Inspirational. Warm. Enthusiastic

Most clients describe me as an inspirational, warm and enthusiastic person and my family & friends agree. They would also say I am impatient and laser focused, forgetting about the world around me;)

I am a personal development junkie (big time!) and a  huge self-love advocate,  highly analytical mind always (over)thinking, processing and challenging my thoughts. What excites me so much in personal growth is the act of evolving my confidence, learning new things and unfolding more and more of the authentic me, the one we all had once and want to reconnect with, the joyful, loving and effortless one, the one who says, "I am enough", "I am worthy", "I love me"!

How did I reconnect with her?

For over 25 years of my life I felt I was not enough, constantly trying to prove my worth to others and living based on other people's approval. I found myself building my significance and worth via external achievements, compliments from others, best grades, degrees and all this fluff, including clothes and fashionable looks. What I was really chasing for was SELF-WORTH and VISIBILITY in my own eyes.
I stuck in comparisons to others, judging and criticizing myself and everyone around and feeling more invisible and "empty" on the inside than ever before. I knew I could not continue like that...

I reached out for help from NLP coach and this has kick-started the most beautiful journey of SELF-LOVE in my life! 



Empathy for others what I discovered in me and what changed everything since.

I saw myself through my own eyes, not through the eyes of others, my self-image shifted, negative self-talk went away and I stopped people-pleasing. I saw the true "Her", the one that was hidden for so many years. 

When you approve yourself for who you are you don't need approval outside of YOU. You just want to express yourself fully!


Soon after this shift which is an ongoing and fascinating journey of growth I became a personal stylist empowering women via style; but I knew there is so much more I could help women with than just looking and feeling great in their clothes. I believe the transformation happens in your mindset shift and when you upgrade your mind software, express it visually and take action you become most powerful version of yourself. 

My passion has led me to become a Visibility Coach and now helping go-getter women to BE SEEN in their businesses and empowering them via mindset, style and action to step into that visible, confident and stylish go-to expert in their arena.


My values as a Coach

Personal development

I highly value personal growth because it has transformed my life and the people around me. I love to give my clients my best abilities to take their selves to the next, higher empowered level. If you are ready to change and open minded you will always grow.


I act from the place of integrity what means that if I feel certain people or environment are not aiding my growth and disempowering my resources I step away from it. It is all about acting from the place that serves you and surrounding yourself with people who are the right boost for you. I work only with those clients whom I know I can help best because they are ready and committed to make change. 


That's a big one! Self-love enables me to connect with my clients on a higher level. If I didn't love myself and have an empathy for others I would not be able to help my clients create a life changing results. Self-love is the beginning and an end of everything in business and life.

Outside the Box

I could never fit into any boxes, whether that's style types, body shapes or personality types. Thanks to that I could discover new opportunities and evolve my mindset and style. I believe in being open-minded and using general guidance in form of principles not rules. All to help you achieve best results in your business.


I very often say "Style is self-expression. An effortless confidence in being yourself" hehe! I believe in freedom of choice and freedom of being yourself. I am most passionate about helping women master their mindset and overcome limiting beliefs because only from that place dressing well and showing up fully as You is possible. Be yourself and express yourself. Always.


What’s next?