#Versatile Wardrobe

It is a wardrobe indeed. But it is not just a wardrobe with versatile pieces. Think outside the box, it is a life changing approach, a way to make your life more simple, more meaningful, more nurtured and more successful. Sounds over the top? Look at the graphic below and honestly judge your style and wardrobe in the scale 1-10. 1 (1-very unresourceful; 10-#versatile & resourceful wardrobe).

If it is any less than 9 then there is a big room for an improvement.

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3 Criteria To Use When Creating A #VersatileWardrobe = Resourceful Wardrobe

  1. Pieces that you can wear over and over again but each time looking like it was a totally new ensemble.
  2. Pieces you can Mix & Match
  3. Pieces you can dress up/down

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that meet those criteria? Let me show you GINGHAM Style with GINGHAM SHIRT;-)

#1 Wear it over and over again

My collage


From casual day out in town to city chic lunch with friends, or a daytime business meeting through to a more dressy version suitable for cocktails in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the Summer Eve. You can wear this shirt over and over again because it is a classic piece, a timeless piece, it will never go out of fashion. It is also super functional- you can pair it with jeans, dress pants, denim skirts, pencil skirts, tube skirts, circle skirts, oh wow you call it!

#2 Mix and Match with different colours and patterns




Collage 2

#3 Dress it Up & Down


Where to buy it


Gingham shirts come in different shapes and cuts, from thinner oversized styles ( great with shorts or skinny jeans), casual straight cut or more tailored through to very fitted and corporate styles.

It is all up to your lifestyle needs, body shape and fit preferences when deciding which one you should get.

Check out ASOS, M&S and J Crew. Love the selection that J Crew offers. The styles include front-tie (great for skirts and high waist trousers/ jeans).




Enjoy your Gingham Style!;-)

Gosia X


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