15 Ways To Wear Grey Skinny Jeans

15 Ways To Wear Grey Skinny Jeans

Photo credit:  Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

I love skinny jeans!

If I could hear myself 8 years ago saying that I wouldn't believe it. I used to wear boot-cut style that made me feel frumpy somehow, and when I decided to give skinny jeans I fell in love with them! 
This piece has become my friend for life!

The right pair of jeans should be like your best mate. They will support you, make you feel great about yourself, hug you, accentuate your best features and make you feel lovely whenever you need that comfort. 

Jeans should feel like a second skin to you, comfy and flattering.The only way to find which suits you, is to try, try, try, and then try on some more.

What I love about skinny vs boot-cut jeans is that you can wear them with more voluminous or oversize elevated tops, blouses, sweaters, tunics yet maintain the balance in your body proportions. They look amazing with heels, boots, brogues, pumps and you can style them in numerous ways. 

Most of us would have in our wardrobes a pair of skinny jeans, and if you don't, I suggest you make a space for them in your closet. One pair of boot-cut jeans out, one pair of skinny jeans in, hah!

There is no look you cannot create with the right jeans. 

Let me show you some smart-casual options straight from my own closet!

Video 1: How To Style Grey Skinny Jeans In Monochromatic Way


Video 2: How To Style Grey Skinny Jeans In Colorful Smart-Casual ways.

How to create outfits with grey skinny jeans


How to style skinny jeans
Skinny Jeans Outfits
Skinny Jeans outfits
How to wear skinny jeans
Skinny Jeans Outfits
Skinny Jeans Outfits

Where To Buy

GAP, ZARA, Mango, Top Shop ( the best!) and practically everywhere. Try on, try on, try on! Let them skim your curves and accentuate that lovely body of yours in all the right places!!

THE fit

Denim has a varying degree of "give" in it, everything from jeggings to structured and rigid. The more stretch, the less flattering on curves. The stretch will allow more room for your lovely body, whereas a rigid denim will hold you in and flatter more voluptuous figure. Look at 1-2% elastane in the denim composition for optimal fit, for better quality jeans you can allow 5%. 

Look after them

Most jeans only need to be laundered every five or six wears. Do not put them in the dryer or on the radiator. Wash them in cold water, inside out, them hang them up to air dry.


How do you wear your skinny jeans? Are you like me and find them super stylish and versatile to wear from day to drinks? 

Outfit ideas with grey skinny jeans

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What to wear this Xmas? 10 Stylish Festive Outfits.

What to wear this Xmas? 10 Stylish Festive Outfits.

Are you Style ready for this Magical Xmas Season?

Want to look and feel fabulous in your festive outfits?


Got ya! December is such a sparkly, positive party month. Whether we like it or not this festive aura is everywhere so why not embrace it! 

This last month of the year is for us to reflect on what we have achieved in our life, career and businesses. Give yourself a high five and a big hug for your strength, determination, focus and hard work in 2016. December, my loves is for you to celebrate your beautiful self, cherish those beautiful moments with your family, friends, fellow entrepreneurs and everyone who have  supported you this year on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Let this sparkly atmosphere be shown in your everyday festive outfits!

I have for you some simple Yet  "Wow"  outfit ideas that take you from Xmas drinks to New Year looking and feeling totally great:-)

Let's get started!


Outfit #1

Easy smart-casual festive look, perfect for pre-Xmas drinks in the evening with your besties. Dress up your casual skinny jeans with sleeveless knitted top and a velvet jacket. Add a statement necklace and your fav ankle boots, and rock it girl! 

Xmas Outfit with jeans


Outfit #2

Get ready for a Xmas Eve by stepping up your style a bit! Think of an interesting tone on tone look, ie beige/ neutral/ camel colours jazzed up by creative pick & play with textures, fabrics and patterns. Think shiny + mat; solid + pattern; neutral + bold. It is accessories that are the cherry on the cake here;-)

Xmas outfit red heels


Outfit #3

Xmas Day! Now is the time to wear that fabulous lace skirt hanging in your wardrobe lonely and unworn. Pull it out and if you feel it is "too dressy" for a family Xmas dinner then pair it with your cozy roll neck top in a beautiful colour. Accessorize with dangling earrings and your sparkly silver heels. You look fab lady! 

Xmas outfit pencil skirt lace


Outfit #4

If you want to move into the evening Xmas drinks with some proper "WOW" factor and feel more dressed up and sexy then jump into a frock that makes you feel this exact way. Think of any asymmetric cut, unusual forms and bold colours. Opt for a statement dress and simple accessories. Festive Chic! 

Green dress outfit


Outfit #5

Let's kick start Boxing Day with some layering! Pull out your classic black leather look skinny jeans and a button up white fitted shirt. This is an awesome base for adding more layers. Think of n embellished, sequin, sparkly or velvet cami as a layering piece over your fitted white blouse. 

Play with textures, eg embellishment + fur OR sequin + cotton. Small details always make a great impact so don't forget to add a unique cocktail ring or a bracelet to accentuate your elegant hands. Sparkly creative!

Leather look jeans outfit


Outfit #6

Let's do more festive mixing & matching! Pleats, sequin, fur and suede in one outfit, ahh the more, the merrier girls!;-). A red colour on your lips and a glass of red wine in your hand, can you see what I see?;-)

Midi Pleated skirt outfit Xmas


Outfit #7

Ok, by know you may feel tired of those dressed up glamorous looks but still want to keep the festive sparkly mood in your casual day look. Pair your sequin statement tee and a knitted cardi for a super stylish daily glam look. Don’t forget the lipstick! 

Knitwear and sequin day look


Outfit #8

New Years EVE time! Look *Smokin' Hot* in the all black look. Tailored black trousers + lace cami+ velvet blazer. This is the look that turns heads as long as the woman who wears it knows how to own it. Yes you can gorgeous!

Black New Year's Eve Outfit


Outfit #9

New Years Eve- *Smokin' Classic*. Opt for a navy dress with some shiny embelisments or bling and go simple with the earrings. The classic diamond earrings is all you need to create that chic impact. Simple accessories that complement rather than compete with the dress is what you need. 

Navy dress Xmas Party Look


Outfit #10

New Years Eve- *Smokin' Statement*. If you are going to a fancier party and want to create a great impact then a dress like this one from Coast will do the job. Accessorize it with silver diamond earrings and a clutch bag in a similar colour. Look at the shapes and textures in the dress, then choose accessories that fit in. For instance, the skirt has some geo shapes, wide diagonal blocks and asymmetric hem hence I choose geo earrings that match the lines. When it comes to a bag, I think of the clash so that we don't end up with all over shiny look. I suggest you offset this "sleekness" by adding a textured jewelled bag.

What to wear to New Years Eve


Where to Shop

The key clothing items (tops, dresses, skirts) in each outfit collage are from John Lewis, available now. You can access all outfit sets on my Style Pinterest Board too.

There are many shops that stock some fabulous shoes, bags and accessories to complement your frocks and skirts so check out Top Shop, Joy of Clothes Oliver Bonas, COS, House of Fraser.


Want more ideas on how to sparkle up your Xmas outfits? Check this out:

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Gosia x

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How to rock your festive midi skirt look

How to rock your festive midi skirt look

Can you believe it's December already?!

There's really no better time to dress up than this holiday month. Weeks of parties, events and special occasions, but also of family time, relaxation and reflection.

Today I would like to share with you some easy styling ideas on how you can start creating your festive December looks!

Here is the one I have created a couple of days ago ;-)

Personal Stylist Bristol

Love, love, love Midi Skirts. They are my favourite statement piece from season to season, especially in December!  I can step up a bit with the sparkles and textures and add more fun and creativity to my daily looks! What about you?
Here I am giving you some ideas on how you can style such pleated sparkly midi skirt ( the one I wear is from ZARA, should be still in shops).




5 Outfits that will transform you to a festive #Bosslady!




Some more outfit inspiration from Pinterest Style Board.

Personal Stylist Bristol
Personal Stylist Bristol

   Photo Credit: Pinterest

Best shops to buy Festive Midi Skirts:

JOY THE STORE (www.joythestore.com)
TOP SHOP (www.topshop.com)
ZARA (www.zara.com)
MARKS & SPENCER (www.marksandspencer.com)


Keep warm and stylish!


Gosia x

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Owning your style in a male-dominated workplace

Owning your style in a male-dominated workplace

Your Personal Style brings out that #bosslady inside you! 

I remember the time when I was working as a Polymer Technologist in a Chemical company in Poland. I had to go to the big production plant every morning and monitor the manufacturing process. A room full of injection molding machines and men doing their work and also starring at me... because I was the only woman there. I had to check up with them how the production was going, what went well or wrong and so on. Then I would work in the office doing admin and market research. I was that young graduate, 25 years old girl who knew nothing about the real life heheh! And this was my first job that related to my MSc degree.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Initially I was a bit uncomfortable with the attention I was drawing when entering a testosterone packed workplace. Soon I noticed I needed to own my space with more confidence and less shyness and turn the fact I am the only woman there into my strength, not a weakness.
I knew my stuff and I didn’t want to be viewed as that delicate sweet girl because no one would take me seriously. On the other hand I wanted to look presentable and feminine and be proud of the job I am doing in this “rough” environment.

I didn't put myself in stiff corporate suits to create a shield, an “armour” that would protect me from the male power hehe! Oh no! It was not about protecting my femininity; it was about looking like a woman with a class. My personal style played such a crucial role for me in how I created that right perception at workplace.

I didn’t want to sacrifice my style, my lovely dresses, skirts, heels and so on. I had to find a sartorial balance between looking put together and stylish in the office and then on the production plant. I would wear midi skirts, opaque tights, ankle boots and some fitted (not clingy!) tops, scarves, necklaces, co-ord suits ( oh not boring corporate masculine armours, rather, fitted pencil skirts, short waisted jackets etc) and dresses. And I loved the fact I looked classy yet feminine. The fitted clothes that flattered my shape rather than hiding it gave me a great confidence to own my job role as a technologist.

The masculine environment did something unique to my mindset and attitude.
It gave me strength to feel empowered and confident rather than shy and reserved.

I felt respected and the clothes I was wearing helped me massively in forming the right perception of me. A smart, educated lady who is here to do her job the best she can, who listens and learns, who doesn’t think she is better than anyone else, who is frank and kind and who doesn’t underestimate herself, rather believe in herself and her own abilities. Plus she is an attractive woman and why would she ever want to hide it? ARE YOU WITH ME LADIES?

If you know how to look and feel stylish and confident in your clothes and dress to create the positive smart impact then you become that #bosslady you are at heart.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

You start as a shy person but your clothes and grooming bring those fabulous qualities of yours and empower you to be even better. The rest- you see yourself through a different lens, you talk differently, you walk differently and you speak with confidence.

Now, if I could imagine covering myself up in some shapeless cardis and ordinary tshirts to “hide” how would that affect what I think of myself on the inside and what other people think of me? Answer: I would never be able to forge as I did, got that promotion at the workplace to travel to international trade fairs and speak to investors, meet great people and leave that positive impact. The confidence I found through clothes enabled me to believe in myself more, speak loudly about my ideas and see myself a a #bosslady. This is the power of your Personal Style! Never ever think of clothes as just clothes, make up as just make up and hairstyle as just hairstyle. This is your Empowering Kit!


Gosia x

P.S If you are a go-getter woman, unsure of how to dress your femininity with class and confidence in a true to you way, I got ya!  I want to help you with creating those uber #bosslady looks that help you rock your feminine power at workplace and in business!

Click gosia@gsstyling.com and let's meet up for that delicious flat white in your favorite cafe in town.



Who has inspired me to step up in my Style

Who has inspired me to step up in my Style

How I Took My Style To The Next Level

It all started on that one day when I was in Poland, visiting my family... I was looking nice. A pair of tailored jeans, a nice simple top and a lovely scarf. Nice make up, styled hair and a smile on my face. It was probably 7 years ago..

My sister visited us for a dinner with her boyfriend and the moment I saw her I thought "She looks sensational". She was wearing a beautiful skirt, colorful, an interesting cut. She paired it with a simple top that synchronized with her skirt beautifully but far from a conventional color combination, there was something very graceful and  sophisticated about the way she looked, not conventional, not literal, simply UNIQUE. She added a leather jacket, quirky haircut and boots.

I instantly felt so ordinary and so invisible, so normal. Gosh, to look and feel just NORMAL was awful, simply horrible to me. I literally felt bland in something I thought 5 min earlier I looked pretty good in. How come?

There was one thing that moment changed in me- it has awakened in me the desire to define my own style rather than stay undefined, “normal” and just fine.
— Gosia

I wanted to step up, instantly, not necessarily because I didn't know my value on the inside but because I have always been a "go getter" woman, a woman who strives for more, who doesn't like to settle for "fine", a woman who wants to prove to herself she can be exceptional and she can look and feel exceptional.

My mum has injected in me the self-care attitude. She has always looked after herself, self-grooming, clothes etc. But it is my sister Joanne who took the whole Style to the next level, she took it from ordinary to an extraordinary.

And she has inspired me so much that the next step was...Style Hustling!  Like you would hustle in business or at work I was hustling with my Style, trial & error, trial& error, getting pissed off, frustrated, guilty, thinking of what I will wear next day to work to impress my co-workers or friends. 

Personal Stylist Bristol

Shopping, refunds, too many clothes, headache, feeling shit, feeling great, feeling stylish one day, feeling "meh" another day. Absolutely ridiculous!

But with time this hustle has paid off! I have made it!

People admired my sense of style. They complimented me, asked for advice, I was even called by my boss the "Resident Stylist" at my workplace. It felt good, flattering.
It felt AWESOME!!!
I have crafted a collection of clothes that I love, that make sense so much that when I look at them I see my identity, all works like in a puzzle, all elements can be put in so many ways, it gives me smile every time I open a wardrobe (almost every time, let's get real!) and it makes me so self-assured that there is always, ALWAYS something I can wear and it looks unique to me.

Because this is how you want your wardrobe make you feel, unique in a way defined by you.

Then I hit the glass ceiling...

I realised I was not doing it for myself but for the goal in itself.I am a hustler at heart and realised that I forgot to nurture the most important person, Gosia, HER. I forgot to build her worth on the inside and the confidence I have gained externally didn't fill my soul. The key element was missing - a self-love! Although clothes helped me massively in self-acceptance, the self-worth is much much deeper stuff.

It is only until I did NLP Coaching with the best coach ever ( I can give you his number if you want) I truly understood what makes me unique and beautiful - simply ME. I understood that clothes will not make you beautiful for yourself if you don't appreciate the beauty of you on the inside.

Style is a state of your mind.

It is feeling worthy and valuable and dressing this feeling.
It is knowing yourself very well and dressing this knowledge.
It is loving yourself and adorning your beautiful self to show this value.

Asia & Gosia #sistersfun

Asia & Gosia #sistersfun

And  today when I am celebrating my 35th year on this planet I am proud to feel this way. And I want to make more women feel most unique, worthy and beautiful they can as long as they want it for themselves!

I want you to celebrate who you are and see your Personal Style as something that accentuate this value! You deserve to look special and feel special. If I have ever lost the drive to develop and "own" my own style I would loose an opportunity to feel so special.


My most important takeaway in this journey.


Do you know what the great self-respect feels like?
I hope you do because I wouldn't want you to miss out on that and on the extremely positive impact this has on your life, business, people, clients, your family, loved ones and YOU.

Lots of Love,

Gosia x

P.S Would love to hear about your Style Journey. What you have learned, who has inspired you, how this has affected your life and how you feel about yourself today.
Just click gosia@gsstyling.com, say "Hello Gosia, I am... and when it comes to my Style..." and let's chat!;-)))

Do you "own" your own Style?

Do you "own" your own Style?

Do You "Own" Your Own Style?

I have always wanted to be happy about what I see in the mirror and with time I have learned I want more than just looking nice, just looking stylish...I wanted to FEEL I "own" my Style.

You see nice clothes, fashion, self-grooming help in feeling confident about yourself but without any inner work it remains a short-term boost of confidence. I had a time in my life when I was more into fashion than into Style. I went through the process of trial and error, obsessive browsing of magazines and websites looking for fashion inspiration and latest trends, buying clothes, getting bored with them, wasting money. Although this helped me understand my own body shape and taste better I have discovered that "owning" my own style happens on a mindset level and there is no shortcut to achieve this state of mind.

In order to go from looking Stylish to "Owning" your STYLE you need the substance =YOU.

Style Identity starts in your Identity.

You may say "Hang on, isn't it via trial and error that we find our style?" 20% Yes and 80% No.

If you try many things but do not build your self-awareness based on how clothes make you feel and WHY, what feelings certain fabrics and cuts and colours evoke in you and what kind of stuff you are truly drawn into, why you always buy cheap stuff and fall for seasonal trends without thinking, what flatters your body most and whether you are the person who prefers to be "boxed" and operate within body shape or colour rules or maybe love "outside the box" liberating approach etc then how the heck do you expect to learn anything about yourself in the process of discovering your own style "beat"?

It is like with business. If you own a business and only focus on "doing" not "being", not paying enough attention to what lights you up in this business and keep doing all the crap that other people or coaches around you tell you to do without looking within to find what really drives you, not respecting your own rhythm and your deeper vision then you will never find your true "beat" because you let other people form this "beat", you give the power to others, not to yourself.

Personal Style Advice



Start building your self-awareness by looking into your wardrobe today and asking yourself kick-starter questions:

1. What items do I wear the most and WHY do I repeat them
(i.e they're comfortable, easy to maintain, create greatest impact, style or are versatile, it's easier than picking new items etc)?

Over the next 2 weeks take a one outfit selfie every day and ask yourself:
2. Do I see any patterns developing in my clothing choices over those 2 weeks (e.g. similar colours, patterns, silhouettes, style of tops or skirts)?

3. How do I feel about any patterns I have identified in my style? Do I like the consistency or maybe crave for more variety in my wardrobe? What makes me most happy?

Hope you come up with some revealing answers. And if you would like to take your Style and self-awareness to the next level and learn how to "own" your unique style then I would be delighted to help you with that! Just hit gosia@gsstyling.com and let's chat!

Brand UpStyle - Hali Jafari

Brand UpStyle - Hali Jafari

What is Brand Upstyle?

Brand Upstyle is a complete brand and style overhaul delivered to you by Lidia (Creative Director at Visuable) and Gosia (Soulful Stylist at GS Styling). Together we help you tell the story of your business by closing the gap between online and offline image that you project. It consists of a brand strategy, style advice and a photo-shoot all aimed at inviting people into your world to help them understand who you are, what you are about and how it would be like to work with you.

This way, they will be able to see you and your business in an authentic way and connect with you on an emotional level which in turn will lead to more brand engagement, more trust and more sales. 

Brand Photoshoot Styling

In this Brand Upstyle project we were working with Hali Jafari who is a Health and Lifestyle Coach, helping women find a healthier, happier and truly nourished version of themselves (Truly Nourished). She believes in the power of a "happy" mind in achieving weight loss goals, and she did it herself by losing 11 stones and going from size 26 to size 12. How amazing is that!

I know Hali from the business networking events we frequently attend and I love how honest, direct yet friendly person she is. She wants to help women who are not scared to ask for help and happy to make commitment and stick to it. A totally gorgeous looking diva, always polished and stylish. I knew right away that this woman is right up my street!

She described herself and her brand as Happy, Healthy, Approachable and Confident with a "no bullshit" approach;-) And my job was to help her chose the outfits for the brand photoshoot that bring out the essence of who she is and that sit in the context of her brand vision - to empower women in becoming the happier and healthier version of themselves. In this Case Study I will show you the Styling part of the Brand Upstyle. 

The Style Journey

Brand Photoshoot Styling Visuable and GS Styling


We have kick-started the Brand Styling process with the initial Virtual Style Session during which Hali confirmed her brand message, what style she would like to project to her audience and what she's got in her wardrobe that she would consider wearing on the shoot day.

As we didn't have time to schedule a proper wardrobe session at her place I asked Hali to send me pictures of her key clothes and accessories so that I can pre-select most suitable pieces for the photoshoot.
Next, I gave Hali suggestions on how she can combine those pieces into complete outfits in the context of the planned photoshoot surroundings and we decided on what pieces she should bring with her on the day. 

On the photoshoot day Lidia, Hali and I started the Brand Upstyle with a 30 min icebreaker chat over coffee, getting into the positive and fun mood for the photoshoot experience and discussing the agenda. The plan was to do the photoshoot in four different locations with four separate outfits, one per each location. Half way through we planned a break for lunch + style advice over coffee.

Location #1, OUTFIT #1

Brand Upstyle for HAli Jafari

Our first location was the hairdressers salon featuring quiet contemporary and monochromatic decor. To complement this surrounding and give the sense of a slight sophistication we opted for monochromatic look (black jeans and boots, white elegant top and a chunky silver cuff bracelet) that reflected a chic and modern edge of Hali's personal style. The top was slightly baggy under the arms so I made sure that any fabric excess is neatly pinned up. 

It's the smallest details that make the biggest impact

Personal Brand Upstyle- Styling by Gosia at GS Styling (www.gsstyling.com)

Fit says everything about your approach. If clothes don't fit you well it is easy to look frumpy and like "I don't care" person which is not something you ever want to project to your audience. Perfect fit ensures you look put together and communicates diligency, professionalism and trust.  Look how beautiful and sharp she looks!

Brand Photoshoot Styling with Hali Jafari


Outfit #2, Location #2

Personal Brand Styling for Hali Jafari

Yellow says optimism, creativity and personal power.  
How Accurate reflection of Her personality!

I decided that for this location  a yellow top and a grey necklace will complement this surrounding particularly well. The raw brick wall and a leather sofa share the common tan hue which complements very well the warm yellow tone of Hali's top, whereas the neutral cold grey hue of her necklace corresponds perfectly with textured wall.  A white crisp shirt would also work well with such background but in this specific surrounding we wanted to bring Hali's warm and friendly personality and a yellow colour evokes optimism, creativity and personal power so gracefully reflecting Hali's personality.


Outfit #3 Location #3

I encouraged Hali to swap a bold red lipstick with more subtle coral one. The higher the contrast in your outfit the more authoritative image you project. Since our objective was to create a happy and healthy image so true to Hali, a softer contrast between her grey top and a coral scarf, complemented by a lipstick in similar hue have all created a more gentle and kind version of our lovely Hali. Our style is never one-dimensional so my objective for this specific location was to showcase her softer, nurturing side that reflects the way she works with her female clients. Hali has quiet bold features, ie hair colour/ skin tone/eyes which we have toned down a bit with the grey/coral colour combo. The outfit worked very well with the busy, organic looking cafe surrounding. Doesn't she look adorable?;-)

Personal Brand Styling for Hali Jafari


Outfit #4, Location #4

In this outdoor shoot we wanted to showcase Hali's dramatic edge, confident, bold! Hence we opted for her favourite structured black jacket and an electric blue scarf. She mentioned to me that she absolutely loves tailored jackets as they boost her confidence big time and, from the body styling point of view, it flatters her silhouette perfectly!

The fringe layered necklace corresponds nicely with the fringe hem of the scarf and the blue colour flatters Hali's skin tone very well too! I have chosen for her the layered top which is a great style not only to camouflage tummy area but also to flatter and elongate the whole silhouette. In all outfits we are bringing attention to her beautiful face. Yes ladies, dress to your positives, always! A silver cuff bracelets adds a further drama and balances the whole silhouette excellently. The result = a beautiful, effortlessly confident and stylish lady you want to work with! ;-)

Hali looks awesome, you can see she oozes confidence and style!
It takes a true creative skill to capture the essence of a personal brand and Lidia did it effortlessly with her beautiful photography. She has an amazing talent of bridging the gap between your brand message and a visual story of who you are in life and in business. She helped our lovely Hali envision the creative direction for her brand and guided the photoshoot around this vision to make sure the pictures speak to eyes, hearts and minds of her target audience. See Hali's new shiny website HERE!


Let's celebrate, eat A delicious lunch and talk more about Style!

Here is what Hali has to say about the whole experience

I had a brand UpStyle session with Gosia and Lidia a few months ago and was a little apprehensive about what to wear and how my look would be portrayed whilst still wanting to look professional, I wanted to show a more relaxed side to me too, I didn’t have time to purchase anything new before the photoshoot so I was really grateful that Gosia had brought along a couple of beautiful tops that fitted me perfectly and suited me for the different types of photos we took. I was very pleased with the outcome of my photos and the photoshoot itself was fun and relaxed.
I really liked the idea of having a stylist on hand during the shoot, someone who could see how the colours would look and what position to stand in or even to make little adjustments to the clothes etc. I think Gosia and Lidia work well together as a team and this makes the experience easier as they already know each other.
Finally, the final pictures look great and not one stray hair or dodgy fitting top in sight.
Thank you Gosia and Lidia.
— Hali from Truly Nourished


Gosia x

P.S If you would like to stand out with your unique and authentic personal brand & are ready for your Personal Style and Brand Overhaul then both Lidia and I would be delighted to help! 
With my Personal Style Advice I'll help you create a cohesive and authentic image so that you look like a walking advertisement for your business not only on the photoshoot but when meeting your clients offline. Read more about Brand Upstyle Revolution with @Visuable and @GS Styling.

My Own Brand UpStyle

My Own Brand UpStyle

It all starts with self-concept…

Personal Stylist Bristol, GS Styling, www.gsstyling.com

Who I am today in my business vs who I was one year ago.
Since last year I have changed as a person and an entrepreneur. I am further in my business and I want to grow and evolve all the time. When looking at my beloved WordPress site I created myself a year ago I couldn’t see how this represent me today.  There was a disconnection because my old website didn’t reflect my brand message in a way I wanted it to be…

I am a modern young woman, passionate about personal growth and style, open minded and enthusiastic who loves simplicity with character.
I sell Style not fashion, I sell the formula for how you can feel effortlessly confident in who you are by using versatile wardrobe and a soulful approach to your individual style.

Now, my old website did not reflect this mission. It looked confusing and cluttered, a bit old fashioned to my contemporary taste and most importantly did not communicate to my target audience the essence of who I am and my signature approach.  I needed a simple and timeless design with modern edge. It was important to me that I don't have to rebuild it again in one year.


Just like with Personal Style, I wanted a website that never goes out of fashion and which character I can bring out via beautiful photography. 


Personal Brand Upstyle Revolution. Personal Style and Brand Overhaul. GS Styling and Visuable.

There was one person who could help me bring my new vision to light -Lidia @ Visuable.

I know Lidia from Entrepreneurial Spark, the business accelerator program run across UK. I remember how impressed I was when I saw her website first time. I thought "Fuck, this stuff is super cool! So original, one-of-a-kind". I was browsing many websites around at the time and I genuinely didn't see any that could create such positive impression with me!

I was so impressed with her brand, visuals, design, message that I instantly wanted to get to know this girl better, although I felt I already knew her because her website was conveying the values, mission and character so clearly!

We met and got on very well, two Polish girls in Bristol, both extremely passionate, hustlers at heart and hungry for growth.
There was a spark hehe! And now we are good friends and business partners doing the Brand Upstyle Revolution!

Ready Steady Go!

With no time to waste, first, we met with Lidia for a coffee in town for a brand clarity session. Lidia listened carefully to my ideas and brand-concept and asked me many thought provoking questions that helped me get even more clear on my brand message, my target audience and what I want to communicate with my online presence.

I did not have time to research any locations and Lidia helped me massively in finding the best ever location for my speedy photoshoot that shouts everything I am about- “Simplicity with Character”!

It was a small, minimalistic yet edgy coffee shop in Clifton called TradeWind. What a perfect place for coffee junkie like me hehe! I love the fact I was guided by Lidia about what location would suit my vision best. It truly took the whole stress out of the process.

Personal Brand Upstyle

What To Wear

Next stop was to plan my key outfit! Since my brand is all about simple yet unique approach to style and fashion I decided to wear an outfit that sits completely in the context of my brand message.
I am all about helping woman align her personal style with true self.
Style is You, it is self-expression and a state of an effortless confidence in who you are! 

I wanted to project my philosophy of looking beyond the fashion, beyond the rails with clothes that so many stylists feature on their websites. I wanted women to look at those pictures and see Style, see a woman who projects an effortless confidence in who she is, stylish and cool. My best true self. My Personal Brand.

It was a beautiful sunny day so I opted for white skinny jeans, a nonchalant white tee, black waistcoat, quirky brogues and my signature make up/ hair/ accessories. I felt like a million dollar babe purely because I felt 100% myself in those clothes plus the outfit worked perfectly with the minimal surrounding.

I love contrast. I love to connect yin and yang in one outfit, combine masculine and feminine edge.

The combination of black (evokes strength, power and sophistication) and white (clarity, openness, creative thoughts) creates a powerful yet balanced impact. I wouldn’t feel totally myself without an accent colour! Adding an accent red colour via red lips, red nail polish and my favourite red lip brooch has reflected my dynamic and edgy side.

If you wear clothes that represent the essence of you, girl, your confidence will go through the roof and you will shine!   Just like I felt I shined by being effortlessly confident with myself!

Brand Upstyle GS Styling and Visuable

During our photoshoot Lidia did such an amazing job at making me laugh and boosting my confidence even more! She guided me with care and passion about how I could pose and my body language which made me feel so secure and looked after. I believe there is nothing more important on the shoot than the whole experience that your photographer can create for you.

Lidia has an amazing skill of bridging the gap between your brand message and a visual story of who you are in life and in business.

After the shoot she put together a beautiful website, placing all pictures and my content in a very strategic way, clear and cohesive, contemporary and original. Wow, wow, wow I am so impressed, so happy and so much more confident now. It just feels light and safe knowing that now, when my potential clients see my website they get the exact sense of who I am.

There is a full alignment. What you see is what you get ladies! Your visual brand is a promise of what you will bring to the table. Make sure you create this promise in a most authentic and impactful way!
— Gosia Scarrott

Gosia x

P.S If you are ready for your Personal Style and Brand Overhaul then both Lidia and I would be delighted to help your brand shine! With my Personal Style Advice I'll help you create a cohesive business image not only on the photoshoot but in real scenarios too! It is all about brand cohesion these days! Email gosia@gsstyling.com for more info on that.



What to Wear on Tuesday. Outfits Inspiration.

What to Wear on Tuesday. Outfits Inspiration.


Hello Style Optimizer!

Did you wake up with the dilemma of what to wear today?

I have for you today some ideas on how to look super stylish and super simple, from work to pub!

Let's focus on basic colours and timeless forms, the basis of minimal, casual yet oh so modern style. Formal joggers in crepe are such easy style to dress up and down thanks to the fabric. If the joggers were made of jersey it would be a different story. You just cannot go wrong with basic, yet nonchalant contemporary tshirt. Both, basic tee & black crepe joggers are your Tuesday outfit basis.

Let's see the first outfit idea- WORK OUTFIT

Add a bit of chic edge to this basic combo by pairing it with a sleeveless jacket. trendy heeled sandals and a leather bag. Simple jewellery will accentuate the minimal character of this outfit.


When you leave work, do you have a mass of things to sort out? You can easily swap your heeled sandals into a comfy and trendy espadrille and you could run around city with ease and style! You can start from shopping, then a coffee with your friend. If you have had a chance to be at home you could swap your bag into a cute rocksack that will add an extra cool edge to the combo.

Are you planning a relaxing drink in the evening or a party outdoors?
Team your tshirt and joggers with black biker jacket to keep warm, swap your shoes to casual clogs and add more braceletes and...a bold lipstick! Stronger makeup and extra accessories will turn your basic combo into more evening look. Do not force elegance, it is about effortless yet stylish "cool".


Have a Stylish Tuesday!


P.S Check out my Facebook Group Style Compass for more Style Inspiration! In my work as a Stylist I focus on versatile approach to style and wardrobe so if you feel this is something that your wardrobe is lacking then you may be interested in my Style DNA Program.


Cookie-Cutter style rules? No, thank you.

Cookie-Cutter style rules? No, thank you.


Photo: Visuable

It all starts with your own definition of Style. What is Style to you? Is it wearing colours, styles and textures that naturally “suit” your body shape and features best? Or is it about the expression of your personality first?

Is your personality too strong to be told what you should/ shouldn’t wear or maybe you see the strength in dressing as per rules as only then you feel you can showcase your personality best?

Is your Personal Style about a healthy balance between those two? It is for me.

I focus on how I want to FEEL in my clothes, my mood, the vision. I know that warm colours bring my face colouring better but does it mean I will wear only those colours because they “suit” me? NO, because I dress to express myself and if certain “recommended” colours make me feel “blah” I will not wear them, however beautiful people think I look in them on the outside.

Freedom Of Expression is at heart of my approach. I show women HOW they can expand their style options without always following any body shape or colour rules. You can make “unflattering” clothes look great on you if you know HOW to do the magic. You can wear any colour you want if you know HOW to wear it, using make up, accessories and right attitude.

You CAN wear any level of contrast you want if your personality will carry it. You can wear any length you want if you know how to balance it out, and so on.

The question to ask yourself is..

What kind of person are you today? The one that need a cookie cutter blueprint for dressing rules or the one who is open minded and ready to put your personality first? Or like me, a perfectly healthy balance of both using HOW, more than WHAT? ;-)

Would love to know your views on that so please kindly share them in the comments below!

Gosia x

P.S Want to expand your Style "HOW"? This is what I passionately teach about in my Style DNA Program. Click HERE to find out more.

How Personal Style Helps You Grow in Confidence At Work

How Personal Style Helps You Grow in Confidence At Work


Does your Personal Style at workplace have anything to do with taking your career to the next level?

Let’s start from defining what a next level means to you. Let’s say you are a single lady, HR Professional who has been working in your company for a couple of years, you like your job, it is quite interesting, not too boring and you feel you have gained great skills over the past years in your position and you really want to advance your career now, speak to your boss about pay rise and have a confidence to do so. But there is one thing that holds you back –your style.

You very often wear classy trusted shift dresses, some cardigans, maybe skinny jeans but overall you don’t feel that your image and style says anything specific about you, you don’t feel you stand out and believe that if you could refine your style a bit, sharpen it, add an edge to it, you will have not only more confidence in your own body and appearance but actually in your abilities to go for that promotion or a pay rise.

Let’s get clear here. I am not saying that clothes replace your value, they don’t. I am not saying that without great style you cannot get that promotion.

What I am saying is that you can upgrade yourself and your level of confidence. You are your best visual asset and what you need in order to get that career advancement is the overall confidence in YOU = the whole package, talented and confident women inside and out.

Being in tune with your own style and image at work will help you grow in such confidence in your own skills and abilities. Result -> you will believe more in yourself and, as guys would say, have balls to step outside your comfort zone and grab those great opportunities ahead of you.

Your personal style (or lack of it) shows to your employer your own attitude you have toward yourself. Showcase a great sense of self, the reflection of what you are worth, be your own best cheerleader and a walking advertisement for your personal brand, soon promoted to your dream role ;-)!!


P.S If you would like to feel more confident at work with your own Personal Style and take your career and self to the next level then you may be interested in checking my Style DNA Program in which I help you create a contemporary and versatile Style that will upgrade your confidence levels and self-actualize you.

Hope to speak soon gorgeous!

Feel free to book a 30 min Discovery Call to see whether we are a good match to work together.

How to Open Toe Boots this Summer

How to Open Toe Boots this Summer



Hello Gorgeous!

Today I have for you a bit of inspiration on how to pull off an open-toe boots style.

Super versatile style to have in your wardrobe this Summer for all those of you ladies who love to add an edge to your ensembles.

I love this style as it's easy to dress up/ down, can be teamed with jeans, trousers, midi skirts, mini skirts, dresses and it makes me feel effortlessly stylish!

Source: Pinterest

City (3)




When you decide to buy the open toe boots think of the overall outfit balance and proportions. Boots with more chunky heels would balance out nicely a more voluminous skirt or oversize shirts. If you have rather slim calves then too chunky block heel can make them look even more skinny, so bare this in mind when choosing the heel type. Stiletto heels would be great for skirts, jeans, dresses and will add a more sexy edge to the overall look. Most versatile style and colour is nude/beige/ tan in block or cone heel, perfect for day to night looks.

Where to Buy It


CARA London Office Oasis Kurt Geiger Mint Velvet DUNE

Perfect Style to add some character to any simple, classic outfits for office. Add a pair of shoes like that to your jeans and you are instantly shifting casual denim to contemporary and stylish variation.

Ladies, check out my Style Compass Facebook Group for more Style Inspiration, Challenges and Style Videos. I focus on combining contemporary edge & comfort and a #Versatile approach to wardrobe and style.

Versatile Wardrobe is more than just a collection of versatile pieces in your wardrobe. It is a conscious, practical and efficient approach to fashion and style, the art of wardrobe management, a way to simplify your life, and to look better with less clothes. Start building it now and your style will thrive! ;)
Gosia X

How To Create Your Image Without Losing Self

How To Create Your Image Without Losing Self


Photo: Visuable

Ladies, Style DNA is in you, you already know your likes and dislikes, your style preferences, what body parts you prefer to disguise, what you like to highlight, you have a vision of a woman you want to create- stylish, graceful and effortlessly confident in who she is!

As a business owner or a career woman you understand how your personal image builds your personal brand, don’t you? Your appearance and look is a part of the whole package – YOU. It has never been as important as today to showcase your most authentic and best true self to your clients, business partners, employers. Everything you do, say, your smile, body language, out of work activities etc on the top of your appearance and style is your IMAGE. If crafted consciously, it can take your business, career and yourself to the next level.

If left neglected and inconsistent it may leave you behind, attract the clients you don’t want to work with or that will never buy from you, left you unconsidered for the promotion at work, underestimate your skills and talents, affect people’s perception of you in a wrong or negative way and in general it might deprive you of potential for great opportunities that you could’ve attracted if you decided to take it just a bit more seriously than simply “turning up”. You decide how you juggle it, which side of your authentic self you show, in what context and for what occasion and to whom.

The important factors in building your brand are Context and Cohesion (watch Video below).



Creating a cohesive personal brand is a work in progress, indeed. It all starts in a decision to craft the image and brand that sit in the context of your brand message.

I am learning it every day and I strive for progress in this area as I truly believe that if curated consciously and authentically, Personal Image and Brand is an extremely powerful tool in differentiating yourself as a person and an entrepreneur in a hectic and over saturated market. We are stepping into the Era of Entrepreneurship, more and more people set up businesses and it has never been as important as today to go an extra mile and put your clear brand vision into a best package.


P.S If you are interested in taking your image and self to the next level then check out my Style DNA Program in which I help clients re-invent themselves, step up with their style and conscious wardrobe and shopping approach to achieve a most balanced outcome- Confidence to achieve more in her life, career and business and invaluable gain in time and life simplicity.


3 Criteria To Use When Creating A #VersatileWardrobe

3 Criteria To Use When Creating A #VersatileWardrobe



#Versatile Wardrobe

It is a wardrobe indeed. But it is not just a wardrobe with versatile pieces. Think outside the box, it is a life changing approach, a way to make your life more simple, more meaningful, more nurtured and more successful. Sounds over the top? Look at the graphic below and honestly judge your style and wardrobe in the scale 1-10. 1 (1-very unresourceful; 10-#versatile & resourceful wardrobe).

If it is any less than 9 then there is a big room for an improvement.

Webinar-Wardrobe Lab

3 Criteria To Use When Creating A #VersatileWardrobe = Resourceful Wardrobe

  1. Pieces that you can wear over and over again but each time looking like it was a totally new ensemble.
  2. Pieces you can Mix & Match
  3. Pieces you can dress up/down

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that meet those criteria? Let me show you GINGHAM Style with GINGHAM SHIRT;-)

#1 Wear it over and over again

My collage


From casual day out in town to city chic lunch with friends, or a daytime business meeting through to a more dressy version suitable for cocktails in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the Summer Eve. You can wear this shirt over and over again because it is a classic piece, a timeless piece, it will never go out of fashion. It is also super functional- you can pair it with jeans, dress pants, denim skirts, pencil skirts, tube skirts, circle skirts, oh wow you call it!

#2 Mix and Match with different colours and patterns




Collage 2

#3 Dress it Up & Down


Where to buy it


Gingham shirts come in different shapes and cuts, from thinner oversized styles ( great with shorts or skinny jeans), casual straight cut or more tailored through to very fitted and corporate styles.

It is all up to your lifestyle needs, body shape and fit preferences when deciding which one you should get.

Check out ASOS, M&S and J Crew. Love the selection that J Crew offers. The styles include front-tie (great for skirts and high waist trousers/ jeans).




Enjoy your Gingham Style!;-)

Gosia X


P.S Want to read more about how to create a #VersatileWardrobe, where to start creating your ideal closet and how to get style savvy? Sign up to my newsletter HERE and receive a free Style eBook, great tips and updates on my upcoming challenges in my Style Compass Facebook Group.

There is more you can do if you want to take your style and image to the next level - join my Style DNA Program and learn how to create a stylish woman you want to be.

How To Look Stylish When You Are Stressed

How To Look Stylish When You Are Stressed

Photo Credit:Visuable

How does the stress affect your everyday sartorial decisions on what to wear?

Many of you busy mums, entrepreneurs, professionals deal with stress often. Hectic business life, family and work demands is not going away; it is all about how we deal with it.

When it comes to style, it is so easy to slip into the habit of wearing "lazy clothes" when we feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed out.

When we go this way it is a guarantee that we will feel pretty much same for the rest of the day. But hey, you have another option- dress well regardless of your bad mood and stress. The result - more energy, more enthusiasm, more beauty, more style!

You know how looking put together shifts your energy levels, self-esteem and how you behave among people, and the good news  is that you can turn the uninspiring outfit from "meh" to "yeah" in an instant with those small tweaks!

#1 Add a belt and a lipstick to look more put together in seconds

#2 Add a cool vibe with a trendy slip on shoes and a masculine watch

#3 Add some fun to your look with an eye-catching shoes

#4 Add a scarf to your bag

#5 Add a colourful bag

Have a fabulous and stylish season!


Photo Credit:Visuable


P.S Style DNA Program is my solution to a stressful wardrobe that says "I have noting to wear". If you want to take your style, wardrobe and image to the next level and  feel great and confident, well dressed even if you are stressed then get in touch and let's chat to see how we can work together.

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Brand UpStyle - Amanda Kerin

Brand UpStyle - Amanda Kerin

In this project Lidia (Visuable) and I were working with  Amanda Kerin who is a business strategist and coach. She works with employees and entrepreneurs helping them build the business and lifestyle they want. Amanda is fun, approachable, enthusiastic and creative and these are the exact personality traits she wanted to project via her personal style and brand appearance.I know Amanda from a very exciting programme we participated in called Entrepreneurial Spark and back then, I noticed right away how enthusiastic and approachable she was.

Two days before the Photoshoot day we met for a coffee in town and discussed how she could project this great energy in a more put together package so that her potential clients see not only fun and warm person but also a professional and knowledgeable business strategist they can trust, without stiff  business like look.

After an initial chat we decided to meet not at Amanda's place ( as she lives in Alps these days hehe) but at the Cabot Circus shopping center. We were looking for a very specific items ( blazer, denim jckt) that Amanda could use to create casual and smart-casual looks that would work perfectly with a great location she chose for her photoshoot (Yeo Valley). We also added a couple of accessories to coordinate with the color theme for the shoot backgrounds.

On the photoshoot day...

Amanda brought all key pieces, shoes and accessories with her as discussed. We have scarves, shoes, clothes and make up ! All ready to go!

Life is better when you are laughing!

Soft, pastel colours accentuate Amanda's skin tone and hair colour. She needed a bolder, statement necklace to bring the character to the outfit and a subtle yet visible make up. I was making sure her hair look neat too;)

The Power of Accessories!

A simple belt can bring together the key colours in the outfit and add an extra oomph to our smart-casual ensemble.

Make up touch ups needed to bring colours of a new background.

Lidia with her magic wand has pulled the energy, vibe and Amanda's brand in the best possible way with her amazing pictures!

What do you think?

Check Amanda's website HERE to see her brand in full shine!

Here is what Amanda has to say about her experience...

It was a fantastic day spent with Gosia and her styling magic - the whole experience was just full of joy, it was a really fun day that I would love to do again.

Having Gosia there meant I didn't have to really think about how I looked as I completely trusted her to make me look fab, and feel like me without all the fuss. I felt really confident and didn't have to spend the time doubting anything or thinking about how I looked, or whether the various items went together, which is well worth its weight in gold! It meant I could really relax into the day and enjoy the experience.

The little touches of make up, hair and accessories finished everything off too, it meant I felt great in front of the camera, and had more fun with it, and overall had a bloody brilliant day out! I forgot about the outcomes of what I wanted to achieve and completely enjoyed myself!

Working with Gosia is a real pleasure, she knows what she's doing, and if you aren't comfortable, she'll pep you up or tweak things so you're looking and feeling confident, happy and having a great day looking and feeling fabulous darling!

You may also want to see other Case Studies

What an Unresourceful Wardrobe does to you Entrepreneur!

What an Unresourceful Wardrobe does to you Entrepreneur!

What is an unresourceful wardrobe?

It is a wardrobe full of confusion as to what to wear, what is appropriate or not, guilt for those expensive, unworn mistakes hanging in your wardrobe, self-criticism when putting on clothes that just don't look right, random clothes that give you a headache and rather "meh" feeling. A wardrobe that makes you question how successful you are, your organisational skills  (cluttered wardrobe) and a sense of who you are. It gives you more stress, requires more maintenance, decision making, more shuffling around and a waste of time, energy and effort. A wardrobe full of clothes that don't make you look and feel as confident (well, maybe only 30% of them) as you could be. This very often means lost opportunities to impress your potential clients, to capture their attention and back up your brand identity.

Is that a wardrobe of a successful entrepreneur you are/want to be? 


THE VERSATILE WARDROBE = A Wardrobe with the purpose

It is a collection of timeless, versatile pieces which suit your body shape, personality, lifestyle, preferences TODAY. You would normally create it within a specific colour theme, for instance around 3 neutral colours and 2 accent colours so that pieces can be mixed and matched easily and worn interchangeably for different occasions ( see an example HERE). It is practical, simple and offer a lot of advantages. It saves you a great deal of money but it also saves you valuable time and effort, and who knows better than you entrepreneur how precious your time and image are. We have a never ending to do list that we hardly can catch up with, constant stress, reassessing your business ideas, models, ideal clients, finances, very often sleepless nights, ongoing business networking events, pressure to look the part and convey most cohesive image on the line YOU-Your Personal Brand.

As you know 55% of peoples' initial perception of you is based purely upon what you look like (research by University of California), the remaining 38% (vocal) and only 7% are the words we actually use. How ridiculously important is that! This statistic is crucial in terms of how you develop your style and how your clients perceive you.

Fine feathers make fine birds

You are what you wear and, whether you want to admit it or not, people judge you on your looks and personal image, this is how we are designed..and this is what we see first. Hence the image that doesn't back up your brand message can make your potential clients disregard what you offer and skip onto someone whom they see as contemporary, chic and stylish vs traditional, unappealing, bland.

Colourful outfits show that you are vibrant, imaginative, energetic, original and approachable. But wearing too many colors or expressive prints at once can take attention away from YOU, the entrepreneur, and instead give the impression that you don't take your position seriously. Over-glamorous looks and bold colour contrasts may be seen as too "in the face" for more vulnerable clients you want to approach as a Coach etc.

I do believe it is all about finding a fine balance, being Yourself and taking responsibility for your personal style. Your personal image is not about being someone you are not or replacing the value you provide to your clients; it is about backing it up and making your client feel reassured that you have it all and are the best choice for them.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Can you think of how your potential clients judge you when looking at what you are wearing and your personal grooming? Think of three words that describe your Personal Brand. How would you dress to project those exact words, in the form of clothes and personal grooming?

If you don't know where to start then I make it for you super easy in my Style DNA program. Would you like to know what's that? Click HERE and make a first step to boost your brand and image this year!

My best,

Gosia x

How a versatile wardrobe affects your life

How a versatile wardrobe affects your life


How many times  last month did you open a wardrobe and stare into it thinking  "I have nothing to wear!"?

How happy have you been about your style and appearance recently?

The older I am the more simple life I want to lead. Less clutter, less clothes and more self-awareness, more connection with my body and soul and with people around me.

In recent years, and especially when I became an entrepreneur, I reevaluated my wardrobe needs and learned about the art of looking better with less clothes and having a crystal clear definition of what my style really is about.

Gone are the days when I would go shopping after a boring day at work to cheer myself up and buy clothes for happiness. Gone are the days when driven by a beautiful colour or style of an item in a window shop display I would buy on impulse. Gone are the days when I would spend evenings thinking and analyzing most impactful outfits for the next day at work..ehh Gone are the days when I would compare myself to other women and feel not good or attractive enough.

What did I do? I reduced my wardrobe to items I really love, complemented it with items that give me multiple outfits, started to live a more conscious life, shop consciously and value my time more.

What do I have instead?

More space in my wardrobe for clothes that deserve to be there, uncluttered sight and uncluttered mind, positive self-image, more money in my bank account to spend toward my Personal Development (rather than silly impulse purchases), more time to work on my business, more time to enjoy a delicious coffee in the morning (rather than hustle with outfits), more time for things that matter (family, exercise, meeting new people, smile), more control over my life.

Can you see how it all started in my wardrobe? You can start creating your whole new, fresh and conscious approach by making some changes to your wardrobe. So many women underestimate the importance of having a practical and stylish wardrobe and a professional image, they procrastinate seasonal reviews, don't give a thought as to what they really look and feel good in, what image they project, and don't see that a conscious wardrobe is not just  about clothes but about the lifestyle.

It is the same approach as with being fit and healthy. You either make it a lifestyle choice or not. Style is not a destination, healthy and fit body is not a destination- it is all a state of mind :-)

What's next? Edit your wardrobe, get an objective and honest view on what you should keep and what can go, what clothes can be up-styled to give you a chic and modern look and which will only leave you with a frumpy image; figure out what items are missing to complement your clothes and which shops you can find them in; how to create a wardrobe that says "I have plenty to wear"?

If you are not confident to do it on your own know that I am here to help you, if you want.

Join other women who decided to change their lifestyle for better, starting from their style and wardrobe.

Karen"I have had a fantastic wardrobe session with an inspirational and enthusiastic Gosia today I have struggled with my self image for what seems like ever. I had worked in a male dominated environment for over 20 years and hid my femininity for an easy life. It has been hard for me to express myself through fashion but now I own my own business I realise how important my personal branding is to get my business where I want it to go. I was in a need of a professional style make - over. Enter GS Styling! Gosia picked through my wardrobe and honestly told me to throw away my 10 year old skirts, my jeans that didn't fit, my favourite grey trousers - they just were not me. And I agreed. She showed me how to make many, many new outfits by adding a few accessories to what was left and suddenly I had tons of new outfits! I hardly recognised myself, even though they were my clothes. I didn't think it was possible, to have a new wardrobe in a just a few hours. Now I can't wait to go shopping next week to pick just a few pieces to compliment my new wardrobe! Gosia taught me so much and I am very happy she wrote everything down in a lovely report that I can refer to in the future. Thank you Gosia, in a matter of a few hours I feel transformed from unconfident frump to elegant entrepreneur! What a wonderful skill you possess. I am glad I found I you ;-)  Karen W

See more happy transformations HERE.

Gosia xx

P.S I have just launched my brand new Program called Style DNA in which I take my clients through 3 steps style and wardrobe re-invention process and help her create a capsule wardrobe by maximizing what she's got in her wardrobe and complementing her closet with new key items that will boost her style and confidence evolution!

Your Style & Your Brand Story

Your Style & Your Brand Story


Hey Gorgeous!

Do you like Lindt Chocolates? The round chocolate balls with delicious filling? Yum! What about the box? Pretty cool and certainly noticeable, encouraging you to stop and take interest, buy and then fall in love with the blissful taste!

If chocolates are delicious but wrapped in an average package that does not represent the unique value and that precious taste, how are you ever going to notice them on the shelf ? Plus if they sit at the end of the aisle pushed in between some cheap choccie boxes, no one who is really looking for true quality will stop by.

But why am I talking about chocolates??

Because if you are an entrepreneur you are like those delicious unique chocs that need Personal Style and Brand package in order to be visible and appreciated in a busy competitive world.

You need to wrap your unique personality and your brand message in a package that reflects its value and tell the story in a beautiful way, otherwise you will stay unnoticed like those yummy best ever choccies in a sad box in the back of the shelf.. That's pretty literal heh but well, true!;-)

Many of my clients tell me they  are afraid of being invisible or perceived as average online and offline. They second guess their looks and style and are not sure how they could be seen as more trustworthy, credible and open-minded by their clients without loosing their own quirks and personality.


Visual Brand Storytelling is so much more than just a few nice pics of you in a nice outfit with a cheesy smile, in a studio. It is about presenting the whole Personal Brand that is YOU, the promise of what you will bring to the table, including your brand message, your personality and your confidence in who you are as a person and an entrepreneur.

This is what I have been recently working on with a talented fellow Polish entrepreneur, Lidia who is a Visual Brand Guru in Bristol (www.visuable.co.uk). I was doing a Styling part for this project and Lidia did the visual brand strategy and photography.

Want to see the whole story behind the projects? Check it out HERE.

Gosia xx

P.S We have just launched this collaboration service so if you are an entrepreneur and want to stand out with you Personal Brand Story online and have a brand and style overhaul done in a most effective way, then get in touch by emailing me (gosia@gsstyling.com) or tel 07903316394.

Step into Summer with small intentional wardrobe

Step into Summer with small intentional wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe (2)  

Hello Summer??

Yes, it's almost here! Warm weather, Sun is shining and rain is pouring. We are definitely heading toward very exciting time of the year for many- BRITISH SUMMER!! Time to do your Wardrobe Detox, pack away all irrelevant coats and knits (if you have not done it yet) and keep in your wardrobe only items that are relevant for this Spring/Summer season. Donate any outdated styles, frumpy jackets, worn out tops, tired looking trousers, jeans and bottoms and start fresh with STYLE!

I am a passionate believer in the concept of "Looking better with less clothes". Since ditching my 9-5 job I literally stopped spending any money on clothes ( minimal heh;)) and this has opened my eyes on what truly brings joy and happiness in my life- which is living it meaningfully, without too many clothes I don't really need and with more focus on what really is important in life. Clothes, my dear, will not give you happiness;)

The less you own the more clear you see what defines you, what are the true components of your style. Now, I am not saying that fashion is bad, it is fun 100% but after years of experimenting with fast fashion, buying for fun and for happiness now I strive to be a conscious shopper and do it with a better control rather than swimming in the ocean of consumerism and fast fashion impulse purchases.

I LOVE to be in control of my wardrobe and my  life and who doesn't? Aren't you fed up with those piles of clothes in your wardrobe, and "nothing to wear" syndrome? Wouldn't it be better to have a simple, super functional and coordinated wardrobe that gives you multiple stylish outfits in under 5 mins whatever the occasion ?


I understand that we all have different budgets. Some women stay within New Look/ ZARA, some within Whistles and others enjoy the luxury of Harvey Nichols. This is all good and what's really important is to know what you are doing with those clothes and how you manage your wardrobe.

So today I would like to show you an example of a Capsule Wardrobe based on 13 items in my chosen Colour Theme and on High Street mid market retailers.

Step 1: Choose a Colour Scheme

Rust Summer


My Capsule Wardrobe will be based on 5 colours: Rust, Salmon(ish), Grey (Blue-ish), Navy and White.

Step 2: Find items you like in the chosen colour theme

I have gone for: 6 Tops, 2 Bottoms, 2 Dresses, 2 Pairs of Shoes and a Bag. This is a starting point. You can always keep adding more items as you start creating outfits.



Rust Summer Capsule

Step 3: Create Outfits!

Rust Summer2


Rust Summer 5


Rust Summer4

Rust Summer1

Rust Summer3

Here are 18 examples of different outfits created from 13 pieces. Imagine how many more outfits you could create simply by adding more accessories (shoes and jewellery) and completer pieces (blazer, biker jacket etc);  a couple of scarves, a cross body bag and a pair of white jeans will give you at least 15 more outfits.  And you can keep doing it providing that each item gives you min 3 outfits in your wardrobe. As long as you stay within planned colour theme you will not get lost, I promise! Of course you may want to create another small capsule wardrobe within another colour theme and that's ok. Within your closet you may have a number of small capsule wardrobes for each purpose, eg work wear, casual wear etc. The most functional wardrobe, however, is when you wear all your clothes across seasons and occasions;)

The above example shows Summer Casual looks ( holiday, urban, daytime and also evening). If you add a biker jacket or a light duster coat you can make it more suitable for colder summer evenings etc. It's all about your preferences and creativity girls!

Gosia x

P.S If you need a helping hand with creating your Capsule Wardrobe either from scratch or by complementing and maximizing what you've already got get in touch and we can start creating a perfect & stylish wardrobe for you!;-)

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