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I love skinny jeans!

If I could hear myself 8 years ago saying that I wouldn't believe it. I used to wear boot-cut style that made me feel frumpy somehow, and when I decided to give skinny jeans I fell in love with them! 
This piece has become my friend for life!

The right pair of jeans should be like your best mate. They will support you, make you feel great about yourself, hug you, accentuate your best features and make you feel lovely whenever you need that comfort. 

Jeans should feel like a second skin to you, comfy and flattering.The only way to find which suits you, is to try, try, try, and then try on some more.

What I love about skinny vs boot-cut jeans is that you can wear them with more voluminous or oversize elevated tops, blouses, sweaters, tunics yet maintain the balance in your body proportions. They look amazing with heels, boots, brogues, pumps and you can style them in numerous ways. 

Most of us would have in our wardrobes a pair of skinny jeans, and if you don't, I suggest you make a space for them in your closet. One pair of boot-cut jeans out, one pair of skinny jeans in, hah!

There is no look you cannot create with the right jeans. 

Let me show you some smart-casual options straight from my own closet!

Video 1: How To Style Grey Skinny Jeans In Monochromatic Way


Video 2: How To Style Grey Skinny Jeans In Colorful Smart-Casual ways.

How to create outfits with grey skinny jeans


How to style skinny jeans
Skinny Jeans Outfits
Skinny Jeans outfits
How to wear skinny jeans
Skinny Jeans Outfits
Skinny Jeans Outfits

Where To Buy

GAP, ZARA, Mango, Top Shop ( the best!) and practically everywhere. Try on, try on, try on! Let them skim your curves and accentuate that lovely body of yours in all the right places!!

THE fit

Denim has a varying degree of "give" in it, everything from jeggings to structured and rigid. The more stretch, the less flattering on curves. The stretch will allow more room for your lovely body, whereas a rigid denim will hold you in and flatter more voluptuous figure. Look at 1-2% elastane in the denim composition for optimal fit, for better quality jeans you can allow 5%. 

Look after them

Most jeans only need to be laundered every five or six wears. Do not put them in the dryer or on the radiator. Wash them in cold water, inside out, them hang them up to air dry.


How do you wear your skinny jeans? Are you like me and find them super stylish and versatile to wear from day to drinks? 

Outfit ideas with grey skinny jeans

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