello ladies!

Hope you are all well and ready for Autumn 2015 season.

Personally, this is my favourite time of the year, most amazing things normally happen in September, apart from my birthday, my husband's birthday and our marriage anniversary, heh. All those things in the same month.

But Style wise I just adore an edgy layered look, warm ankle boots, beautiful scarves, stronger make up, crisp air in the morning, cozy evenings ..ah yes.

Lets talk about Fashion and how I can make you want to feel excited about putting outfits together this time of the year.

Firs off, when it comes to fashion you have probably noticed that it does make circles all the time and everything is basically fashionable today . I am a big fun of creating my unique personal style, specific to my lifestyle, everyday needs, mood and personality. I encourage women to use trendy clothes and accessories to update and refresh their wardrobes and not to be "on trend" from head to toe. You are a unique and beautiful woman and CAN dress to reflect your individuality, not copy window shop displays ( unless it totally says "that's so me!").  As Yves Saint Laurent said "Fashions fade, style is eternal"

So what is out there this season?

  • BOHO
  • 70s

BOHO is everywhere! With this trend, it is easy for clothes to "wear" you so make sure your personality matches this particular style. Capes, Kimonos, Ponchos, XXL Sweaters are perfect for layering. Remember to scale the textures to your size and be careful ( petites) not to overwhelm your stature with too long or too bulky cuts. Perfect for layering over fitted jackets/ blazers, jumpers, thin jerseys or fitted shirts. You can easily create a slimming column of two contrasting colours (darker layered under the kimono or cardigan) or choose styles with darker vertical panels in the front. Fur waistcoats are still in and again so easy to layer over leather jacket, thicker jumper or roll neck sweaters.

Flowing blouses, flower prints, jacquard, paisley and patchwork styles are so characteristic for this trend. If you are not a big fun of flowers and far from girly lady ( like myself ;-)) there are still really nice pop art prints around, all under the Artistic vibe. FRINGE is as big as in Spring season, on skirts, bags, jackets etc. When it comes to fringe make sure you are happy to draw an attention to the part of your body you place this motif on. Eg a fringe bag that ends around your hips that you would rather camouflage do the exact opposite. It will draw an eye to this area. Think of where the fringe trim is finishing, does it sit on your hips, tummy or knees.



Think warm colours, camel, beige, ochre. Think bootcut trousers, bow-tie blouses, oversized waistcoats, jackets, roll necks, suede, denim, Midi lengths, fine wool tops and dresses. Welcome to 70s! Charlie's Angels style ;-)





Retro trend is about MOD and rocker chick ( MOD is a subculture that began in 1960s Britain that focused on music and fashion). Modern retro chick = great tailoring, moccasins, brogues, heavy boots, strong personality, courage and fun. Think classic rock chick, geek, preppy. Cool trend!





With the fashion drawing circles there is a tendency for creating a very unique look as a trend in itself. When you observe street style you can easily say if someone is so on trend, stylish, or maybe have very individual look. When it comes to individual look, unique accessories, mixing clothes and breaking conventions is what makes an ensemble different than what everyone else is wearing. Think customised clothes, embroider motifs, brooches, unusual textures, pattern mix etc. This very often requires time and attention, planning or a natural talent. So lets have a look at accessories then...




Mid heel ankle boots ( 2 inch) not only are trendy but comfy as well! Perfect height for all of those ladies who cannot wear high heels yet still want to add an illusion of height (that's me!).

Moccasins and brogues are everywhere if you want to add this cool masculine feel to your look. And for all of you ladies who love their legs as well as those who don't, over the knee style is back again. What I really love about over the knee style is that I can wear it not only with shorter skirts but also with circle midis and tube/ pencil midis that finish right below the knee. Your boots dress your legs and there is no gap between skirt hem and the boots which makes it so much more flattering! They are great to wear over skinny jeans.  Pretty versatile shoes so definitely worth considering as purchase.






Military & Marine 

Military Motif

All sets created via Polyvore.

Pictures-Source: ASOS, TOP SHOP, NEW LOOK, MANGO, ZARA.  All above clothes and accessories are available online.

Ladies, there are more minor trends on high street and catwalk but the ones above are the major ones. The dominant trend is ARTISTIC- Bohemian, Pop art and you will see it everywhere on high street this Autumn/ Winter. When it comes to winter coats oversize styles as well as belted in warm colours but also blues, wine, plum will be on high street.

Would you like to find out more about how to translate those trends into your wardrobe to create outfits that shout: "it is so ME!" ? Please leave your comments below and I will be preparing workshops about how to incorporate trends into your current wardrobe so that you feel up to date with your look and are not a "fashion victim".

Have  a fantastic season ladies!